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How to make YouTube recommend my videos? step by step guide

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Millions of people in the world spend many hours watching YouTube videos, and the most extraordinary thing is that not all people arrive through a link. As a video is opened, the YouTube algorithm starts to work and recommends video after video.

This being a reality, for content creators on the platform it has become a necessity to enter the game of algorithms. And this is precisely the topic that we are going to address today. How to make YouTube recommend my videos?

In this course, we will talk about the parameters taken into account by the platform and how you can take advantage of this opportunity. Consider that the tools are given, you just have to put them to good use and the results will be more than positive.

What parameters does YouTube take into account to recommend a video?

Taking into account that the users who view the videos have reached it without specifying the search, we are going to see what the algorithm does to recommend what to watch. For content creators and marketers, the focus of your videos should go directly to the real needs of users.

Thus, if you want to be a youtuberor you want to have more views, the strategies must be aligned to the parameters of the same platform. In the end this is the ultimate goal and achieving it is not that complicated.

Take into account the considerations of YouTube to be able to enter the game:

dwell time

dwell time

In theory, the time spent on a video sets off alarms in the algorithms. When a user finds a video that catches their attention and spends the time to watch it more than halfway through or until the end, the content is worthwhile. In fact, if you share and achieve the long-awaited “I like it”, the job is done. This means that you have created content that the audience wants to see and the platform gives its first push.

Although it sounds a bit confusing, this has been the reason why many content creators have reduced the times of the videos. It is not about lowering the quality of the videos, rather it is to keep the audience connected until the end, or at least very close to it. It is important to emphasize that the algorithm does not endorse a particular tactic, however, This data that we have just given you has been verified.

Clicks per impressions

Making several videos and having many clicks of views is the holy grail of the platform. YouTube rewards users by recommending content and in compensation the acceptance clicks make the algorithm take them into account. If you notice, the videos that appear in the thumbnails on the right side of the screens, most, if not all, have excellent views and impression clicks. So what should you do? Well, very easy, go directly in search of these clicks.


Share videos on YouTube

Have you seen a video and you liked it so much that you want to share it with your friends? This is another of the goals of content creators. inside the platform there are millions of users and each of them has different tastes and audiencesIn other words, there are videos for everyone.

For this reason, it is when a person suggests videos and additionally users watch it at the end and share them, the youtube algorithm takes them into consideration. Remember that here we are not talking about the quality of the videos, but only about sharing.

Subscribers gained by the video

A channel with a lot of activity and with many subscribers does not go unnoticed, and that is a reality. Many times it does not matter if the content has many “I like it”, if you do not have followers, the panorama becomes a bit dark. Because of this, it is that the focus has to go directly to the subscribers. Although this point is a bit more complicated, you have to focus your work on pleasing more followers with content. When the click is achieved “subscribe”the chances of being recommended are potentially increased.


How to plan topics for YouTube

If there is a content gap on that topic and you create a video, rest assured that they will recommend your content. Here is addressed what I told you before, there is an audience for everyone. Even the most concrete or trivial topics have a public of interest You’d be surprised how many “strange or unusual” themes there are.. Take the test and enter the search game and you will see that you will always find something.

Likes and Comments

In the YouTube algorithms everything is taken into account, therefore, the likes and comments are not out. We are not going to lie to you, these are not high impact or directly interfere with your channel. If you expect drastic changes with them, you’re better off trying other strategies. However, you can take advantage of this for your personal goals. Despite this, several likes and comments are not so invisible, so to speak, the algorithms consider them and together with the other parameters they form a whole.

Learn how to create content that is rewarded by YouTube

knowing youtube indicators, it is much easier to direct the strategies and implement a system according to the needs of the users. Having knowledge of how the algorithms operate gives, in a certain way, a viable path to achieve the objective: “to be recommended by YouTube”.

To do this, we recommend:

Investigate content gaps

Create better content on YouTube

Creating quality content also means targeting the topic towards a certain audience. You can have many ideas, valuable information, excellent video editors and an impeccable script. But, if your theme doesn’t have any content gaps, you’re simply on the wrong track.

Then, What are you going to do? At this point deserting is not the best option. Instead, you can do some prior research for content gaps to play it safe. Similarly, take into account that having your competition displayed is not unfavorable at all.

Create an attractive thumbnail

What is not displayed is not for sale! And this is the plain truth. If you create a thumbnail with images that are dull, boring, or have nothing to do with the content of the video, you are making a mistake. Pay attention, creating an attractive thumbnail is the key to raising the click-through rate of impressions. The first impression is the one that counts and this applies to everything. The attractiveness of your thumbnail allows you to capture those seconds of attention that lead to watching your video, for this reason you should focus on the presentation.

The marketing specialists suggest doing a preliminary study of the audience, given that the public to which it is addressed sets the tone for the design. From it the colors are defined, the title that has to be equally attractive and of course the image. After you manage to find a perfect balance, your thumbnail will lead the way for a safe click. From there, the algorithm Youtube takes care of recommending you.

Encourage people to stay until the end

Invite people to watch the video

Have you seen these videos that halfway they invite you to see them until the end? Although it may seem like a desperate marketing strategy, many times it works. Of course, it is not about saying it and that’s it. This has its technique, the same script and the narration are leaving the objective and the answers for the end.

On the other hand, the language you use and the empathy with the audience will go a long way in capturing their attention until the end. But, don’t trust this too much, because if you abuse the user’s time, they can leave and not come back. Elaborate your own incitement strategy without going over the limits and you will see the results.

Tell them to share your content

In favor of encourage user participation and make them an active part of your channel, do not be afraid to have direct contact with your followers. It is proven that the public loves the idea of ​​interacting, giving their opinion and being part of the channel. Then, Take advantage of this opportunity!

Speak directly and fluently, and within your content tell them to share the video. If you look closely, this strategy is used by many influencers who have thousands of followers and it has worked. Some display the icon or button to be clicked on the screen and continue with the script.

Tell them to subscribe to your channel

Subscribe to a YouTube channel

In the same way, don’t be afraid to suggest that they subscribe. Do not feel that you are invading the privacy of your audience, at this point everyone knows the benefits of subscribing, or at least most. Inclines your strategy to find a way to make them an active part of your channel.

In the middle of the video at the beginning or at the end talk about notifications, content only for subscribers and other advantages of belonging to the channel. Although getting your followers not only to share but also to subscribe is more inclined to the frequency of publication of your content, the theme and the dynamics, it is not an impossible task.