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How to know what screen size my laptop has on Windows or Mac? step by step guide

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the laptops have become a great tool for most users, mainly because they are equipment that can be transport from one place to another with great ease.

However, because they are made for be transported from one place to another due to its small size, many times we want to know what screen size does the laptop have, especially if you want to buy a briefcase or suitcase to carry it.

According to this, here we are going to explain how you can measure screen size and learn a little more about what specifications they should have to ensure a good performance according to the use you need give it to the PC.

Steps to find out how many inches your laptop screen has on Windows or Mac

laptop screens cannot be measured from side to side, since they are extremely delicate and could reach suffer some kind of harm for different reasons.

Furthermore, although it seems somewhat very simple and unimportant to be able to know the specific size of the PC visor It is very important, either to buy a new one if it has been damaged or simply to have it as reference measure to buy some cargo case.

It should be noted that these computers usually have a screen size that ranges between 10 inches (25.4 cm) to 18 inches (46 cm), This will depend on the model of it. Therefore, here we explain how you can measure in inches the size of the visor of the laptop on Windows and Mac:

on Windows

Can know this specific measure It is very important for all users, taking into account that it can be used to perform any action on it.

In order to do this, you will need to follow these steps:

  • The first thing is to find a standard tape measure. However, it is important to note that the visor on laptops is measured in inches, Although some countries prefer use the metric system. Despite this, you can measure them and then convert it to inches

on Windows

  • The next thing will be to find a point where you are going to start measuring, keep in mind that these are measured diagonally. Therefore, it is recommended to choose as a starting point the top or bottom right or left corner.

on Windows

  • Now extend the tape measure from the starting point to the other corner. Please note in measure the visible part of the screen and not the frame Of the same.

on Windows

  • When you have already measured the screen you can pass the values ​​to inches. Most computer vendors classify size in measurements such as 17.3 inches, 18.1 inches, among other. But, most of the measuring tapes they show their stockings like in sixteenths of an inch, etc. To know your exact measurement you can use the following table.

on Windows

  • In the case of wanting to have said values ​​in centimeters, then you can multiply the value of the inch by 2.54 to get the same value, but this time in cm. An example of this would be: 17.3 x 2.54 = 43.94 cm.

on Mac

In the case of mac laptops This process is similar to the case of Windows, To do this, follow these steps:

  • It is recommended that before starting calculate the size the computer completely shuts down.
  • Now scroll the computer visor until you have a few 90 degrees to the keyboard.
  • The next thing is to put the tape measure in one of the top or bottom corners of the laptop.
  • Next we move the tape measure until I reach the other corner of the PC, now read the number that appears and that way you can get the measurement of the screen.

How to calculate the pixel density of the laptop screen according to the inches of the monitor?

It is possible that at some point buy a laptop and you want to order a case to have it more protected and you need know the density of the screen to know the size of the suitcase. It is also possible that there are many more reasons why you want to know this measurement accurately.

In this case, it is important to take into account two sizes that are fundamental and which we explain below:

Screen size to find out the PPi

The first thing is to find out graphic density (PPi) which is associated with the size of the computer visor. Keep in mind that the higher this number, the better it will be. the graphic or pixel resolution of the videos.

To be able to find out this from your PC, you simply have to follow these steps:

  • In this case we are going to carry out the process through a Windows 10 laptop. To do this, the first thing to do is click on the “Start Menu”.
  • Now go to the option “Setting”.

Screen size to find out the ppi

  • A new window will appear where you will select the section of “System”.

Screen size to find out the ppi

  • Now select the option “Screen” to the left side.
  • On the right side, scroll down until you get the option to “Advanced display settings”.
  • In the resolution you will have to look for the maximum supported for the team.

Screen size to find out the ppi

  • This data that we obtain here will be needed to perform some calculations or to use them through a online application that will facilitate the size of the PC. Therefore, the following will be to make a summation of all the values ​​obtained by raising them to the second power.

Screen size to find out the ppi

  • When you already have the values, you must extract the square root.

Screen size to find out the ppi

  • Finally, by supporting you with any measuring instrument, you can obtain the diagonal dimension from end to end of the equipment. When the value is obtained, it must be divided by the value obtained previously.

size of the screen to find out the ppi

Screen size through an online application

Now is the time to start applying everything we did previously, which will help us to be able to know the graphic density (PPi) which is directly associated with team visor size. Note that if you use a online tool you will avoid doing the above steps manually.

In this case you can use the program DPI Calculator / PPi Calculatorthere you will have to place the resolution we got in the previous stepsyou also have to place the obtained value in diagonal measurement.

Screen size through an online application

Once this is done you will get the screen size result in its width, length, as well as the value of the graphic density. These values ​​will help you to check if the values ​​obtained previously were real or not. Therefore, through this online tool you can begin to know this type of specifications of your Windows or Mac laptop in a very simple and fast way.

All resolutions of the main screen sizes in laptops

In general, every time a computer is purchased, it is taken into account three basics which are essential for good team performanceamong them we find RAM, processor and operating system. However, on many occasions it is forgotten or not taken into account. the computer screen.

It should be noted that it is one of the most important parts in this type of equipment, since through it it will be where it reflects everything you want to carry out in it. Therefore, it is essential to be able to have a visor that is suitable according to the use that we want to give the computer.

As already mentioned abovethe size will depend mainly on the model of the equipment. That is why we present you here the main resolutions what will we find in the different models of laptops that exist on the market.

  • 10.1 inches: When you have these measures, you must have resolutions minimum 1,280 x 720 pixels. Ideal for those who need mobility and lightness on the computer.
  • 12.1 and 13.3 inches: In this case they have resolutions of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, ideal for those users who seek a balance between mobility and productivity on the PC.
  • 14 and 15.6 inches: They have a minimum resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixelsideal for those people who usually spend long hours a day in front of the computer.
  • 17.3 inches: Works with resolutions of 2,560 and 1,440 pixels. This type of equipment is considered the best option for those users who are looking for a very professional experience similar to that of working on a desktop computer.

Ideal dimensions and qualities of your laptop monitor according to the use you give it

Resolutions screen sizes on laptops and computers

Every time we buy a new computer we have to make sure that it meets the requirements we need, such as its capacity, the processor, a large memory, the video quality, among many other tools.

But, on many occasions we overlook the screen, without taking into account that it is one of the most important factors, since the size of it will depend largely on the use that you want to give it. That is why here we show you which are the appropriate sizes according to the function you want to give to the equipment.

For the common user

In the case of a common user it is recommended to use computers with 11 or 12 inch visors, These teams are ideal for simple practices such as browse, search for information, check email or social networks, activities that do not require great details to visualize.

for the gamer

If you like to play constantly on PC, then you can use computers with 15 inch screens, a standard measurement among all types of sizes. where you can enjoy video games, movies and seriesas well as perform video edits and small jobs graphic representation. However, in case you want to have a more professional and realistic experience in each of your games you can choose one 17 inch visor.

for the professional

For those users who need a computer to carry out professional jobs from different areas then it is recommended to use 17-inch screens. They will allow you to see in greater detail everything that is done within the team.

for the designer

If you work designing then we recommend you to use large screens over 17 incheswhich are ideal for graphic design work and video editing. Where you will be able to observe each one of the details easily and you will have a best video resolution.

For video consumers

Finally, if you are a fanatic user of videos or work in this areathen you will need to have a machine with 15-inch screenit will allow you to reproduce any multimedia content with great ease Y to great resolution, as well as carry out video and audio editions.