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How to make a group call in WhatsApp Messenger? Step by step guide

WhatsApp It is the most famous instant messaging service in the world. One of its main functions is the ability to make free group calls. If you want to know how to make a group call on WhatsApp Messenger, keep reading this practice step by step guide.

Users, both from devices Android like iOS, they can do group calls of up to eight participants. It is only necessary to have the application updated in the latest available version.

The call quality It mainly depends on the Internet connection of the members. It is an extremely useful function to keep you connected. Also, you can call at any time.

What is the use of WhatsApp group calls?

Service free calls offered by Whatsapp allows you to communicate with your contacts, even if they are in different countries. Through an Internet connection, you can start a group call in seconds with your friends or family. The usefulness of group calls on WhatsApp is to maintain contact with others at any time, time and place.

Learn step by step how to make a group call by Whatsapp

Learn step by step how to make a group call by Whatsapp

Make a call by WhatsApp it is a fairly simple process. Learn step by step how to make a group call by WhastApp. First, you must understand the operation of a normal call, and then enter the field of group calls. Keep in mind that if you mobile data plan is limited, your local operator could make charges after consuming the entire plan during the call.

To call a contact by WhatsApp you must:

  • Open the person's chat whom you want to call
  • Tap the icon "To call" found in the upper right corner of the chat.
  • You can also click on the tab "Calls", which is located next to "State". Press the icon "New call" located in the lower right corner and then call the contact of your interest by clicking on the icon "To call" which is next to your name.

To make group calls, both in Android like in iOS, there are several alternatives. It all depends on whether you have a group chat already created or not.

Here we indicate the available alternatives:

Alternative 1

  • Enter a chat
  • If the group has four or less participants, click on the icon "to call" in the upper right corner. The call will start immediately.
  • If the group has five or more participants, you must press the icon of "Group call" located in the upper right corner. Then select the contacts you want to participate in the call.

Alternative 2

  • Enter the tab of "Calls" next to "State".
  • In the lower right corner, tap the "New call".
  • At the top of the screen, tap "New group call".
  • Select a participants Of the call.
  • Press "to call" to start.

Alternative 3

  • Start a individual call. Enter the chat of the person you want to call and press the icon of "Call".
  • When the contact answers, you can press the button "Add participants".
  • Your contact list will immediately appear. Search or select the other participants Of the call.

In either case you should remember:

  • It is not possible to make a change to video call during a group call.
  • You cannot delete a participant of the group call.
  • You cannot add blocked contacts. However, the other participants can add it to the call.
  • He group call history is stored in the tab "Calls".

List of the best alternative apps to WhatsApp to make group calls

List of the best alternative apps to WhatsApp to make group calls

WhatsApp Messenger It is not the only application available on the market with the function of making voice calls.

Here is a list of the best alternative apps to WhatsApp to make group calls:

Google Duo

It is an application whose only function is to make calls. It does not have messaging functions, stickers or states. Google Duo it only allows to make voice calls or video calls, to individual contacts or groups of ten people. It is a tool that shines for its simplicity and efficiency. No need to create an account. It is normally installed on devices with Google.


Skype is a video calling application with which you can communicate with your acquaintances anywhere in the world. Although its use has been reduced by multiple calling applications, it is still one of the main references in the area. For free you can make group calls. In addition, it has a messaging service and multimedia content delivery.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is Facebook's instant messaging application. Its function is similar to that of any other. In addition to being able to make individual or group video calls, it is also possible to make group voice calls. It is only necessary to enter a group chat or click on the icon "To call".


The application of Zoom It has gained a lot of notoriety over time. The tool has a function called "Meetings" with which its users can make group voice calls or video calls. Also, you have the possibility to record the meetings, access text chat or make transcripts.