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How to log in to Instagram in Spanish quickly and easily? Step by step guide

How to log in to Instagram in Spanish quickly and easily? Step by step guide

Photography and social networks have built an impossible relationship to break . Audiovisual content is something that predominates and has much more scope in these platforms designed to connect with people from any part of the world, and that is why it is not surprising that there is a specific network that is designed by and for photography .

Of course, we talk about Instagram . This website is known for having become the home of those who prefer the mobile phone for the quality of their camera, in the best sense of the word. Its content revolves around photography and, not long ago, video. His fame was such that Facebook did not take long to buy it , making it one more link in its complex tangle of portals and services. Today, in fact, it has more than 800 million active users per month. An amount that many would already like .

But to be one of those active users you have to know how to log in to Instagram, and that’s what we’re going to explain here . We will help you to make the login process as simple as possible, explaining step by step what you should do at any time regardless of the device you are using or even the type of account you are going to use. Access to this platform can be done in several different ways , and here they are all covered so you don’t have the slightest doubt.

Steps to log in to my Instagram account in Spanish

With this guide, in addition, we solve several of the most frequent doubts of all users or instagramers . If you have problems with the login or are even curious to know how many user accounts you can have on this social network simultaneously, we leave everything more than explained.

Through PC, from a mobile phone or with accounts on other social networks , these are the steps to log in to your Instagram account in Spanish.

Enter Instagram Web from your computer or PC

Access to Instagram on PC is easy ; but it does not have the same string of possibilities as the application that exists for mobile devices. Entering Instagram Web from your computer does not let you upload photos or videos, but comment and take a look at the profiles of people who follow or follow you. Now, we will explain the steps to follow to access your profile on Instagram Web:

Formulario login inicio sesion en Instagram Web PC

  • Start your favorite web browser or the one you use most. In the address bar, usually located at the top of the window, type this URL that we leave below:
  • With it, you enter directly on the Instagram Web homepage . You will have a form to register as a new user; But, what we are looking for is to log in. For this, you have to go down a little more until you find the text “Do you have an account? Enter ”, click on the highlighted part.
  • The form has now been changed to a simpler one . This is the one you have to fill in to login on Instagram. Enter the phone number, email or user nickname you set when registering and, below, the password. Once this is done, click on “Enter” and you will be inside.
  • You may find some notification related to the data policy and terms of use. Review and / or accept when prompted to move forward .

Login from the Android or iOS APP

Pasos para entrar en cuenta Instagram desde APP

Smart devices such as phones and tablets have an application designed by and for using Instagram available. The login from the Android or iOS APP is tremendously simple and requires only a few seconds; although first it is necessary to have this application installed in the terminal. We will proceed from scratch, also telling how to install Instagram on your phone and login to the social network:

  • The starting point is to enter the digital application store that corresponds to you . If you are an Apple user, you have to enter the App Store ; if you are from iOS, do the same with Google Play Store .
  • When you are inside, look for the app in question by typing “ Instagram ” in the search bar Then, choose the first result and click on the button to install . The terminal will download files and install them alone.
  • Once this procedure is finished, open the application directly through the icon you will have available.
  • On the main screen of the Instagram app, tap “ Enter ”.
  • The following is as simple as writing email, phone number or name of your user profile . Do it and then fill in the password field remembering to respect uppercase if there are any. After completing both spaces, click on “Enter”.
  • After this, you will already be inside Instagram through its app . The login process takes only a few seconds, as you have seen.

From the Facebook profile or Google account

Since Instagram belongs to Facebook , you can enter this social network without having to use any e-mail or anything else . In fact, there is a specific option to access through your Facebook profile . On the contrary, it cannot be accessed from the Google account , although it does use one of Gmail to enter (in the same way as explained in the first section).

To login to Instagram from the Facebook profile, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Instagram homepage . If you are on a PC, do it through the web browser with the following URL: . If you are on your mobile phone, just open the app that you should have installed.
  • On either device, this step is identical. Now, instead of looking for the option to login, go directly to the button that contains the text “Login with Facebook” and press it.
  • If you had already connected before Facebook on the device you use, a message will appear indicating the information Instagram wants to extract from your profile. You just have to accept . If not, you will have to log in to Facebook and then accept as in the previous case. You are already inside! .

FAQ: Problems with access or login to Instagram

Do you have problems when entering your Instagram session? Do you want to access but it gives you some errors that you don’t know how to solve? Don’t worry, here you We will show the most common problems and the easiest solutions so you can enjoy the app without any impediment.

I forgot my password How to recover my account password of Instagram?

If you forgot your password , there is a way to recover access to the Instagram account, but not the password. Following the procedure that we are going to explain to you, you will lose the old password that you will use to access , since you will have to replace it with a completely new one.

First, open your usual web browser and enter the main page of the social network. Use the URL we have indicated previously . Then, go to the login section by clicking on “ Enter ”, which is located below.

Paso 1 para recuperar contraseña cuenta Instagram

Since you don’t remember the Instagram access code , now you must click on “Forgot your password”. You will appear on a different page with a blank space. Write in it the e-mail of your user account or your identity in the social network, check the box “ I am not a robot ” and then click on “Change password” .

Cambiar contraseña olvidad al entrar a Instagram

You now have to go to the email inbox connected to your user on Instagram . Wait a few seconds and you will receive an email from the Instagram team indicating your request to change your password. Click on the “ Reset Password ” button inside.

Reset Password de Instagram

You are automatically sent to a page where you have to write the new code to login . You will have to write it twice to confirm that there are no errors. It is important that it be an alphanumeric sequence and with a minimum of 8 digits so that your security is more robust and you can avoid phishing.

Generar nueva contraseña cuenta Instagram

After this, just click on “Change password” and you will have a completely new one. You have already regained access to Instagram and you can log in without problems or worries. Done! .

Is it possible to log in to Instagram with another account?

To the question about whether it is possible to log in to Instagram with another account: Yes, it is possible . You have the option of logging out through your user panel and opening it with a completely different one through the procedure that we have already explained in previous sections, or you can try to have several simultaneous ones on the same device.

Cerrar sesion en Instagram y agregar una nueva cuenta

This is possible through the iOS and Android application ; So we are going to focus on it to explain what you have to do if you want to manage several Instagram profiles from the same device. Something intended for Community Managers , professionals or even home users who prefer to separate their publications and their audiences.

The first thing you have to do is run the Instagram application . As you know, you just have to look for its icon and click on it to open it and give you access. If you do not remember your data, log in as usual and move on .

Now, you have to enter your user profile by pressing the bust-shaped icon in the options bar at the bottom.

Once this is done, go to the top and click on the options, the symbol formed by three circles arranged vertically. You will have a complete settings menu and information in front of you.

In this one, you must descend until you reach the lower end. Just below the exit option, you have the one you need, “Add account” . Click on it to continue.

The normal login screen will appear again . Enter the necessary and corresponding data to the other profile you want to add (namely: name, email or user phone number and access password) and press “ Enter ”.

From now on, you have two accounts connected to the same Instagram app on your mobile phone or tablet. The maximum currently available for simultaneous profiles on the same device is five , although you can use other apps from third parties to allow for more.