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How to make money buying/selling domain names on the Internet? step by step guide

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The business method based on buying and selling items It is widely used in all branches of commerce and, Due to its great boom in the last decade, online trading is no exception.

Between the “articles” more marketable are web domains, where buyers can purchase property from a site and use it for various purposes.

In the next few paragraphs, We will teach you all the details and what you need to know about buying web domains for future saleand how you can generate profits through this procedure.

How much money can be made buying and selling domains?

How to make money selling domains

The price of a web domain is determined when we take into account the difference between free domains and those that are already awarded. Speaking of the second case, prices can reach several hundred euros depending on demand. Free top level domains are much cheaper, making them the first choice for those looking to purchase one. In this case, a domain “.com” can be around between €15 and €25 for the costs of one year.

How to identify good domains to buy and sell?

Yes ok web domains can be a good investmentboth at the time of buy them how to sell themit is necessary to take into account certain metrics that apply to all web domains and that determine their sale price.

Let’s see below:


How is Page Authority

It is the acronym for Page Authority, and represents the authority of the website. This statistic can improve according to how many links to the website are found on other pages. The more links to the page and the more network traffic it generates, higher will be the authority of the page and a site with a high PA may have a better selling price.


This statistic, called Domain Authorityaffects the organic positioning of the website, as well as its subdomains. Basically, the DA allows you to see the potential of the page when it comes to positioning in a Google search. The DA is marked from 0 to 100, a DA of 10 indicates a poorly worked page, while pages that have a DA between 30 and 50 qualify as high. A DA of 100 only applies to pages related to Google and large web companies like Meta.


What is Citation Flow?

The Citation Flowor citation flow, is a metric that is designed to measure the influence of a website, using as a reference the number of links that connect it to another. In cases like these, the quality of the links does not matter, but the quantity. The more links there are on the website, the CF will be higher.


It’s all about Trust Flow or flow of trust and it is governed by the number of web domains linking to your page. This metric is important for determining the price of a site as it influences its ranking in search engines. When a domain generates a link to your page or to a page that cites your domain, the CF increases and the positioning among Google results improves.

Learn how to buy and sell domains to earn money online

Generally, when you acquire a web domain it is necessary to invest some work in this to prepare it for resale and to be able to generate your first profits Onlineso you should take into account the state of the website to determine approximately how much work it requires.

Next, we will guide you step by step through the process of buying, preparing and selling a web domain, so that you can perform in this business like a professional:

Find a good domain

NameSilo Access Site