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How to log in to Microsoft Office 365 in Spanish easily and quickly? step by step guide

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Office automation services and tools are something that has been accompanying computer users for many years. Tools like Word, Excel, Access or PowerPoint were born to make our lives easy when it comes to writing documents, preparing spreadsheets, presentations and a host of other elements typical of the academic or professional field.

If we take the office suites and mix them with the cloud, that system that allows you to store or work with elements located on the internet without the need to install any type of programwe have as a result Microsoft Office 365. This is the name of the pack of Microsoft office automation programs that is based on the use of the Internet for its operation. A subscription system with which users have access to the full range of possibilities of traditional programs in this branchbut with more additions possible only thanks to the network of networks.

Those who have already registered and even contracted user licenses have the task of learning ahead of them. how to sign in to Microsoft Office 365. In this guide we remedy this by offering a detailed review of all the steps that must be taken to be able to log in to this more than useful service in the cloud offered by the computer giant.

Steps to sign in to my Office 365 account

Besides all this, We also solve the most common doubts related to the use of this system. If you have problems connecting as a user by password or email, we explain everything you need to do to fix it. In a matter of minutes you will be able to access all the functions of Office 365 and log in without any inconvenience either through your computer or through your mobile phone.

Office 365 is available through the web and mobile applications. Microsoft has wanted to grant the maximum possible compatibility to offer its office automation tools to the widest possible public. In the following sections we will explain the necessary steps to Sign in to Office 365 account on both iOS and Android, Windows and Mac.

Enter from the computer or PC

To enter Office 365 from your computer or PC, you just need to have a browser and follow these steps that we explain here:

  • With your web browser opengo to the address bar and type this URL into it: Thanks to this, you will directly access the Microsoft Office home page.
  • Now go to the top of the page and click “Log in”.

Official access page to Office 365

  • After this, the login form will appear. Microsoft accounts. you have to start with write an e-mail address, a phone number or Skype account that you have linked to your profile. Do it and click on “Following”.

Microsoft Office account login

  • Then, fill in the next field that appears with the password and click on the button “Log in”. Remember that it is important to respect capital letters if there are any.

Enter password to access Office 365 account

  • If you are asked to stay signed in, you can accept and not have to repeat this procedure again more when you enter the Office 365 portal. Once you’re done, you will have finished with the login!

Login from the Android or iOS APP

Install and access account Microsoft Word Offices Android

There is no specific app to access Office 365 services. On mobile devices, everything is distributed through different programs that are responsible for carrying out the different functions of the office suite.

microsoft powerpoint
microsoft powerpoint

‎Microsoft Word
‎Microsoft Word

‎Microsoft Excel
‎Microsoft Excel

‎Microsoft PowerPoint
‎Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Enter the app store if you are an iOS user or on Google Play Store if you are from Android and search for any program like “Microsoft Word”, “Microsoft Excel” or any of the others that are part of Office.
  • When you finish downloading and installing, search for any of the applications among the installed ones and open it.
  • Now, as soon as you enter, a blank space appears directly to enter the email address of your profile. Write it down and click on the button with an arrow to advance.
  • After, do the same with the password to login. Now click on “Log in”.
  • With this, you’re done. You can now start using the program in question freely on your mobile phone or tablet. Easy!.

FAQ: Problems accessing or signing in to Microsoft Office 365

Problems accessing my Microsoft Offices 365 account

As with any system that requires user registration and login, it is likely that problems accessing or signing in to Microsoft Office 365. In this section we are going to answer some of the most common questions among users and, in addition, solve the inconveniences that usually make it impossible to access the profiles. Have you forgotten your password? Do you not remember the e-mail that you used? Here are all the solutions you need:

I forgot my password. How to recover the password of my Office 365 account?

If you have forgotten your password to access Office 365, this is what you must do to change it completely, since it cannot be recovered:

  • Using your web browser, enter this URL address that we indicate: When you’re on the Office Start web, go up and click “Log in”.
  • Now enter your email account in the field that there is and advances.
  • Then scroll down and tap on “I forgot my password”.

I forgot my Microsoft Office account password

  • Click again on “I forgot my password” and now click on “Following”.

Why can't you sign in to Microsoft Offices?

  • Fill in the blank space with the characters in the image and move on.
  • Request to send the message to the mobile number that you have connected to your profile, and then write the last 4 numbers of this in the gap. Now, click on “Send code”.

Recover password to log in Offices 365

  • Write the code on the PC that has been sent via SMS to your terminal and go ahead.
  • You can now set your new password to log in to Office 365. Write it down and confirm it in the two fields to change it and start using it from now on. Clever!.

I have forgotten the email of my Office 365 account. How do I recover it?

If what you have forgotten is the email of your Office 365 accountthere is no way to recover it, 🙁 the only procedures with which you can try to access and remember what it was are to consult various possibilities.

First, check that you are entering the email correctly to login. It is possible that you are making a mistake and that is why you think that you do not remember it properly.

Try looking at your email inboxes to search for mail sent by Microsoft. the one where you have any messages related to Office 365 It may be the one you are looking for to login to your service.

In case you continue to have problems, the only alternative left is to try logging in with a phone number or Skype profile. If you linked them to your e-mail, you will be able to access them and, later, check which was the address you had forgotten. Luck!.


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