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How to log in to WordPress to edit your blog? Step by step guide

How to log in to WordPress to edit your blog? Step by step guide

The ins and outs of the design and the elaboration of web pages are something that builds a strong and hard barrier of entry to any user who thinks about entering that world. Nowadays, with all the information moving at high speed in the digital environment , it is normal for someone to want to enter this place not as a user, but as a content maker, and for that reason it always comes the same problem when considering shaping something: know about web programming.

At least it was like that before. Today, there are several portals and companies that have specialized in making things easy in this area through the tools and environments they provide, such as Wix . We have, as a maximum example of a standard in this field, WordPress . For those who do not know it, it is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create any type of web and that started being the great ally of bloggers to end up being the ideal tool for almost any webmaster currently.

Highly customizable through plugins or add-ons created by the same user community, as well as through the themes and templates used to dress an online portal with a totally professional look , even without be it In short, a place of interest that pushes millions of users to register to take advantage of it, as well as log in to continue using . And precisely this point is what we are going to deal with, we will explain how to log in to WordPress so that anyone can access and be able to edit and configure our blog .

Steps to log in to my account in Spanish

A guide that reviews the entire login procedure step by step , explaining all the details to avoid any doubt. In addition, we also explain how to enter the administration panel of the portals created with WP and, incidentally, what to do if you forget your access password.

To log in to your WordPress account with Spanish , you just have to follow the steps that we are going to leave you listed below from your PC:

  • Start your trusted web browser and enter the URL below: . With it, you access the WordPress homepage .
  • Once it loads and you are inside, go to the upper right corner . You have there the option “Access” , which you must press to continue entering WP.

Acceder a mi cuenta de WordPress

  • A page with a simple form will now appear in your browser. Enter your username in WordPress or your login email and click on “ Continue ”.

Introducir correo electronico acceder WordPress

  • Then, it will open just below another space for you, in it, type the password to access your profile . Enter it and click on “ Access ”.

Loguearse en WordPress gratis

  • You are already in your account!

How to access the administration panel?

If you have a web page , or are part of one, it is normal that you want to know how to access the administration panel if you want to edit or modify something . The most frequent in the portals created using WordPress is that a widget or a complement that facilitates the login on the page itself is included and, therefore, allows users who have it to access this panel .

But, it is possible that an error implementing this add-on prevents access to this section. What is there to do then? The answer is quite simple. You just have to enter a string in the address bar of your browser to get directly to the window requesting your email and your password so that, immediately afterwards, you enter the panel we are talking about.

The URL in question is something that varies depending on the portal, but that follows this scheme: “•. Change the part “ ” to the one corresponding to the site you want to access and you will have it done. For example: .

Formulario de acceso a panel control WordPress

Why can’t I access the WordPress panel WP-admin? Possible problems

There are several reasons why you may have problems that prevent you from accessing the WordPress WP-admin panel. It is possible that your connection is not going well, that you have entered some bad data or that, simply, you have forgotten your password . If the latter is your case, read on, we explain how to recover your account password .

I forgot my password How to recover my account password WordPress?

The WordPress password cannot be recovered. Instead, what the user can do is create a new one to re-enter at any time . You have to follow the steps below to do it:

Obtener contraseña nueva acceso a WP

  • Open a web browser on your PC and enter the URL to enter: .
  • When you load, you will be on the WordPress startup website. Go to the upper area to click on assertAccessnet.
  • Once this is done, you will be in the usual form to enter. Go down and click on “Have you lost your password?”.
  • You will now be sent to a small section where you must write or your name user or your email . Do it and then click on the “ Get a new password ” button.
  • You should now go to the inbox of that email address. In it, you have to find an email from and open it. Inside is the “Reset password” button, which you must press to restore the password.
  • When doing so, will be sent back to the WP portal , only this time with a field in which to enter what will be your new password. You can do it, or click on “ Generate strong password ” to have the system do one for you and show it to you. Whatever you do, press “Reset Password” to set the new access password.

After following these steps, you can re-enter WordPress , only now with this key you just entered.

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