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How to link and configure my corporate email in Gmail on any device? Step by step guide

Managing emails using Gmail is easy, practical and simple, even when managing company or corporate accounts, as they are also known. Its operation makes it possible for us to link up to five profiles in the same inbox, allowing you to manage everything from one place.

To make the link between corporate email and Gmail correctly we need to make some adjustments in the configuration, but this is worth it, since it is a way not to miss the content of any message, regardless of the company where your server is hosted or you have your own.

In this course you will learn the advantages of linking your corporate email to Gmail and the correct way to do it from a mobile device or on a computer with Windows 10.

What are the advantages of linking your corporate email to Gmail? Reasons to do it

Select corporate accounts in Gmail

As a rule, When you buy a hosting, along with it an email account is offered that in the domain bears your name, that of the company or any other name with which you want to identify yourself. It is something of its own that does not have the termination of any of the traditional servers. The point is that many people are used to managing everything from Gmail and find it difficult to get used to their new domain and wonder if it is possible link them to the Google account.

The answer is yes and here we bring you the advantages of doing it:

  • Server space is saved: as the storage is shared between the mail and the web, it fills up faster. That is why a good option is to divert emails to Gmail and thus they are saved in this service.
  • It is managed more easily: Gmail’s interface is friendly, so from there you can receive and respond to any message that arrives, centralizing all your work in one place.
  • Good tools: In addition to allowing the management of five accounts, there is a wide variety of services to complement your professional tasks.
  • It can be accessed from any device: the requirement is to have an internet connection, the Google account works on all operating systems.
  • Sufficient storage: With the 15 GB that Gmail offers, you can let all the messages reach this account and manage your website without worrying about space.
  • The service is free: This last step is extremely important, since Gmail does not charge to create an account or to configure third-party accounts.

Learn step by step how to link your corporate email in Gmail from your android or iOS mobile

Most people have the Gmail email application installed on their mobile devices well be ios or Android.

Linking and setting up a corporate account is a matter of minutes with the steps that we leave you below:


The first step we will do is merge both accounts, the corporate to your traditional inbox, so that once you take the configuration steps, everything can be in the same place.

We start this way:

  • Open the mail app on mobile.
  • Enter the menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines and find the function “Setting”.

Gmail settings on Android

  • In the window you will see the accounts you are managing and you will look for the box “Add Account”.

Add new account in Gmail for Android

  • Now it appears that you must configure an email, navigate until you reach “Another service.”

Another email in the Gmail application on Android

  • In this case add the corporate email address along with the password.
  • In the next step, of the POP and IMAP settings the application performs a default configuration, so you won’t have to move anything.

Set up

Do not close the window where the link goes, because we continue with some advanced steps that you must configure to leave your account ready to use and that emails can be seen in the same inbox.

Therefore, continue with these steps:

  • I will probably tell you that the certificate is invalid.

New email keys in Gmail for Android

  • If so, navigate to the bottom and select the option “Continue anyway.”
  • Now is the time to configure the “Outgoing mail.”

Outgoing mail server in Gmail for Android

  • With the information that is on the screen you should not do anything, just click on “Following”.
  • If the problem with the certificate appears, do the same, navigate to the bottom and click on “Continue anyway.”
  • Now you are going to choose the “Account Options” which has to do with the frequency of synchronization, notifications and downloading of attachments.

More options for incoming emails in Gmail for Android

  • Of all of them, check the ones that seem convenient and necessary.
  • Everything seems to be ready, you just need to place the “Account name” which is the one that will appear on your device and “Your name” which is the one that is reflected when you send emails from your mobile.
  • When filling in these boxes, click on “Following and you will have finished with the configuration.

We show you the steps you must follow to configure a corporate email in Gmail from your MacOS or Windows 10 computer

To use Gmail in Windows 10, it is necessary to use the Mail application, which has improved a lot since its inception and now allows you to link different email clients. This tool is installed together with the operating system, so running it will start the process to get it up to speed.

To receive and send Gmail emails without problems from the Windows 10 application, you have to perform the following steps:

  • Opens the Mail app in the shortcut in the form of a letter that is in the operating system.

Add new Gmail account

  • Look in the left bar for the option “Accounts”.
  • Once you click on it, choose the box “Add account”.
  • In the next tab select “Google”.

Google accounts in Windows 10

  • Enter the email name and password.
  • Grant the necessary permissions and you will have already finished the first part.
  • It is not other than set up sync with Gmail that appears to you as an optional function.

Set up

Now we go to method to include your corporate account to the Windows 10 Mail application.

Follow the simple steps that we show you below:

  • click in the start menu of the application and then in “Post”.
  • Shows you the window “Add account” and you should search for the function “Advanced settings”.

Advanced mail settings in Windows 10

  • Then it will appear “Internet email” When opening, it shows you a window in which you must complete the following information:

Advanced settings in email accounts

  • Email address: the account you are setting up.
  • Username: here also the name of the account.
  • Password: the password to access the mail.
  • Account name: a description of your email
  • Send messages with this name: the identity for your contacts.

Mail settings in Windows 10

  • Incoming mail server:
  • Account type: can be “IMAP” which downloads the messages without deleting them from the mail server or “POP3which also downloads them, but deleting the copy.
  • Outgoing mail:
  • Leave the two options that appear at the end checked, one for authentication and the other for using the same username and password.
  • Once you fill in all the information, click “Log in”.
  • In the next window the account name, which indicates that you have done everything properly.

Now we are going to explain how to configure your corporate email, but using the Gmail account from the web browser, to receive and send messages.

The steps you must take to get everything ready are the following:


The first thing we are going to do is configure the receive emails from the corporate account in the Gmail inbox.

The steps to take are the following:

  • click in “Setting” in the upper right corner, and then tap “See all settings.”

General settings on the Gmail website

  • Once the window opens, enter the function “Accounts and import”.
  • There are two options in this section, we choose the second “Check mail from other accounts” and then we play on “Add email account”.

  • In the first window we write the email address and we give it in “Following”.
  • Here it tells us to activate the mode of “Import emails from my other account (POP3)” and we keep moving forward.

New email account settings in Gmail

Now it is time to do the most important part of the configuration, entering the following data:

  • Username: the exact email address.
  • Password: the one you use in your corporate account.
  • POP server and port: You can find it in the control panel of your hosting.

Final settings for new Gmail accounts

  • Check the box “Leave a copy of the recovered messages on the server.”
  • Check the option of To retrieve emails, always use an SSL connection “.
  • The two functions that follow are left to your choice, whether or not you want to select them. These are “Tag incoming messages” and “Archive incoming messages.”
  • The next tab It tells you that everything is correct and the setup wizard begins.
  • At the end the message appears “Your email account has been configured” and you must check if you want to send messages with your corporate name.

Set up

The second part to list your corporate account and manage it from Gmail consists of configure outgoing SMTP mail.

We start as follows:

  • click in “Setting” and then in See all settings ”.
  • We enter the section “Accounts and import”.
  • We choose “Add another email address.”

Add outgoing email account in Gmail

  • You are going to write the “Name and the Email address” corporate and click “Next step”.
  • At this time we will “Send the mail through your SMTP server, filling the following boxes:
  • SMTP server: the outgoing server that was provided to you when you created the account.

New outgoing email account in Gmail

  • Username: the full mailing address.
  • Password: that of your email account.
  • Port: 465.
  • Leave the function selected “Secure connection using SSL”.
  • If everything is correct, all that remains is to enter a verification code that has been sent to the corporate account.
  • When we enter the code and it is verified, we will have finished the process.