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How to know who calls me? The best websites to locate SPAM phone numbers – List 2022

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receive calls unknown phone numbers It has become a very common thing for most of the users. Nevertheless, this can be very uncomfortable for many people so they prefer not to answer.

That is why you know how to locate who is calling you is very important, because in this way we can prevent them from wasting our time with a call that does not interest us.

Therefore, we are going to teach you throughout the post which are the best websites for locate SPAM numbers and how block these numbers to prevent them from calling us again. To do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you below.

SPAM phone numbers What are they and why are they so annoying?

SPAM phone numbers What are they and why are they so annoying?

Most likely at some point in your life you have received a call from a Unknown number to offer you some product or service that it is not of your interests and that you have not requested either. All this is called phone spam, which refers to those insistent calls that can also be considered as a telephone harassment. This is a method widely used by telemarketing companies in order to encourage other people to consume their brands or services.

But the truth of this is that these types of calls end up being very annoying since they end up offering information that is not of interest and on many occasions they even request Private information of people. Therefore, power know if they are tel. spam and being able to recognize it is very important in order to prevent them from continuing to make these types of calls in the future, especially since this will allow you to block them.

How to block incoming calls from unknown numbers or SPAM?

The business calls are becoming more constant for users, especially in Spain where a person usually receives an average of 18 commercial calls per month. What it clearly becomes SPAM and ends up being very tedious for affected people.

That is why it is more than necessary to be able to block these unknown numbers and for this you can apply any of the following methods:

Robinson Lists

Robinson Lists

For all those people who do not want to receive any type of advertising in phone calls or messages have the opportunity to sign up for All the people who are included in this list authorize the telephone companies not to be contacted by any business for commercial offers either by mail, letter or calls.

This list is accepted by most spanish companies and which are obliged to respect them. However, on some occasions there are companies that ignore these lists and in the same way they try to communicate with these users to offer their services. commercial offers. So, users must resort to other methods to avoid SPAM phone calls and in that way block these numbers.

Through an app

Through an app

Currently you can find many mobile applications available both in the app store Y Google Play Store to block these calls from SPAM numbers. They will take care of Create a database to detect which telephone calls are commercial and which are not.

Therefore, you simply have to activate it and grant it the permissions so that the application can identify those numbers that have previously been marked as spam and thus prevent you from being phone calls enter your smartphone. Luckily, today you can get many apps of this type for free.

With google

With google

It is a very viable alternative for all those users who have a mobile device of Google and which could become an option for the future that will allow us to put an end to these business calls Unwanted. Basically it is a virtual assistant to be in charge of answering these calls for you, for this it will ask for the name of the caller and the reason for the call.

After this it will pass a transcript of everything discussed so that you can know if it was something of your interest or not. Likewise, it allows you to personalize the communication of the calls, so you can add specific questions or indicate that you are busy and will return the call later.

Block number by number

Block number by number

Generally, all mobile devices They have an option that will allow you to block unknown phone numbers. In this case you can start blocking one by one those spam numbers that they call you to offer you some service or products that you do not need. Keep in mind that this process can be carried out from the “calls” either “contacts” both in Android What iOS.

Block calls from unknown numbers

Perhaps one of the most radical ways to avoid receiving these spam number calls is blocking calls from unknown numbers from the mobile option. However, this will also prevent other people from calling you so it may deny you opportunities to new jobs or prevent someone you know from contacting you from a strange number.

But if you want to activate this function and only receive calls from people you have in the contact list on your mobile, then you can activate this option from the “Telephone” and accessing the “Settings” of it and from there block all unknown numbers.

List of the 7 best websites to know who is calling you and if it is SPAM or not

Yes it has not been enough to apply the methods mentioned above to block these unknown numbersthen you can resort to website list that we will teach you next to know how to locate who is calling you. They will offer you different functions that will help you identify who is behind that call.

To do this, follow the list of websites that we offer you here:

Who Calls Me

It is one of the best options for know if they are spam phone or not. Perhaps its main drawback is that it is located in English, but if you use a Web navigator with translator you can easily fix this.

For its use you only have to enter the website and place the unknown number in search bar. It will appear there the information and they will tell you if it belongs to a company or not. If it is not for commercial use, it will most likely appear without registration or indicate that it has not been reported, so it would not be a spam number.


Tellows it’s a website that will allow you to locate who is calling you easily. To do this you only have to use the search engine that appears in the Homepage or you can also download their app available for Android and iOS. It also offers you the opportunity to report these calls as well as choose your country for the search.

who called

This website will teach you how to how to locate who is calling you easily and quickly. For this, it offers you a seeker on its platform that will let you know if it is a spam phone or not. For this, it has a telephone directory that will allow the search for phone numbers to detect who calls you so much. It also offers a forum so that its visitors can enter suspicious numbers for other people to recognize them.


Via PhoneSpam you will have the opportunity to reveal different unknown phone numbers that do not stop bothering you. It should be noted that this website is aimed solely at spanish phone numbers and not from other parts of the world. Therefore, this website will allow you know if they are spam phone or not and thus be able to block said number. It also offers you a section with the spam numbers most wanted.


teledigo not only allows you know if they are spam phone but they also teach you how to block these numbers and thus be able to prevent them from bothering you in the future. In terms of how it works, it is very similar to all those mentioned above, so you will have a search engine where you must enter the phone number. Once the telephone number is verified, then you can indicate if it is “Safe”, “Neutral” or “Toxic”.

Who calls me?

A very interesting platform, but simple at the same time that has been included in this list of websites for its excellent performance when it comes to finding out where the unknown phone number calling you. To do this, simply add the number that calls you to the search engine and click on “Find phone”. If said number has a history or has been reported by scams or spam, then the instructions will appear at the bottom of the screen.

answer or not

Finally, we offer you this excellent platform which works for several countries both in Europe and America. In it you will be able know if they are spam phone or if there is any company associated with them. To do this, simply enter the phone number in the search bar and wait on website analytics. Here you can indicate if it is a useful, neutral or scam phone, so it will allow you to create a record for future visitors.


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