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How to log in to Facebook for free in Spanish easy and fast? step by step guide

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Of everything that moves in networks today, Facebook is one of the biggest names in the world.. We are talking about a platform that has become the second largest in the entire internet, with user traffic that, in January 2018, it registered a total of 2.167 million active users in just one month. Figures that are currently envied by the rest of the competition and are only surpassed by the great king of kings of the three double Vs: the gigantic and titanic Google.

An idea that was born at Harvard University. Mark Zuckerberg, creator and current owner, wanted a platform where students could easily exchange information, share notes, work… Everything that would allow them to facilitate their studies, as well as relax a bit, taking advantage of the capabilities of Internet.

What this computer guru did not imagine is that he had just created something that, shortly after, exploded in a huge way all over the world. In 2007, there were already German, French and Spanish versions, in addition to the English one; although its use was already possible globally since 2005. Nowadays it is rare not to find someone with a user profile on Facebookjust as it is not uncommon not to find someone who has not had problems trying to connect to the social network.

All the ways to log in or get into Facebook normally

Here, we are going to give you all the tools so that it does not happen to you. we are going to teach you how to log in to facebook for free in spanish step by step. How to do it through different devices and through different methods and, in addition, how to solve the most frequent problems when logging in. If you forget your password, you won’t have to worry.

As we said, there are different ways to log in or sign up for Facebook. Next, we are going to explain all those currently available, as well as discard others that were active until recently and are no longer valid.

Access Facebook from your computer in its web version

The easiest method to login to Facebook. First of all, you must open the web browser of your computer and write, in the address bar, the URL of the main page of this social network. Here we leave it:

Login to Facebook from your computer

Now just go to the top right of the page in which you appear and fill in the two fields that are enabled. Enter your first user email or phone and, when finished, do the same with the password in the field that is available right next to it.

Once both elements are written, you just have to press the “Login” button and you will already be inside your Facebook user profile. As we said, accessing from the computer or the computer in its web version is the easiest, fastest and simplest way to enter the social network.

Log in to Facebook from my Android and iOS Smartphone or tablet

If you want to enter Facebook from your Android or iPhone cell phone or tablet, you have two options. First of all, you can resort to doing via web browser available on these devices, following the same procedure that we have explained in the previous section; and secondly you can opt in app that is intended for it.

In this case, the most recommended is to use the app, since it is fully optimized for its proper functioning on the device. So the first thing you have to do is go to Google Play Store (if you use Android) or to the iTunes App Store (if you use iOS) and write “Facebook” in the search bar.

Choose the first result that appears on the screen and download the app. Once installed, look for it in the place where the applications are gathered on your terminal and click on its icon to open it.



Enter Facebook account from Android mobile

Once inside, Facebook main menu will ask you to enter the email of your user profileor the paired phone, in addition to the access password. Enter the relevant data in the fields enabled for it and click on the blue button with the text “Get in”. You will have already logged in from your smartphone or tablet.

It should also be noted that the app is available Facebook Lite, with identical operation, but with much lower consumption of both resources and data (ideal for low-end terminals). In addition, you can also download facebook messengerthe mandatory application to be able to write and read private messages on the social network.

Login to Facebook using QR code without password

Until recently it was possible enter Facebook by reading a QR code and without a password. You had to set a series of parameters in the configuration and combine the use of a mobile phone for it. However, for some time here, this procedure can no longer be performed. This feature has been disabled in order to achieve much safer user experience for the user.

How to login to Facebook with other user accounts?

Facebook allows you to use as many user accounts as you want. The method to do it is also really simple. The first step to enter my facebook session with another user account is, how could it be otherwise, go to FB home page. Open your web browser and in the address bar at the top, enter the following URL:

Now, if you have never logged in before, you just have to go to the top and proceed as we have explained in the previous section, you can do click here.

Change or add Facebook account

In the case of having previously logged in and then closing itall you have to do is access the main website of the social network and in the central part, on the left, you will see your profile picture. Next to it is a button under which it says “Add account”. Click on it. This option allows us to exchange accounts without the need to leave the social network.

Facebook login form

Now, you will be redirected to a form in which you only have to enter both the access email and its corresponding password. Choose the combination of user profile with which you want to enter and you will have already logged in.

If you go out now, you will see that on the main website of Facebook both profiles appearso you can choose which one to enter. As you add accounts, you will find more in this section.

*Note: It should be noted that this option is not available in all countries and versions, therefore if you do not see the icon that appears in the previous images, it is that at the moment it is not possible to have several accounts logged in at the same time.

How to login to Facebook from a Google Gmail account?

To login to FB from a Gmail email accountin case you have not linked it when registering, you have to change certain parameters of the configuration of your user profile.

What we are going to explain is, how to link a new email account with our fb profiletherefore, this process is valid for any email service, whether Outlook, Yahoo!, Gmail etc. First, log in as usual. Once you are inside your profile, click on the arrow that appears at the top right of the screen and click on “Setting”.

Go to Facebook Profile Settings

Once this is done, make sure that the option “General” in the menu on the left. Now, in the central part of the screen, look for the section “Contact” and click on “Edit”. Then click on “Add another email address or phone number”. If we want to safeguard the anonymity of our email, we leave the option “Allow my friends to include my email address in Download your information

Link new account email Facebook account

In the popup window, write the email you want to use and click on “Add”. An email will be sent to that email for verification. Go to their inbox and find the message that Facebook has sent. Open it and click on “Confirm” to be sent back to the social network. You should retype password access to your user profile and accept.

After this, you will have linked your email account from Gmail or another service and you can use it to login in later uses and whenever you want following the usual methods.

FAQ: Why can’t I log into my Facebook account now?

Great, with millions of users and a fairly intuitive user systemrun into some inconvenience when log in to our Facebook profile It is something much more common than it seems.

Want enter facebook and not being able to, it can be something really delicate, especially if important information is handled through this social network or we have contacts in it that we want to maintain. Fortunately, we are going to explain how to fix this kind of problem in any of the cases that most frequent.

I forgot my password and I can’t access Facebook

If you have forgotten your password and cannot open your Facebook. The first thing you should do is enter the main page by entering its URL in the browser:

Once you’ve done that, go to the top and, if you’ve never signed in on this device before, tap “Have you forgotten your account details?”; if you have already done it before, you must click on “Forgot your account?”.

Recover forgotten Facebook account

Now, write the email or phone number of your user profile in the field that appears on the screen and click “Search”.

Find email phone forgotten Feisbuk account

You have two options now, you can choose “Use my Google account” (by signing in to Google to automatically sign in to Facebook) or “Send code by email”. In the event that there were no results from the entered data, the following message would appear:

No search results facebook

If you choose the first and click on “Continue”, a pop-up window will appear in which you will have to login to google as usual and, when finished, you will have to change the access code to Facebook in the field that appears. After this, you will be able to log in again.

If you choose the second and click on “Continue”, will send a security code to any of the linked emails. You will have to access your inbox, copy the code and write it here to then modify the access code to your user profile. After all this, you will be able to enter again without problems.

I do not remember my email to access or open my Facebook account

If you don’t remember your Facebook account login email, there are two main options to turn to:

First of all, it is convenient do preliminary research before resorting to the following steps, such as asking your contacts and friends to review the information section of your profile in case some information about you, such as email or phone number, is visible, this is usually in the Contact information from your profile.

Another feasible option is to take a look at the personalized URLs that Facebook has regarding your profile, see an example: “”. So we tried different possibilities and alternatives, changing “my-username” by our name that we entered when we created our profile back in the day, in this way we can locate our account.

If you were unable to locate your account in these ways, you can try use any other of the emails you linked to your user. As we have explained before, you can, for example, assign a gmail account to log in using it. The problem with this procedure is that, if you had not previously linked any other mail, you will have no way of take advantage of this solution.

Another way is to use your mobile phone. Go to the main Facebook website and try to log in as normal, only instead of using an email address, you have to use a phone number that you assign at the time. The password field, however, must be filled with the usual. After this, it only remains to click on “Get in” and you will be inside. Take the opportunity to go to settings pane and review which are the emails connected to your user. To do this go to Settings > General > Contact.

*Extra trick: There is a third option, unknown to many, which consists of turn to friends to log in. It is an alternative introduced relatively recently on Facebook that is very useful to regain access.

Use friend contacts to recover Facebook account

On the home page, tap “Have you forgotten your account details?” and, instead of writing an email or a phone number in the field that appears, write your username. You will have to distinguish yours in a list that appears, by clicking on the corresponding button “This is my account”.

Now, click on the option “No longer have access?” that appears under the emails to which the security code should be sent. Then click on the button “I can’t access my email address.”

If you have previously added to trusted contacts, you will now be prompted for a new email to access. Type it in and click “Continue”.

Then click on “Reveal my trusted data” and type the full name of one of those trusted users. A series of instructions will appear with a very important URL address.

Copy that URL and send it to any of those friends so that they open the link and give you the security code that appears on the screen. Use it to access your profile. Now, take advantage and modify everything you need to never have problems again.

I can’t log in with my Facebook username

It’s normal that you can’t log in with your Facebook usernamesince the social network does not allow you to login using this data. Yesterday it was a valid optionbut for a few years it was eliminated to reinforce security measures.

The only options you currently have to log in to Facebook are to use a phone number or email account, in addition to the corresponding access password. All the rest are procedures that lead nowhere no matter how hard you try.

How to recover my deactivated Facebook account and log in?

How to recover my deactivated Facebook account and log in

If you have deactivated a Facebook account and want to re-enter it to reuse it or simply retrieve a photo, publication or data of interest, you just have to re-enter as normal.

Go to the main page of the social network from your browser and enter in the relevant fields the access email or linked phone number, in addition to the access key. If you prefer, you can use the smartphone app and do the same on its home screen. Behind this, you will be inside and you will have recovered your account.

It is important to comment and it should be noted that only possible if you chose to disable it instead of deleting it. if you decided completely delete the user account, you will never be able to get it back. Facebook deletes it without a trace, deleting all its publications, photos and any type of content that it published at the time, in addition to the profile completely.

There may be exceptions where, for very special reasons, the team decides to turn it back on. To try this option, the only way is use the contact form and expose your case. In case you want to try it, click here. When you do, you will be directly in the section to report problems with access. Fill in all the fields and explain your situation with hair and signs.

How to download and enter Facebook Lite, the light version?

Download Install Facebook Lite

The largest social network in the world thinks of each and every one of its users, and that is that they (we) are its main source of income, that is why FB has designed an extra light, fast and comfortable version of your mobile applicationmuch more suitable for those users who do not have fast internet connections, who have mobile devices with low RAM memory capacity or who want to simplify the options and functionalities of the app.

One point to keep in mind is that at the moment, this version is only available for devices with Android operating system, which is why Apple users will have to wait for the iPhone version to come out. Anyway, if what you want is download and log in with your Facebook account, but in Lite versiondon’t worry, at this point we will explain how to do it, as always step by step and without any complications, go for it!.

facebook lite
facebook lite

  1. go to google play from your mobile terminal and look for the app in the search section by typing “facebook liteor you can go directly from the links above.
  2. Click on “Install” and the download and subsequent installation will automatically begin.
  3. Once you have installed the app, click on its iconusually with lighter tones than the full version of the app.
  4. Now it’s time login to facebook litefilling in the usual email and password sections, remember that they are the same as your “normal” FB account.
  5. You are already in!now you have a much faster and more intuitive version.

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