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How to mention someone in a LinkedIn post? Step by step guide

LinkedIn is known as a social for professionals, but little by little he has been adding new functions to its platform similar to those of other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among other. This is how in 2019 through one of their updates enabled the ability to mention another social network user in a post.

This type of activities that have been added to said platform has allowed create greater interaction between each of the members of this community, since it allows many of them to be shared certain types of important information. However, it must be remembered that the main objective of LinkedIn is about professionalism and cross-company marketing.

But there is no doubt that the possibility of tag people in photos or posts has helped increase communication and enhance certain links between users. That is why here we are going to show you how you can do this procedure from your LinkedIn profile in an easy and fast wayTo do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you next in the post.

What are the requirements to mention someone in a LinkedIn post?

What are the requirements to mention someone in a LinkedIn post?

Without a doubt, being able to tag other users in the publications made in LinkedIn social network offers a large number of benefits to its members, such as a greater interaction with other network users. It must be remembered that this platform is considered a professional digital network par excellence, where daily you can connect millions of professionals to generate different types of business, as well as access companies and create new job opportunities.

Agree with this, LinkedIn professionals at the moment of wanting share content in their profiles they will find an option that allows them add the name of another user through the sign "@ " as it is carried out in social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

This way you can mention another person in said content. Keep in mind that as you go introducting the letters of the person's name one will appear list of users who meet said criteria, here they will appear so much professionals like companies.

It should also be mentioned that in these cases you can mention people who are not in your network of contacts, you just have to know how they appear exactly on the platform to be able to mention them correctly. When tagging a member of this community in your post that person will get a notification message to the section of "Notifications" where you can see the content that has been tagged.

But it should also be mentioned that this option can be deactivate and in this case the user will not receive any notice of this. This type of actions in this social network undoubtedly allows to carry out more fluid communications between the different contacts, whether those of first level or with those who are not direct contacts. It also warns in real time to the aforementioned persons allowing them to receive said information at the moment.

Learn step by step how to mention a user in a LinkedIn post

Learn step by step how to mention a user in a LinkedIn post

The procedure for mentioning another user in a LinkedIn post is very simple to do.

To do this, you simply have to execute each of the steps that we will teach you below:

  • The first thing you should do is go to your feed and there click on the option "Share field of an article, video, photo or idea."
  • Another way to tag someone else is by clicking on the "Comment" located at the bottom of the post made by another user.
  • Now you must write the sign of "@ " and start write the name in the box that appears there, as you go adding the letters of the name it will appear to you various contacts available that they comply with that criterion, it can be about companies or professionals.
  • If the person you want appears in the list, you simply have to click on it or finish write your name completely if you don't get it on the list. Keep in mind that these labels can be used either at the beginning of the publication, in the middle of it or at the end.
  • And finally you must select the option "To post".

Tips to get the most out of LinkedIn mentions and build your brand

Tips to get the most out of LinkedIn mentions and build your brand

No doubt the mentions or labels as it is also known they offer a large quantity of benefits that will help you get it out get the most out of your account and in turn build your brand more effectively. That is why here we are going to teach you some advices that will allow you to remove get the most out of this feature.

To do this, follow each of the tips that we will teach you below:

Helps you promote relationships on the platform

In the event that some of your contacts really share content of interest and that you consider that it is important for the majority, then it is essential that You too share it and also send a greeting through a tag in your publication. And it is that sharing content from others LinkedIn members will always help you create a better friendship with your contacts.

It allows you to generate greater visibility

When mentioning others users of the social network or companies will help you create a greater visibility to your profile, since you are getting noticed through this function. This is because a instant notification to the user of that profile.

Stimulates reciprocity of the action taken

Perhaps it does not happen to everyone but it does to a large majority, and it is that at the time of share a post and mentioning someone on many occasions creates a way that the other person feels the need to return the favor. This can be returned either writing something about you, sending you a reference or simply creating a business relationship between both.

Allows you to make a good impression on yourself

When this is done type of actions usually created or offered a good impression, since most people who do this usually be nice, for the that your opportunity to establish good relationships with other users increases.

The benefits of Boca a Boca

When the labels are applied you can count on the ability to give recommendations through word of mouth, this certainly helps your contacts to get more contacts and therefore increase the chances of getting any business.

Helps you create conversations in real time

Remember that when someone is mentioned they receive a real time notification, so it can also respond to you through a real-time mention and in that way start a conversation but in this case public.

Allows you to reach users who are not in your contact list

By having the opportunity to tag people who do not belong to your network of contacts, you will have the opportunity to participate in conversations with other members of the network who are not part of you. This allows you to in turn create new relationships, as well as meet a new audience.

Create more interaction

And finally, mentions allow you to interact more effectively with everyone your first degree contacts, either through conversations or updates to the feed.

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