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How to log in to Yahoo in Spanish easy and fast? step by step guide

UPDATED ✅ Want to log into your Yahoo! and you don’t know or can’t do it? ⭐ ENTER HERE ⭐ and we’ll explain how to do it

The use of email It is something that the most and the least dominate almost perfectly. E-mails have replaced traditional correspondence and now everyone prefers to contact through this electronic service. It is logical. It’s faster, direct, safe and also allows the sending and receiving of large volume files of all kinds.

When opening an account for this type of email, the user has an almost infinite number of proposals at his disposal. You can choose what Microsoft provides, what Google provides, or even what Yahoo!. The latter, moreover, is popular for the role that he also performs as an Internet search engine, although his e-mail accounts are something that has been accompanying netizens for a long time, especially before they gmail It will start to occupy almost everything with its set of complementary tools.

With so many members registered on their platformit is not surprising that the question about how to sign in to yahoo be frequent, and if you are also doing it yourself, we anticipate that you are in the right place. From here on, we are going to do a complete review of the methods that exist. to enter Yahoo! with your user account through the different devices from which access is possible.

Steps to log in to my email from Yahoo Mail .es and

If you want log in from your mobile or from your PC, we explain how. In addition, we also solve several very common doubts among users. Have you been blocked from accessing your Yahoo Mail account?, Forgot your password or ID? These issues, and some more, have been resolved in great detail so that you can enjoy this email service without any problems of any kind.

The steps to Sign in to Yahoo Mail .es and they are different depending on the device you want to use to do it. There are different methods that we are going to break down below so that you can connect regardless of the terminal or computer you use.

Log in from the computer

To log in from your computer you do not need to install any type of program related to yahoo mail. Nevertheless, it is absolutely mandatory to connect to the internet to be able to access your portal. Here are the steps to sign in to your Yahoo account on PC:

  • Start the web browser and go to the address bar. In it, you have to write the following URL: Doing so will take you directly to the Yahoo home page for the country in which you are located on your computer.

Sign in and sign in to Yahoo

  • When you are on its cover, go to the upper right area and, next to mail, click on the button with the text “Log in”.
  • The screen that appears now is aimed at logging in as a user. You have to enter the email address of your Yahoo account in the field that is available and then click on “Following”.

Enter Yahoo email to access the account

  • Then, you have to do the same with the access password. Write it in the enabled field and click on “Log in”. In case you do not remember it, you can click on “I forgot my password” and follow the procedure that appears on the screen to advance.

Completed these points, you will have in front of you open inbox and control panel of your Yahoo Mail at your disposal. From here you can manage everything related to this e-mail and use it regularly.

Login from Android or iOS

Enter and sign in to Yahoo Mail from Android

If you are an Android or iOS user, signing in to Yahoo is still an easy thing to do. Instead of having to use a web browser, you can use what the company offers in the form of an app, since it has a native application for both types of device. If you want to know how to login from your smartphone, this is what you have to do:

Yahoo Mail: Inbox p
Yahoo Mail: Inbox p

‎Yahoo Mail – Get Organized
‎Yahoo Mail – Get Organized

  • Open the digital application store of your mobile phone. In case you have an iPhone, you have to go to the app store; if what you use is an Android terminal, go to Google Play Store.
  • Within the app store, you have to go to the area of Search for apps and type “Yahoo”. All kinds of similar results will appear, although you have to choose “yahoo mail”, the official application that, in addition, usually has something else in its name such as “Get Organized”.
  • Now, in the app tab, click on the indicated button for the download and installation to begin. Let the process take place, it’s automatic.
  • When I finish, open this app looking for its icon in the place where you have the rest of your mobile programs.
  • Its main menu gives you the opportunity to connect to other accounts you may have. It is possible to access, from here, to your inbox in Gmail, in Outlook or even in AOL. However, to stick with the login we want, you have to click on the first option: Yahoo Mail.
  • It’s time to enter your email account. Write it in the space that appears available on the screen and, after this, click on “Following”. When doing so, a small message will appear in which you will have to check the box to prove you are not a robot.
  • The last step is to write the access key. Put it in the field that is available and, when doing so, click on “Log in”. You have already logged into Yahoo and you can use your email from your cell phone or smartphone.

Login from Facebook or Google account

Before, Yahoo was compatible with other types of user accounts so that entering your platform was easier and more accessible. Nevertheless, for some time now it has eradicated that option so that it is not possible. Then, accessing Yahoo Mail from a Facebook or Google account is impossible. 🙁

Years ago it could be done and the process was much simpler, in addition to eliminating the need to create a profile from scratch for later access. Now all you can do is sign up for a Yahoo user and log in with them later. There is no other alternative possible at the moment, and the team behind the platform has given no indication that it will change it.

FAQ: Problems with access or login to Yahoo!

It is more than usual to run into certain problems with access or login to the Yahoo!. there may be some user ID confusion or even with the access code, in addition to any type of incompatibility with the equipment you are using to enter, which causes some type of anomaly in the operation of this online platform.

There are several situations that are quite frequent and that we are going to deal with below. These are the most common questions from users who have had problems logging in and who we will try to solve in the following 3 sections so that you can remedy it if you see yourself in any of these situations when you want to login as a user.

I can’t sign in to my Yahoo Mail inbox, how do I fix it?

Sometimes you may have problems trying to sign in to your Yahoo Mail inbox. How to solve it? There are several alternatives that may work:

First, make sure you are using either uppercase or lowercase letters when writing your ID as when writing their access code, confusing them here is a reason why they will not let you access. If the problem persists, disable autocomplete options or even try another web browser with which the login worked before.

Still can’t get into your Yahoo Mail? Then, delete all cookies from your browser and clear the cache with any maintenance program you have or from the browser’s own configuration tools and try again, a simpler option is to access from the incognito session of your web browser, so there will be no cookie problems.

In case the problem persists, it is possible that someone has changed your access data without your consent. To solve this, the best option is the one that we explain in the next section.

I have forgotten my password or my Yahoo ID, how can I access?

If you have forgotten the password or Yahoo ID, there is a fairly easy procedure to access your Yahoo Mail and not lose anything. First of all, go to the following URL through the web browser of your PC or your mobile phone:

Steps to recover Yahoo mail account

Now, you will see that you have a small menu on the screen in which you are shown several possibilities to write in the field that is enabled. Since you don’t remember your ID or your password, you can choose to write the phone number that you will link or the security email account. In this case, we are going to use the phone, so we write its number in the appropriate place and click on “Continue”.

You will be asked if you have access to the terminal in question. Click on the first blue button, which has the text “Yes, text me an Account Key”. Now, you have to wait a few seconds or minutes for an SMS to arrive on the device in question.

Recover Yahoo account via SMS phone

As soon as you receive it, open it and write the password indicating in the field that appeared in the browser. Now choose the account you want to recover by clicking on it and then click on “okay”. Next, you will be inside your Yahoo profile and you can review all its options to remember both the password and the ID.

How to recover my blocked Yahoo account?

If someone misuses your Yahoo Mail or if you try to enter many times and you can’t, either by mistake or because someone has modified your data without permission, It is likely that you will end up with a message telling you that your Yahoo account has been blocked.

In this situation, you have no other option but to access the “Login Wizard” of the platform. What you have to do to start with this is to type the URL that we indicate below in your browser:

Once inside, You will have to follow a series of steps that we have indicated in the previous section to this. It is an easy process and does not require too much time. With the, you will be able to unblock the mail and access itbut also you have the option to wait approximately 12 hours until Yahoo opens it and unlocks the account so you can use it without problems.


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