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How to link a Facebook account to a Twitter account? Step by step guide

Social networks They have become one of the most used and important platforms for most users, and that is that they give you the possibility of stay informed, promote your online or physical business or you can simply use it for your own entertainment.

That is how Facebook and Twitter They have become two of the most important platforms for a long time, which allow you to carry out a wide variety of functions so its use has become an essential part for most people. However, managing both accounts separately can be a pretty tedious process for most.

Luckily, both platforms can link in a very easy and fast waythis will allow you manage both accounts at the same time, so you can view the two profiles simultaneously, as well as publish content to both at the same time. This will help you save time when managing your profiles. That is why here we are going to explain how you can easily perform this procedure, for it follows in detail everything that we will teach you below.

What are the benefits of linking and using Twitter with Facebook?

Without a doubt power linking your Facebook account with Twitter will offer you a lot of advantages, especially since it will help you save time at the time of having to manage them. This is an ideal method for all those users who work through this type of platform and constantly have to be publishing content on them.

That is why here we show you what are the main benefits of linking both social networks:

  • Can save time when using both social networks.
  • It allows you Publish content to both accounts simultaneously.
  • You can change social network easily, so you can do both without so many complications.
  • Can manage your business or company from a single social network, so the content you add in one of them it will automatically appear in the other.

Learn step by step how to link a Facebook account to Twitter

Learn step by step how to link a Facebook account to Twitter

Power link both social networks It is a very simple process to carry out, which offers you a wide variety of options that you can take advantage of at all times. This is how we will explain here the main steps you must follow so that you can link both platforms.

To do this, follow each of the instructions that we will teach you below:

Link accounts from Twitter

  • The first thing you should do is enter Twitter social network, there you must enter your username and password.
  • The next thing to do is click on your account icon which is located in the upper right corner just next to the button "Tweet" in this way you can access the section of "Setting".
  • When you are in that section you should look for the menu "Applications" and right at the beginning you will find the option of "Facebook", here you must click "Connect to Facebook".
  • When you have selected the option, after that time all the tweets that you publish on the social network are published simultaneously on Facebook social network. So you will not have to be republishing the content in your other account.

Link your Facebook wall with Twitter

Another way to linking this is from the Facebook platform.

To do this you must follow each of the steps that will be indicated below:

  • In this case you must enter the Facebook platform, there you must enter your name of user and password To access.
  • When you access your profile you will see a warning on the screen indicating that you can link your FB profile with TwitterThis will allow each of the posts on your wall to be instantly seen on your Twitter account. For this you simply must click or click on the option "Link my Twitter profile", once this is done the bonding procedure it will be done satisfactorily.

Keep in mind that in order for your Facebook social network can be automatically view on Twitter you must publish it with the "Public state privacy settings", in the case that you have it as private this will not be shared. You can also select that type of publication you want to share, for this you can do it from your status updatesthis will allow you to decide what photograph or event you want to share on Twitter.

In this simple and fast way you can link both social networks and in that way publish to both simultaneously, a very good option for share content from your business or personal project.

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