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How to moderate and manage Facebook Live comments and interact with your audience? Step by step guide

Facebook Live is still one of the favorite options of users To be in communication with other people and brands, it is important that you know what you can do to limit or allow comments when you go live.

If you did not know, you have different options to filter content from your followers in terms of frequency, if they follow you or not and if they have enough time following you on your Fan Page so you can leave a comment in transmissions.

Know everything you need to know about the configurations so that the comments they receive are of value and for you to correctly manage the interaction with the fans.

What are the benefits of managing your comments on your live videos?

The real benefits can be divided into two fundamental parts: a strategic or “Social Listening” and settings that allow you to segment the comments that come in. Listening to your audience is one of the oldest marketing practices with which you make a polling the opinion that people have about the product or service that your brand offers. It is an excellent way to monitor the acceptance that your work has among followers within the digital environment.

Remember that “Your brand is what people say about you”, as detailed by the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. So it is really important to listen and attend to people through comments. As a curious fact, a study by the pollster Nielsen reveals that about 83% of users trust the opinions of friends and relatives about a product.

Facebook also allows you, in real time, to make some adjustments to filter comments that you receive during broadcasts, this is important if you seek the opinion of older followers or if you want longer comments that have valuable data for you.

What can you modify? The frequency of the comments, the type of conversation and you can generate restrictions so that only people who follow you can comment, these configurations apply both for people who access by a computer and for those who access by a cell phone.

Learn step by step how to properly moderate all comments during your live videos

When you are clear about the type of use you want to give to comment management, then we invite you to read this step by step of how you can configure your transmission to filter messages from fans.

Go for it:

Access the settings

The first thing you should know is that there are two similar ways to get to the central comment management settings:

  • One way to access the comment setting is through the menu “Setting”, then you select “Comments”.

  • The second way to make the adjustments is in the preview, in the module “Comments”.
  • To the press the three dots the comment settings will be displayed.

Moderate comments on Facebook Live

Moderate comments

Knowing how to get to the settings, It’s time to find out what each of the options you have at your disposal is forn. It is important that you know that you can select more than one option at a time, which will allow you to filter the comments better. You should also know that the settings can be changed whenever you want during the live broadcast.

You can even delete and hide comments, you can also completely delete this module and not receive opinions, but you already know that this is not convenient if you want to get closer to your audience:

  • Followers: With this option, you will only be able to comment on the followers of your Fan Page during the transmissions. You can modify this setting whenever you want.
  • Slow: this is a valuable tool to avoidspam and have people leave comments every 10 seconds, thus avoiding the “Trolling”, which is annoying when they invade your space.
  • Conversation: If we want to see only comments with value, this option allows comments only with more than 100 characters, thus ensuring that there is a fluid conversation with the followers of your live broadcast.
  • Restricted: There are people dedicated to entering the transmissions and leaving offers of their products and services, there are also users who only seek to damage the transmissions. With this option you ensure that only people who have followed you for two weeks can comment.
  • Protected: allows only people who have been following you for more than 15 minutes to enter your broadcasts. Believe it or not, it is a practical option if you know that broadcasts can be sabotaged.

Find out how to integrate Facebook bots into your Facebook Live direct video chats to better moderate them

With the help of third-party applications, it is possible to do a kind of email marketing, but with messages via the comments module. This is achieved if people follow you and if they write one or more keywords during their comments in the lives.

One of the first tools in Manychat, which since 2017 offers its services to get you closer to the followers:

Connect Manychat to Facebook Messenger

  • The first thing is open a free account on Manychat, although the paid version has more options.

Manychat account

  • You will see a bot that will make a direct link between the account with this website and the Messenger of your Fan Page.
  • Program your keywords that followers should write and the messages you want to reach them.

Schedule message in Manychat

  • There may be links in scheduled messages and contact details.

Link live video and Manychat

  • It is important stream the video from a computer and with an app like OBS Studio and eCamm.
  • Go to the Fan Page of your brand.
  • Choose “Publishing tools”.

Make a video on Facebook Live

  • Go to the option “Video” and you will enter “Creator Studio”, then “Live Producer”.
  • Start broadcasting live.
  • Go to Manychat and press “Facebook comments”.

Facebook Comments on Manychat

  • Choose the programmed message and press “Scheduled publication”.
  • Details the action that will activate the message that will reach your followers

Live dynamics

  • Return to video live.
  • Ask questions that can incentivize people to type the keyword.
  • You will see in the comments how the bot does its job and answers for you.
  • Remember that the bot only acts on keywords of the followers.

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