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How to make money on Snapchat with your personal or company profile? step by step guide

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The way to reach the audience through Snapchat is different from other social networks, maybe a little more complex. Nevertheless, once you know how it works and the business creation opportunities it offersit is impossible not to use it for earn money on internet.

On Snapchat it is possible to interact with your audience even if it is not that bigwhich increases the chances of selling a product that is offered or in another case that those who are faithful to your content are able to be active promoters of your publications.

As you know, the content that is created on Snapchat expires so creativity must be used to the maximum so as not to waste those valuable seconds. This course is designed for you to learn how to make money with this tool, the steps to create an audience and the available monetization options.

How much money can you make on Snapchat?

How much money do you earn on snapchat

There are hundreds of ways to make money on Snapchat.. One of the most striking to platform affiliates is upload a video and if it has good performance you will receive a very good payment. According to the company’s own data, every day it distributes close to one million euros to creators of content that goes viral.

What is true is that no there is no precise figure of the amount of money that can be earned with this tool. Based on the impact the account has, the quality of the content produced and the reach of the posts will be the earnings. You could generate 100 euros or more, but it is required to work on a successful strategy as you will see in this course.

How to create an audience on Snapchat?

A key step to making money with Snapchat is create an audience that is real, not looking for fake followers. For this, once create snapchat account, it is best to accept the suggestions of contacts that they offer you. The moment you follow them, they will receive a notification and that is a way to promote yourself.

But there are specific steps that you must take to create your own audience, that goes through craft viral content, perform collaborations, post to third-party accounts, and identify the most profitable niche to generate appropriate posts.

In the following sections you will know how to achieve these and other elements:

Create viral content

Create viral content on Snapchat

A viral post is one that has memorable and hard to forget content, they must be attractive, eye-catching and interesting for the audience that follows you. For example, If there is a funny video, it is normal for your followers to want to share well as if it is about stories related to animals.

Also, create content that is useful, raises self-esteem, motivates, encourages building and is surprising. Many times it is about telling the same story but with a different approach, making it a common topic of conversation.

Identify a profitable niche

It’s not that easy find a niche that has not been exploited or that it is of little competition. In Snapchat you should look for that group of people who are anxious about certain types of content. This will allow you to focus the strategy well and not waste time creating posts that do not interest your followers.

daily on the platform Millions of photos and videos are sent that self-destruct within 24 hours. It is advantageous to carry out a study of the tags, the geographical locations from which there are more visitors and the elements that your audience shares. So you can choose the right theme.

Collaborate with other influencers

Collaborations on Snapchat

These collaborations will allow you to expand your reach and thus reach new audiences. Look for a person who has extensive experience in a subject, who generate content of interest and share in your account information that comes from there. Evaluate your goals and priorities. This way you can make a better decision.

The one that your followers have frequently new and relevant content, it will motivate them to share them and that will lead to visitors to your account. Finally, we recommend that you measure the results of the campaigns to see if they are really effective.

Advertise your Snapchat on other social networks

Another idea to captivate the audience is sharing content on other social networks where you have a good number of followers. Also provide the profile name, Snapchat code and the URL of your account so that your friends have access in the easiest way possible.

One of the advantages of using code is that can be promoted even when offline, such as printing to be scanned with a smartphone. You can also use graphic content with any image or video that you can save on your phone.

Post to third-party stories

Post to Snapchat stories

On the left side of the application are the stories and if you click on friends, you will see your contacts. You can see one and other publications, with the possibility of subscribing if there is one that you like. With the notifications, you will have the opportunity not to miss any of your favorite content.

With the subscription you can get similar content and post comments, so people will see that there is another with similar interests and will find a way to follow you. With this you will increase your number of followers, which will give you greater recognition.

Learn how to make money on Snapchat

On the net you can get hundreds of stories of people who have managed to earn from a few euros to thousands working properly.

Of course you should not think that it is easy money, you need to dedicate time to it in addition to grouping different methods as you will see below:

with affiliated products

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate with companies and businesses that offer services, products and events to promote them in your account Snapchat it is one of the most reliable ways to earn money. The first recommendation to achieve this is to show advertising related to the topic you normally talk about. For example, if you put pictures of food you could affiliate yourself with a restaurant.

A second alternative is make testimonial videos of products that you use. If there is an item in an online store that offers paid affiliate advertising and you have used it, nothing better than talking about it in your own words. But you must be careful not to overwhelm your followers with sponsored content.

Sell ​​on Snapchat

It is likely that have a product you created or specialize in a trade which has some demand in the market. Take advantage of this tool and make a promotional video. With the questions and comments you receive, you have the opportunity to expand the information and find several or many buyers, as the case may be. To receive payments you can use Snapcash, a company that provides the digital wallet service to send money to friends but which it is also valid to collect your income.

Charge companies for advertising

Generate income on Snapchat

As you grow on Snapchat and have a lot of followers, companies will be interested in you promoting a product or dressing in a garment or accessory that they manufacture. They will ask you to upload a short video referencing the material and you will earn money from it. They assure various experts in the management of Snapchat that to capture the attention of businesses you must have at least 10,000 followers hosted and be a marketing influencer and advertising.

Drive traffic to your projects

Snapchat, like most social networks, is an excellent tool to get real traffic for your blog or website. It is as simple as placing the link to your site next to the video or indicating that the complete information can be found in the following link. This eventually causes the number of visitors to increase considerably.

The best thing is that you will earn the money passively. The link will be there for all the people who see the video, you will not have to place it every time. Others use email marketing so that their products are automatically promoted using also Snapchat.

Create and sell Snapchat filters

Create and sell filters on Snapchat

The Snapchat users looking for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or any celebration custom filters, this opens the door to the creation of these types of designs and earn money for each one that is sold. Once you upload them they will always be available and when someone acquires them you will receive your commission.

The best thing is that the earnings are passive and in most cases they reach up to 50% of what the buyer ends up paying. If you combine this activity on a remote work site, you can offer your services as a designer of simple tasks.

Offer limited time promotions

The strategy in this promotion is based on play with the sense of scarcity of a certain product, thus motivate the buyer to make the decision before the time runs out. For example, place an item for sale and indicate that if they buy in less than an hour they will receive a percentage discount.

Some do it by posting a video on Snapchat where they explain that there is a coupon for followers that if they use it before the time expires they will receive a special offer. They use a link to a website, which also generates organic traffic.

Create exclusive content

Generate exclusive content on Snapchat

At a certain point, when the account has grown significantly, you can request donations from your followers in exchange for exclusive content. If your site is about training and exercises, the ideal is to place videos that everyone who enters can see, but with the alternative of leaving valuable material only to those who pay a membership.

Each content must be creative, original and interesting so that people are encouraged to buy it. If it’s more of the same, it’s a copy or it can be found anywhere, it makes no sense to bet on this digital marketing strategy applied to Snapchat.

Other social networks where you can earn a lot of money

Of different ways, in each of the social networks you can generate money. Yes If you combine them with an adequate strategy, the income will be quite acceptable.

In the following lines you have a review of the main working methods available online:


Brands doing well on Facebook

It is one of the best social networks to earn money. To make it it is necessary to have a page created, at least 10,000 followers that are real, carry out activity frequently and that the content you publish achieve a high reach. If you meet these parameters, now you should look at the alternatives you have to generate income.

You should keep in mind that Facebook has its own monetization system, but it is also advisable to sell your own products or services, use Facebook Adspromote viral content and create videos with interesting content.


Sell ​​stuff on Instagram

Instagram is specialized in photographs and has a fairly active audience in different countries. If you learn to monetize it properly you will get very good benefits. Most of those who use it follow companies, some 500 million post stories daily, allowing themselves to be influenced by them when making a purchase.

It is recommended that the content you upload in photographs or videos be of high quality and after that, if you have managed to stabilize and have many followers, start selling advertising to companies, take tutorials or courses, create an e-commerce store that is one of the most outstanding characteristics of this network or if you have photography skills, you can sell them to those who need them.


What are the benefits of using filters on your TikTok videos?

Having a good number of followers is one of the key steps to monetize any of the social networks. And in the case of TikTok it is not the exceptionwhich has become stiff competition for Instagram Y Facebook. Being very addictive for its users, the possibilities of generating income are multiplied.

One of the main ways to earn money is with sponsors, making videos of a store product that your audience will see as an opportunity to position yourself in the market. A second way is with referrals, this is based on inviting family and friends to join using a code. And when you reach 10,000 followers, you can generate according to the number of views your video has if the program is available in your country.


Brands doing well on YouTube

The figure of 2,000 million active users, convert to Youtube in the second social network in the world, apart from the fact that it is the main reference when it comes to watching and uploading videos. To earn money you must be accepted into the company’s partner program, which is achieved by obtaining at least 1,000 followers and totaling 4,000 hours of reproduction.

The rewards are mainly achieved through the advertising that is inserted in the videos. If these are of quality, they will have many reproductions and from there the advertising guidelines will increase. But also, if you manage to position yourself, you will be able to get companies that promote with you, make use of affiliate programs or create an online store among other things.


Twitter login site

There are several ways to make money with Twitterdespite the fact that many users of social networks focus on others such as Facebook, Instagram either Youtube. One of the main ways is with the function called Super Follow, with which a segmentation of the content is made for all audiences for free and another to which a price is established for exclusivity.

Equally the platform has the option of tips, in which the followers reward the content that the creator makes that follow and a positive news is that Twitter he does not keep any percentage of what people give away. And finally you can also make use of affiliate programs.


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