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How to login to Steam in Spanish easy and fast? Step by step guide

How to login to Steam in Spanish easy and fast? Step by step guide

Steam is the largest digital videogame platform on the internet. Founded by the Valve company, it has a huge library that ranges from games to series or documentaries, available for all users who want to pay for such content to use them on their computers taking advantage of prices that are normally well below average and also using it to play online with other friends .


A system that, in 2017, generated $ 4.3 billion and that houses millions of users who have registered and connect daily to download, to play, to share or to Do everything you are allowed in here. A good place also for developers , who can generate many benefits by launching their video games here, as well as experimenting with completely different concepts than usual.

Summing up a lot, we talk about a platform that has become the epicenter of current computer users, especially those more gamers. However, it is not something that offers free access to anyone. To enter you must register and, after this, you have to do a small login process. In this guide we will explain how to log in to Steam so that, either using your computer or through your smartphone , you can enter without problems to take advantage of everything that you facilitates.

Steps to log in to my Steam account

From your PC , from your phone and even if you have forgotten the password you used to enter or the one you just wrote during the registration process. In addition to helping you with the login, we also give you a cable with the frequent problem of forgetting passwords . If you do not remember it, we dedicate an entire section to explain how to recover access by installing a new code . The only way to be able to login in these situations.

Logging into the Steam account can be done in three different ways . On PC, the user can use the program there or go to the web for it, while on mobile phones you can only do it through the application. We will explain how to proceed on both types of devices.

Enter from your computer or PC

Entering Steam from the PC or computer is quite similar from the downloadable client and from the web . In fact, the form to fill out is the same, with the difference that in one case you have to download a program and in the other not. Therefore, we will focus on the web option.

  • Open the browser that you usually use and enter the following URL in the address bar: . With it, you will enter the Steam homepage.
  • Now, go to the top and, on the right, you will see the “login” option. Click on it.
  • The website you are taken to now asks you to enter the name of your Steam account (not the mail), and the password to access. Write them in their corresponding fields and press “ Login ”.
  • A message probably appears indicating the need to send a code to the account email for security reasons . Press the option to have it sent, see the email inbox and copy the code to return to this Steam window and enter it.
  • Now yes, you have finished the login !.

Login from the Android or iOS APP

The Steam mobile app allows you to keep track of downloads and chats with added friends, but not play. To access your account in it, follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and download download the Steam app . Look for it by the name of “Steam.”
  • When installed, open it from the same digital store or by clicking on its icon in the apps menu .
  • The first screen you’ll see next is the login. It is time to write your username on this platform and the password in their corresponding fields. Then, just press “ Sign in ”.
  • Then, you will be asked to enter a security code . Ask for the sending to your mail, open the message and copy the code in the space in the app for it. When you do, you will have finished logging in.

I forgot my password How to recover my Steam account password?

In case of having forgotten the password to enter Steam , all you can do to re-enter is to create a new password. To do this, follow these simple instructions and you will finish in less than five minutes:

  • Open your computer’s web browser to enter the Steam homepage. You have to enter this URL in the address bar:
  • After this, go to the top from the web and click on “login” , which is in the right area.
  • On the login screen, go to the bottom area and click on “Forgot your password?” to begin the recovery process.
  • Among the options below, choose the first one: “I forgot my account name or password of Steam ”.
  • Now, a small space will open for you to write the mail, your username or the phone you have vincul ado your profile. Do it and click on “ Search ”.
  • Then choose the option to send the verification code to the email connected to your user on Steam.
  • Now go to the inbox of that email and look for the message from Steam. When you open it, you will see a code that you must copy and write in the field that appeared in the account recovery process.
  • Click now on “ Change my password ”and then type the one you want to use as of this moment , you will have to enter the new one twice. Click on “ Change password ” and the whole process will be finished.