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How to link and connect your WhatsApp Business account with Facebook? Step by step guide

You may improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy with Facebook and WhatsApp Business right now. To do this, you will have to know all the tips that we will indicate below.

We will tell you the reasons why you should link your FB account with WhatsApp for business and the steps you should take to perform this task from scratch and without making mistakes.

But this is not all you will find You will also read about the best ideas that will help you to get closer to buyer personas in your strategies when you join Facebook with WB.

Why should you link your WhatsApp Business account to Facebook? Profits

Yes you have a significant number of followers on your Facebook Fan Page It is useful to think that most of the people who know your business page have the WhatsApp application installed on their mobile phones. For this reason, it is convenient that you know the benefits that you are going to have if you link your account WhatsApp Business with Facebook for business.

The most outstanding advantages that you will have are:

  • As WhatsApp is a very popular app you have a good chance of connecting with your Facebook clients through instant messaging. This means that your followers can have direct contact with you just by opening the fan page.
  • On the other hand, you will be able to know their concerns or resolve their suggestions through Messenger messages and also through WhatsApp, so you are increasing the means of communication. This generates great approval from the public because they will be able to choose the method that is best for them to talk to you.
  • You can add to your contact book to all customers who send you messages through Facebook. This has great benefits because you can give special attention to each of them through chats or calls on WhatsApp.
  • You will have a database that will help you carry out personalized marketing campaigns, since you know their tastes individually.
  • You will know precisely the geographical location of your clients, since telephone area codes are more accurate than the information people provide when registering with Facebook.
  • The buyer personas who are interested in contacting you They will know that you are active or online through WhatsApp, this being much easier than knowing your actions through Facebook.
  • When you link Facebook with WhatsApp you will give your company a more formal and professional appearance, which will generate trust in people who want to know your products or services.

Learn step by step how to link your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook quickly and easily

We will show you below the step by step you must do to link your WB account to your Facebook without making mistakes:

  • Once you have downloaded the WhatsApp Business app You will have to put the number of your company in the corresponding panel and confirm it. To do this, you will have to press the green button USE [tu número de teléfono].
  • The platform will then will send a code to verify your identity by SMS. You will have to open the text message inbox and type the 6-digit PIN on the WhatsApp screen and that’s it. It is possible that this step will be carried out automatically if you are doing it from the same phone that you indicated its number and received the SMS.
  • Set up your profile in the app. Write the name of your company, the address, hours of operation and everything you need to attract the attention of your customers.
  • Once you have configured the profile, the next step is go to your FB account. You can only link your number to one of the Facebook pages you have created previously.
  • To address them log in to your FB account on your mobile or through the computer. You will have to open the application or enter and write your username and password.
  • Then, you will have to go to the home page and choose the main menu.
  • Click on the section pages. When you open this section, the FB pages that you have generated will appear. Select the one you want to link to so that its preview opens.
  • After this, choose the tool Setting, which is represented by the symbol of a cogwheel.
  • Within the configuration select WhatsApp.
  • Done this you can write your WhatsApp Business number in the corresponding box. Remember enter the code of your country in the drop-down menu, right next to the mobile number.
  • Click on Send code.
  • Check your chats in your messaging application.
  • Confirm the code you have received and your account will be linked to the Fan Page you chose.

Examples of creative ways to use WhatsApp Business in your Facebook marketing strategy

Examples of creative ways to use WhatsApp Business in your Facebook marketing strategy

To get the most out of your WhatsApp Business connection with FB, pay attention to these examples that will help you be more efficient in your social marketing strategy:

Through contests

If you have proposed as a social media strategy to attract customers and reward them through contests, you will be able to use the WhatsApp Business app to include it in this action. For example, You can tell the participants that they will be able to see the conditions of the draw by this means. Then you create a default message with the conditions and send it to whoever requests it. On the other hand, you can choose this way to communicate the winners.

Show some of your products

Another way to bring customers closer to conversion is showing a bit of what you sell. You can use some of the most striking images from your catalog. Then, you publish only 2 or 3 on your Fan Page and the rest you show through WhatsApp Business. Do not forget to place in the description of the publication the link to the complete catalog created in the app. This is sure to pique your customers’ curiosity to find out more.

Create offer packages for different clients

After having several segmented contact lists, you can create promotional offers for each sector. The advantage you have with this idea is that you can apply this method with each target audience separately, so you will achieve create two or more specific campaigns per month which will save you money and be more effective because you will know the interests and tastes of the buyer personas. Of course, for this it is convenient to keep your catalog updated in terms of stock and prices.

Offer discount codes

Another possibility that you can carry out is that of create discount codes for special dates. Of course, the idea is that customers get them through the messaging channel, for this you can use an image with the promotional codes. It is even justifiable to add your phone number within the image. Doing so will allow people to share discounts with other users.

Post stories with customer reviews

FB stories are an effective means of making the brand known. Being so, a good measure is Publish opinions of satisfied customers that you have obtained through WhatsApp Business. In this way, your followers will see that you have generated trust through this app and you will get an empathy with the technique used. By doing so, you will create security for others to approach you by message.

The best tips to boost your social media strategy on Facebook with WhatsApp Business

Keep in mind these tips that will help you boost your brand on social networks, using Facebook and WhatsApp Business:

Place your WhatsApp Business number as the main button

Place your WhatsApp Business number as the main button

On almost every FB Fan Page template there is a main button that calls for action. There should be the first thing you want the client to do on your page. Some use it for the person to email, book, shop, sign up, or call. However, if your goal is to exploit your messaging strategy, you will have to configure this tool.

To do this, you must open your Fan Page in mode Edition. Then, you must click on the main button and select Choose a different one. Among the options Get in touch you are going to see the function of WhatsApp, so you will have to click on it. If you already have your number linked, then the first thing your followers can do is enter there to contact you.

Design an easy-to-understand catalog

Among the exclusive tools of the app is the catalog. This is the right place to add your articles with prices and images. With that in mind, people will be drawn directly to your products. An ideal solution, if you have not had the time to create a website with ecommerce, it is to include your WhatsApp Business line.

In this way, customers will get a list with all the branded products or services in an attractive way. For this technique to be effective it is important that you consider the mobile format in the pictures, since the large number of users will enter through the mobile and it will be more comfortable for them to see in that size.

Use the link to the profile website

Among the general information of your company, on the FB page, you can add a link. Generally, this option is geared towards your company’s website. It is found below the mail, the telephone number and other information. To join Facebook with WB, You can add the link you want and even change it periodically. For example, it is possible to place the link that will redirect to the catalog (which you will have in WhatsApp Business) or to your number of the messaging application for business.

Use your WhatsApp Business in ads

Use your WhatsApp Business in ads

By posting promotional ads on your Facebook page people can decide to send you a message Why then not automatically direct them to your WhatsApp for business? This is the best way to start conversations with those who are already interested in your product or service.

To implement this idea, you are going to have to go to Ads manager. After deciding the budget for your campaign, you will select it in Ad type, among the available options you will have to select the function Click to send message. It is important to keep in mind that to configure this action you must be the administrator of the Fan Page.

Create a smart contact list

With the information you receive from Facebook you can ask people to send you their phone number so that you can get closer to the requested products in more detail. In this way you will create a very effective and updated contact list that you will use as a reference for your campaigns. Of course, it is not about sending spam to these people, but that they receive the information of the products in which they are interested and of any news when it is convenient for them.