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How to make a 3D Map in Microsoft Excel like a pro? Step by step guide

The tool 3D Maps of Microsoft Excel It is a function widely used in those jobs statisticians or demographic in which you need to indicate data related to geographic locations.

To use this function you do not need to have advanced knowledge in handling a template calculation. But you should know all the secrets that this powerful tool hides.

We have prepared this post so that you can carry out, in a few steps, a custom 3d map like an expert. Do not miss any detail, since each one will help you to obtain greater advantages and save time in your task.

What are the best tools we have for making 3D maps in Excel?

The main tool you have for making this type of map is called "3D Maps". This function allows you to incorporate data into a map with 3d effectthat is, you can use a mapping of Excel to include elements that you have in a spreadsheet.

One of the great advantages of this function is that you can use it anywhere in the world. You will only need to incorporate data that are related to a geographic location.

When you use this tool, other functions are activated to help you configure the map to suit your needs.. Among these tools you will be able to find the one to modify a theme so that it has a different relief.

In addition, you will have functions that will allow you to obtain a 2D plan, to incorporate text boxes or customize regions. If you prefer, you have the option to access a map display by means of the tool Walk.

What should we take into account before making a 3-dimensional map in Excel?

To make a map in 3D in a spreadsheet of Excel must have a table that makes reference to a geographic location. I mean, one of the columns It must include countries, cities, postal code, streets, longitude, latitude, variable X or variable Y.

In case you don't include this type of data, you will not be able to activate the personalization tool 3D for maps.

Steps to create all kinds of custom maps in Microsoft Excel easy and fast

The steps that you will have to carry out to create a custom map in Excel are the following:

Create a data table

The first thing you should do is make a painting. In the first column you will have to add the cities or geographical areas and in the second, values numerical.

When you have the column ready, you must select it to continue with the next step:

Press the 3D Map function

Press the 3D Map function

At this time you will have to go to the tab "Insert" and look for the group "Walks". Then, you must click on "3D Map".

After a few seconds a second window will open in which you will find a map with cities or geographical areas What do they include in the table.

Define the fields

Define the fields

At right margin of the screen you will find different functions that are divided by layers. The first thing you should do is drag the title of the first column and locate it in a field called "High". Then you must do the same with the second column in which you must incorporate the title to a category.

You must take into account that you will modify location not only for cities or states, but also for latitude, longitude, country, street and postal code, among others. For Modify this range you will need to click on the arrow located at the end of the box "Location".

Configure the map

Configure the map

What you should do right now is choose different options to configure the Map according to your needs.

This means that you can choose if you want to add labels to the map, have a flat map, modify the themes or include different shapes to the columns.

To achieve these options you will have to use the tools located in the top of the screen.