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How to make a USB flash drive steal data to extract information and passwords from a computer? Step by step guide

How to make a USB flash drive steal data to extract information and passwords from a computer? Step by step guide

Technology has advanced so much, that a way of stealing or recording information has been developed in a sneaky way on any computer . This method is called keylogging, and it can be beneficial or malicious depending on the use that is given to it, since if you are one of those who download programs or introduce USB devices constantly you may be a victim of this.

There are people who use this method beneficially. For example, companies use keyloggers to record and see the progress of their employees’ work, without the need to be constantly asking for reports. This is a way to organize and optimize office work to the fullest . However, it is such a sensitive issue that it can only be done with the employee’s consent and with certain limitations to protect their personal information.

If you want to learn, today we will teach you how to configure your USB so that you can do a pendrive steal data , as well as we will teach you how to avoid this type of eventuality, since being a victim, We are talking about something very serious, which can cause mail losses and in extreme cases of money in bank accounts. So take note and become an expert on the subject.

What and what is a USB Keylogger «steals data» called “information stealers”?

USB roba datos

A keylogger is also known as a key press sensor or steals data. This is a program or it is responsible for saving or recording everything you write when using the keyboard. Everything you collect immediately saves it in a file , or it can also be programmed so that the information is sent online to an email daily or weekly automatically.

There are two ways to do this. The first is the software keylogger (the most used), which are part of malware such as Trojans or rootkits. This can be sent by email or any other file downloaded from the internet. The second is the hardware keylogger (which is not very common), which consists of infecting a USB removable disk with the program and inserting it into the computer that wants to extract the data .

With this program, already installed on a computer, you have the ability to register and memorize everything you type with the keyboard, as if you were typing directly on it. Cyber ​​bulbs can steal a lot of confidential information without being discovered with this method .

It goes without saying, that not always a keylogger can be a malware, harmful to your PC, since there are some companies that offer this type of services so that the client has some control of their computers > when used by others, and is also widely used by parents to monitor what their children do.

Steps to create a portable USB memory and extract data and valuable information

Today we will explain how to create a USB that will automatically run and recover or save all the information on your computer automatically , just by connecting it to your PC, without having to touch anything at all. which includes a keylogger function that records everything you press on your keyboard in a file with the extension .txt , while the USB is connected to the PC.

First you have to insert the pen drive to format it, right click on the drive and then format it, you can format it in NTFS or in FAT32 , although the latter is the most recommended.

formatea el pendrive

Open the notebook or some similar program and write the following:

You save the file by giving it the name AUTORUN.inf ​​ and leave it inside the USB. You go back to the notebook to create another file, this time you write the following:

Then you save the file with the name LAUNCH.bat and also leave it on the USB.

Once you have both files created, it is time for to download some add-ons to make your USB a cyber spy that can steal information from the most rigorous security systems.


Visit the website to download the following utilities:

  • MSpass
  • Mailpv
  • Iepv
  • PSPV
  • PasswordFox
  • OperaPassView
  • ChromePass
  • Dialupass2
  • Netpass
  • WirelessKeyView
  • BulletsPassView
  • VNCPassView
  • OpenedFilesView
  • ProductKey
  • USBDeview

You must unzip them in the root of the USB and it would look as you can see in the image:

Herramientas comprimidas

Now unzip all the tools and hide all the files , being as follows:

Ocular archivos

You remove the USB from the computer and reinsert it, so you can verify that it is working, if everything went well you will appear the following lines in the .txt .

Archivo TXT usb roba datos

How to prevent a USB device from stealing our passwords and information computer?

Protecting yourself from this computer threat is no longer a problem, and the protection measures are very simple, and they also help you protect yourself from other threats.

To avoid the keylogger, you will have to follow the advice we will leave below:

  • Use a good antivirus , as I mentioned before this is recognized as malware, which steals information from your system, with a constantly updated antivirus you can avoid these types of threats.
  • If you enter a PC that is not personal and you are going to enter an online system of a banking entity, use the virtual keyboards that the same page offers you . This is a keyboard that only appears on the screen and you select the keys with the help of the mouse.
  • Use a firewall , to strengthen your computer’s defense against keyloggers, now that this monitors the activity of your navigation. When it detects that information is being extracted and is being sent outside the equipment, it usually asks for a permit or shows a warning. Some firewall software, such as ZoneAlarm, allows you to close all incoming and outgoing data in its entirety.
  • Install an administrator for your passwords , a keylogger weakness, is the keylogger. fact that it cannot store data from what is not written. That’s where automatic password filling becomes very useful.
  • Constantly update your computer software. It’s the best idea you can do, since updating it improves the Security and software maintenance. You can visit F-secure so that you are aware of the vulnerabilities.
  • Change your password frequently , since in this way the information that can be stolen will always remain outdated, and for for this reason they will not be able to access your bank accounts, emails or other personal account.
  • Do not download any pirated software or one that does not cause you much confidence, since these come with these types of viruses that infect your system with the sole purpose of stealing all the information you have.
  • To do low-profile daily tasks, use a limited privilege profile on the system operating your computer.
  • Always back up your data , to avoid data loss if your account is compromised.
  • To improve your security uses 2-factor authentication , which will protect your accounts and even if someone wants Find out your passwords, this prevents it as you will have to enter the secret code that will reach your mobile or email.

In addition to these tips, you can use any of the following tools to detect keyloggers and block them instantly, so that all your information is always secured .

  • GuardedID : It is a program that provides you with powerful protection against keyloggers. The GuardedID system has a modern form of keypress encryption, and its anti-keylogger technology protects you against identity theft.
  • AntiLogger : This is a powerful anti- keylogger with proactive protection and with a technology for file backup in the cloud. It makes a complete analysis of behavior, which monitors at all times all the elements and isolates those that seem suspicious.
  • KeyScrambler : It is a small program which provides fast and accurate encryption of the data, entered by the user while working on the computer.
  • NextGen AntiKeylogger : This program eliminates keylogger, which intercept the data from the keyboard or any other program that wants to steal your information and need constant monitoring, or isolate it in a quarantine state.
  • Keylogger Detector : With this program you will no longer have to worry about any type of keylogger, including the commercial malware keyloggers. This wonderful software not only detects them but also removes them from their roots, so that they do not bother you again.
  • SpyShelterStop-Logger : With this fabulous program or malware keylogger more complexes that exist, they can remain on your computer since this makes an extremely deep analysis, to see that it can be altered and give you a solution immediately.