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How to log in to Microsoft Outlook in Spanish fast and easy? Step by step guide

How to log in to Microsoft Outlook in Spanish fast and easy? Step by step guide

Having an email account is already absolutely essential on the Internet and, of all the big companies that offer email services , Microsoft is one of the that more positions has managed to rise since its entry into the offering of this type of service. Since the birth of Hotmail , the Redmond company has gradually evolved its formula until it reaches the current situation.

A unified account system that provides access to multiple tools and whose client for email management is neither more nor less than Microsoft Outlook . This is the main platform from which you access not only the mailbox, but also other functions such as internal chat, video calls, cloud storage and many other possibilities offered by the American brand.

To know, therefore, how to log in to Microsoft Outlook is to know how to take advantage of all the services that can make your communication in the network of networks a much simpler and better process. Once inside, you have so many possibilities that the use of external applications seems virtually unnecessary. Here, we bring you a guide in which we explain step by step how to perform this login on the Microsoft Outlook online platform .

Steps to log in to or .es

It doesn’t matter if you do it from a mobile phone, a tablet or a PC ; We solve all the doubts so that it is very clear to you what you have to do in each case. In addition, we also answer the frequently asked questions related to problems when logging into Outlook for all possible reasons. Do not worry if you forget your password, if your profile is blocked or if you simply do not know how to exit the mailbox. All these issues, and more, are resolved in this text.

To use your Microsoft Outlook mail you have to know how to log in to your online platform. The procedure is simple; so much, that it hardly takes a few seconds of time and a couple of data to enter. Next, we will explain all the steps to enter or .es both from your computer and from your Android or iOS phone.

Login from my computer

Primer paso para acceder al correo de cuenta Outlook

The first thing you have to do is open a web browser. Then, go to the address bar and enter the following URL : . Once inside the homepage , click on “ Login ” to continue moving forward.

Iniciar sesion con correo, telefono o skype en Outlook

Now, you will be redirected to a page with a blank field where you must enter your Outlook email, also gives us the opportunity to enter via phone number or our name of the Skype account . Write it where you are told and click on “Next”.

Escribir contraseña para loguearse en Microsoft Outlook

Next, you must enter the access password . Remember: it is important to use upper and lower case where appropriate, as they are detected. You can check the box “ Keep the session started ” so that your profile is memorized and you don’t have to repeat this whole procedure in the future. Enter the password, click on the blue button with the text “Login” to advance.

Bandeja de entrada correo electronico Outlook

After this last step, you will directly access your inbox on . You are already logged in from PC in this mail service that offers the Microsoft accounts . From here, you can send or receive emails, in addition to taking advantage of other extra features available to all users.

Login from Android or iOS

Acceder iniciar sesion correo Outlook app Android

The login from Android or iOS can be done in two different ways:

  • Through the official app
  • Through the browser

If you choose to use the browser , because you don’t want to install anything or it just seems the best way, you just have to open the browser you use on your smartphone and follow the same steps as We have indicated in the previous section. The procedure via web is exactly the same on both PCs and smartphones.

If you decide to use the Microsoft Outlook app . The first thing you should do is download it from Google Play Store or from the iTunes App Store if you use Android or iOS, respectively. Enter the store that corresponds to you, search for “ Microsoft Outlook ” and download the first result that appears.

When installed, go to where the applications meet on your phone and open Outlook’s . When you do this, a startup screen will appear. Press “Start” to continue.

In the “Add account” section, you just have to fill in the field that appears with your email account by choosing between:

  • @
  • @

Write it down and click on “ Continue ”, which is located on the bottom right.

Then, and depending on what type of account extension you have entered, the app will ask you to choose a Google account , in addition to asking you for access permissions to some data ( for emails @ ) or that you type the password directly to be able to login for the other cases . Enter it in the empty field, remembering to respect uppercase and lowercase letters if any , and click on “ Login ”.

Once this is done, Outlook will ask you if you want to add another account or go directly to the one you added . You can add as many as you want or simply click on “ Skip ” to finally enter to see your inbox, manage your mailboxes and do everything you want with your email. Easy !

FAQ: Problems with access or login in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is broad, powerful and very capable , as well as very easy to use; but several inconveniences may arise that hinder the user experience and, above all, the possibility of logging in to it. Here we will review the most common problems that may arise with access to this great free email service.

I have forgotten my password and cannot access my email Outlook

If you have forgotten your access password, enter this URL directly by typing it in your browser’s address bar:

Porque no puedo iniciar sesión en Microsoft Outlook

We will now have before us 3 options by which we cannot access the account:

  • I forgot my password
  • I know what my password is, but I can’t log in
  • I think someone else is using my Microsoft account

In this case we will choose the first option and give « Next «.

Pasos para recuperar cuenta Microsoft Outlook

In this step we are asked to write the account that we cannot access, we can put the email, the associated phone number or our Skype account to recover the account, we will also have to enter a verification code that appears in the image (you can ask for another by clicking on “ New ” or listen to it by clicking on “ Sound ”), ​​keep in mind that they distinguish between uppercase and lowercase and, when you’re done, press “Next”.

At this point, the ways in which you can obtain the security code to access your mail will appear . Since it is highly recommended to have linked a mobile phone to the user profile, we will choose the option to send message to the phone . Check the box, write the last 4 digits of our mobile number and click on “ Send code ”.

Comprobar identidad cuenta perdida correo Outlook

Now, on that phone will arrive an SMS with a 7-digit password . Copy it, type it in the browser, which will now have a field in which to enter it, and click on “ Next ” to move on.

Enter now the new password and repeat it . Click on “ Next ” and continue. Congratulations! You have already regained access.

I don’t remember my email to access my Outlook account

If you don’t remember your email to access, you can instead use your Skype profile or the phone you will link . Enter any of them in the window where they ask for your Outlook email when you log in and proceed as usual with the password. Soon you will be inside and using your mail as usual.

You cannot log out of Outlook How do I do it?

Many users do not find the option to log out of Outlook , which prevents them from deactivating it on public use computers and makes their privacy more than considerable.

The truth is that the procedure to close the session is very simple . Here we are going to explain it to you, so that you have no doubt for the next time.

When you are in the mailbox of your Outlook email , go to the top right and click on the section where both your username and the photo you have used for your profile appear .

Como cerrar sesion en cuenta correo Outlook

Now, a drop-down menu will appear with several options available. Descend until you find the last one, “Log out” . Click on it and you will have closed your profile in the browser. If you want to re-enter, you will have to repeat the login process that we have explained in previous sections.

My Outlook email account is locked How the unlock?

When they register strange movements related to logging in or using mail, the Outlook team can carry out temporary crashes that prevent access. If your email account is blocked, we will explain what you should do to unlock it:

Cuenta Outlook temporalmente suspendida

In your web browser, enter the following URL : . It will take you to the home screen of the Microsoft account service. Log in traditionally with your email address and its corresponding password.

Desbloquear cuenta correo Microsoft Outlook via numero de telefono

Now, you must enter a phone number to receive a security code or even a call that dictates it to you. If you cannot have one, check the option “ I did not receive a code ” when asked or “ I do not have access to these ” when you try to reset the password.

Follow the instructions provided by and, after this, you will have to enter a new password to finish unlocking your email.

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