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How to make money as an audiobook narrator on the Internet? step by step guide

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The popularity of audiobooks is on the rise. Most people have a smartphone or smart device where they can download an audio file, take it anywhere and enjoy its content.

this popularity has opened the door for being a book narrator to be one of the effective ways, Although little known earn money on internet. There are two ways to do it, creating your own book or secondly offering your services to record third-party publications, for which there are platforms to apply.

In this tutorial you will have all the details of this modality of working from home, the earnings you can make, the tools you should have at hand, the skills to develop, and the best platforms available that pay to record audiobooks online.

How much money can be earned by narrating audiobooks?

When money is earned with audiobooks

If you dedicate yourself to this job part-time, you could receive income up to 800 euros per month. Now, if you apply on some platforms you can generate hourly payments that reach 250 euros, depending on the conditions of the contract and the author. Another available way is work for royaltiesit would not be a flat rate but a commission for each book sold.

Earnings here can vary a lot, because if the text is not successful or is a little known person, the level of sales will be low and of course also the income. Finally, if you are the producer of your own book, you have before you the option to earn in affiliate programs, this by creating a personal website or blog. When visitors enter and click on the links you will be earning passive income.

What do I need to make money narrating digital books

In addition to the desire to generate money, it is essential to have some technical requirements and personal skills for this job to generate good income each month.

List five things that are necessary if you want to do the job of recording audiobooks like a professional:

A computer

Ideal computer to record audiobooks

A good computer is essential to start the process of recording an audiobook. It is there where the rest of the devices are connected so that the final file is in optimal conditions and is pleasant for the listeners. Enough RAM memory and a semi-professional sound card will help improve the audio quality.

Besides, it is important have audio editing softwarewhich in many cases have a trial version that you can use to familiarize yourself with it. There are free ones like Audacity and paid ones like Pro Tools, to name just two..

Skills as a speaker

To be a good storyteller you need bring the reading to life, know the details and live them in such a way that it is inspiring for the listener. You must be able to work in long recording sessions and have a complete recording of the voice, you cannot become hoarse or strain your throat.

It is convenient take reading aloud tests, practice daily and take regular assessment of the progress you are making. Another recommendation is take a course or workshop to improve public speaking skills.

a good microphone

microphones and hearing aid

There are a wide variety of microphones on the market, so you must choose the one that suits you best, depending on your budget and technical needs. There are at least two main types, dynamic and condenser, from different professional brands. As for the connection, it is possible to find them USBwhich are directly connected to the computer or XLR which must go through an audio interface.

Likewise, it is convenient that you acquire a support for the microphone, you should not hold it with your hand as it reduces your comfort, the possibilities of gesturing and it generates some noise. There are different supports that you can use to record standing or sitting in the chosen place.


They are a key part of the technical equipment needed to make an excellent audio recording. With them, you will be able to listen to what you are reading and they also help you when editing the contents saved on the computer. There are all prices, but it is worth getting one that is of good quality and durable.

They are divided into two types, half open that leave a space to rest the ears when the sessions are intense and the closed that prevent the entry of any external noise, for which it is recommended that the recording room be cool because they generate a little heat.

A space to record

How to make an audio recording booth

It is possible to enable a space in your home to make the recordings and make them look as professional as possible. Soundproofing the walls and placing some acoustic elements on them is a great help. Also, there are panels that allow you to condition small spaces without spending a lot of money.

Likewise, if in the area where you see there are small studios that rent their spaces by the hour or day, the greater the amount of time, the costs will also be. It’s all a matter of analyzing needs and income to make the final decision.

Narrate your own books or those of third parties. What is more profitable?

They both have their bright side. If you independently create your book and it is successful, you will have very good profits by reaching a large number of people and not having to share income with third parties, this if the production is yours. However, if you fail to reach a wide audience or generate interest, things change.

But, If you have speaking skills that are capable of competing in this market, you can earn a good level of earnings as you read above.. It is more profitable if you manage to charge by the hour and earn recognition within the book recording sector.

Learn how to make money narrating audiobooks

The time has come to take the recording of audiobooks as either a part-time or full-time job. There are at least three things you must learn to enter this world of public speaking and elocution.

Here they are in an enlarged form so that you can take them into account:

Choose a platform

The best platforms to sell audiobooks

Just like looking for jobs in the newspaper classifieds, the task is find an online platform that pays to record certain books. Make a comparison of the payments made by each one, the work time required and the experience required to be part of the group.

The recommendation is to start with some short tasks, since novice storytellers with little experience are paid little. With the reading of poems or promotional videos you make yourself known to fill your portfolio and earn a position with your own effort.

Work on your personal brand

A second option is offer your services to authors who are looking for a narrator for their books. In this particular you will not depend on a third party company, but making the contract directly with the owner of the work. The forms of gain are particular to each recording.

In these cases, it is convenient to create your own market, that is, an audience that identifies with your voice and style. To do this, work with topics that you like, in this way they will be more interesting for you and you will easily catch the public. Start by doing a reading and analyze if what you hear is pleasant.

Show off your skills as a storyteller

Develop skills as a storyteller

By preparing yourself and making some quality recordings, you are ready to show others that you can be the ideal voice for their projects. A modern way to promote yourself is making use of social networks. There you upload a fragment of a reading in which you give life to a poem or paragraphs of a book, in this way your followers will know your talent.

Make use of the YouTube channel, Facebook or any platform where audio recordings can be sharedopen the way to create a personal catalog that can be a reference for others.

How to apply to the Amazon ACX Storyteller Program?

Amazon ACX Access Site

Everything starts auditioning and then the process can be long, up to a year. The reason is that they teach you the correct way to read the audiobooks, so it is also a constant learning. This is a way to connect with dozens of authors who are looking for a voice to bring their projects to life.

To apply, you must take the following steps:

  • sign in Y create a real profile, starting with enter an email and password.
  • Now, upload some samples of your reading work in which you summarize your skills.
  • Choose a payment methodit can be for royalties, hours of work or open to any possibility.
  • record a few minutes excerpts from already published books.
  • If someone is interested in your servicesyou will receive a job offer.
  • It is important to clarify that the whole process is done through the platform, not with an external means such as telephone or email. This avoids scams or charges of extra commissions.

Best platforms to make money recording audiobooks

The popularity of audiobooks is greater due to work stress and the number of occupations that limit the possibilities of many people to sit down and read a physical book. They can be placed on the car player, on a smartphone or on any audio device and listen to them on the go.

For this reason, the market of sites looking for book narrators is growing and here you will find ten portals that pay you to lend your voice to bring a certain work to life:

Audiobook access site com

On the portal you will find a large number of books to listen to online or to download. In addition to this, castings are often held in which voices are sought to narrate audiobooks, in which services are offered, contacts are exchanged and budgets are presented. The process that is carried out includes the editing, recording, remastering, registration and quality control of the recorded text, in other aspects. All this happens before and after the selection of the ideal candidate to bring a book to life.

librivox org access site

The objective of this portal is that all the books that are in the network and that are in the public domain in audiobooks. The work is voluntary and those interested record chapters that are then listened to free of charge by the audience. There are approximately more than 25,000 titles available in Spanish.

However, they also produce their own audiobooks for which they hire qualified professionals to do it. One way to gain experience to qualify for one of these openings is to start as a volunteer.

Access site to Sonolibro com

Here reading is dramatized, using the characters that the author has created in various voices. It is considered one of the largest portals for dramatized books of all genres available online. The main workers are voice actors, since voices are also brought to life with music and effectsmaking the experience enjoyable.

One of the ways to earn money on this platform is conducting an audience to record a specific character, since many voices are used in a single book. To do this you have to be aware of the casting that are done frequently.

storytel com access site

Job opportunities are frequently offered on this platform, which has available a few 40,000 titles and works with nearly 150 publishers. If you want to listen to any of the works, you can download it, play it online or buy it to take it wherever you want. However, also they have a team of people who are in charge of selecting new talent. In this way you can generate income and obtain gift vouchers according to the activity carried out.

Access site to literaudio com

The production of all the material that is generated through this platform is in Spanish, so it becomes a good option that you cannot stop trying. We are looking for experienced professionals in dubbing or interpretation, as they do high quality work.

After the selection is made, talents are asked to carry out an in-depth study of the text to accurately convey what the author wants. Equally works on the dramatization of the booksperforming a combination of voices, effects and music to present an engaging experience.

findawayvoices com access site

If you are looking for a place to audition to become a book narrator, register on this website. Once you have the profile created, Depending on your experience and ability, they will make recommendations for texts who are requiring vocal talent. The test lasts a few minutes, therefore it is necessary to do your best at that time to be among the final candidates.

voices com access site

The opportunities here are not only in Spanish, since they work with about 221 languages. Important brands are looking for voices for their projects, so if you are among the lucky ones you could have an audition for Microsoft or Discovery, to name two cases. The first step is to create a real profile with your experience, upload audio samples and apply for different jobs. Aside from audiobooks, staffing for podcasts, documentaries, or media assistants is required. voice.

Audible Access Site

Here you can get audiobooks that are downloadable, where users can cancel a monthly payment and listen to many of them. But, it is also one of the largest audio production companies in the world, active since 1995. Frequently looking for people willing to work in the recording of publications in different parts of the world, including in Spanish. You have to register on the portal and opt for one of the available jobs.

Access site to audioteka com

This application in which there are a large number of audiobooks and an amount must be paid for each one that you want to listen to. There are different prices, including some that cost the same as the written edition, depending on the author or how famous they are. Also voices are sought to narrate some books or to complement some narrations that are almost ready to publish. They have an editorial team that is responsible for selecting new talent.

Loyalbooks com access site

The Project Gutenberg works in conjunction with this publisher with the intention of collect as many public domain books as possible to bring them to audio format. Recordings are available in various languages, some by well-known writers. It is possible to apply for record audios that serve as proof for future work and to put together a useful portfolio to present it on other pages where higher income is obtained from the recording of books.

You already have the alternatives in your hand, now what remains is get the best preparation and get the job done in the most professional way. Thus, surely as you apply and gain experience, you will make recording books a constant form of income.


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