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How to make money with the purchase / sale of web pages on the Internet? step by step guide

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The current digital business profile It presents us with a whole world so that we can live on the Internet. That’s why today it is a tendency to sell or buy assets, for example, websiteswhose operation you can do from your home, but for this you must use a platform dedicated to online jobs of this type.

We will be talking about precisely these platforms in this post. If you want start this year venturing into this economic activity, but you have some doubts about what suits you best, our purpose is to guide you so that you learn whether you want to be a seller or a buyer of web pages.

This is a new way to make a profit, after all it is your great opportunity to monetize your hobby. You should know that the dividends generated depend on many factors. If you are interested in this source of online income, this is the article to read.

How much money can a website be worth?

How to make a living from buying and selling a website

Many freelance professionals are spending a lot of time (12 months) creating interesting content to position (SEO) your projects. And this is the detail that will make them profitable and attractive to buyers. This is the reason why when searching the market for website prices there are very marked differencesso that placing value on developing a web page is relative.

We can only talk about estimates, because there are many factors that affect when putting a rate on your website or what you are willing to pay if you want to buy it. To be more specific, some of the variables that make your cost go up or down are: income from visits, sales conversions, type of traffic, age of the website, domain, niche of the web, as well as design, type of hosting and pluginsamong other expenses invested in the web.

Based on all of the above, the figures that are handled are between 800 and 1500 euros only for basic websites with a blog (WordPress), that is, other types of sites can exceed this amount, but not more than 5 thousand euros. There is an informal formula that establishes, based on your monthly income multiplied by 12, what the approximate value of the site will be.

You also can visit trustiu.comwhat is a Digital Property Marketplace, where you can consult their calculator, it will bring you closer to the cost of your project. You can also enter Empire Flippers for you to check their list and have more basis on prices in the website market.

Is it better to sell a website or monetize its traffic?

How to track web traffic

To the go into any businessit is logical that we study the best strategies to see desired resultsin this case make money online using your website. So, it is better to think about monetizing your traffic, although that requires investing in dedication and time. It should be noted that this business model is for people who want to get liquidity as soon as possible.

There are several ways that you can use to start earning money while receiving visits to your website; Now we list the digital marketing strategies most used by the owners of blogs, online catalogs, specialized websites and even profiles in RR SS:

  • For sale of advertising space: This mechanism is viable for page owners with rising traffic and a high conversion rate, it is one of the conditions of the advertisers to whom you can offer pop-up windows, links or banners on your website. You can generate fixed income by negotiating a period, pay per visitor or every time someone clicks.
  • By Affiliation: receive a commission while promoting services/products of companies with a similar niche to your website. By joining an affiliate program you will earn money for every sale. This method works when your reader (referred from your page) clicks on the link, advertisement or offer that will take them to that platform to buy the product. Free market, Walmart, Amazon, Apple and eBay, are some companies that participate in this agreement.
  • By AdSense Network: This model works under two forms of payment: Cost Per Thousand (CPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC). To get Google advertising on your website you must register with Google AdSense. Keep in mind that you comply with their conditions and terms to be approved. You will earn 51% from search ads and 68% from content.

What to consider before buying a website?

When you are interested in a website, you must request certain information that will give you indications that it is a solid sitethis is so that you have less risk of losing your investment.

Prior to your transaction, first analyze these data:

domain authority

How to measure domain authority

It is an SEO factor that lets you know how relevant the page is over others. In simpler language, the Domain Authority or DA will tell you how popular the website you want to buy is in cyberspace. The metric It is measured from 0 to 100. So the higher the DA score, the more recognition you will have for Google and it will place you in the first results in each search.

page authority

This criterion known as PA, determines the quality and quantity of outgoing and incoming links (main domain); It is the complement of the DA. Its measurement is based both on credibility, as well as on the effectiveness and relevance of a specific topic for a subpage. The higher its scale, the higher the DA, which means that it predominates in search engines. It speaks of a good DA when very close to 100.


How to increase web traffic