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How to know the IP address of Google and any other Internet domain? step by step guide

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Thanks to the DNS protocol, the IP address has become an unknown number to us. We do not realize the importance of it and the benefits that we can obtain when we know the IP of any particular Internet site, even more so when it comes to Google.

When we know the IP of Google and any of its tools we can configure our networks to obtain security adaptations to increase our privacy. With a DNS protocol we can write that IP in a more pleasant way, so that we can remember it and so when we need to enter a website it is much easier.

In this post we will show you everything related to the IP of the well-known search engine, we will teach you about the importance of knowing different Internet protocol addresses.

Google IP addresses and their ranges

The IP address is the number by which a device that is connected to a network and that uses the Internet protocol corresponding to the TCP/IP model can be identified.

There are five classes of IP, which are classified according to the size of the network, we will mention the first three:

  • A classis for very large networks and is generally used by international companies, these IP classes start from 1 to 126 for their first octet
  • Class Bused for medium networks, the first octet is between 128 to 191.
  • class Cthe one used for small networks is when its first octet starts at 192 and goes up to 123.

By having Google with a very large infrastructure that is continually and dynamically expandingto adapt to the different needs of users, the servers use very large ranges of IP addresses that change frequently.

The ranges of IP addresses of the well-known search engine can be found in the SPF recordwhich shows all the changes that are being made to the IPs.

When we need to create a record that has protection against domain forgery (SPF), we will have to make a relationship with Google records so that it can change every time there is a change in the record.

For this we will have to write some commands, they are:

  • “v=spf1 ~all”to relate our registration with those of Google
  • “nslookup -q=TXT” to get the relationship “” we are looking for

In this way, it will return the records that are included in that list, being able to work with complete peace of mind, since these IP records of the famous search engine are free and work permanently.

Why do I need to know the IP address of Google or another website?

Why do I need to know the IP address of Google or another website

internet providers use DNS protocolswhich is used for assign a domain name to the IP number so that it can be easily remembered and not have to remember a number.

When we want to enter a domain as a DNS client we are asking the DNS servers we need to know the IP address of the corresponding domain. At that moment these DNS servers answer our request and tell our computer what the correct IP is.

In this part, browsers or email clients come into play, which are responsible for communicating with the DNS server.

Most users use the DNS server provided by our Internet service provider.but there is a much easier and safer way and it is through the DHCP protocol, which can be configured manually.

In other words, if we can configure our network to use servers with free DNS, we will be able to separate ourselves from the DNS provided by our Internet service provider and thus we can achieve many advantages, for example, anonymity.

Google began to make its DNS servers available so that they could be used by anyone, including other DNS providers, with this it is possible to improve communication between devices, as well as increase the possibility of surfing the net faster and also plus.

With all the above we can say that we need to know the IP of the big “G” to be able to improve our interrelation with the other devices on the networkwe can also improve the experience when we browse and best of all, we can browse safely.

Steps to know the IP of the search engine and any of its tools

Steps to know the IP of the Google search engine and any of its tools

To know the IP of the well-known search engine and any of its tools, for example Gmail, Google Sheets, we can use different tools.

Next, we will show you the steps you must follow in each of them to obtain the IP address:

Using the ping command

We can use this command to know the IP of the big “G”, for this we are going to follow this guide:

  • We will start this command by clicking on the bottom left of our screen, on “Start”
  • Then we will directly write “cmd”
  • In MS-DOS we will write “Search programs and files”
  • Enter
  • We write the following command “ping”

The IP address will be displayed in square brackets.

Using the nslookup command

To perform this command, we will do these steps:

  • We’re going to “Start”
  • We wrote “cmd”
  • A box will appear in which we are going to write “Search programs and files”
  • We click on “To accept”
  • When MS-DOS appears, we will have to write “”

If we need to know the IP of another address we will use the same command substituting

With online tools

You can get the IP of the big “G” or any of its toolssimply by typing its URL in the search bar of the following pages:

  • Site 24×