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How to open and configure the new Google settings to improve my account? Step by step guide

How to open and configure the new Google settings to improve my account? Step by step guide

The various users of Google and well, of any existing browser today, have a certain requirement to find comfort of use of your browser and at the same time, optimize the protection of your privacy, that is, to be able to renew your account in several aspects . In this sense, specifically people who use Gmail for their email, whether using the Google website in a web browser or through an email client, have the facility to manage their information , privacy and security to improve your online experience .

Therefore, users of this browser have the necessary tools to achieve a balance between comfort and privacy . Taking into account that when using your Gmail address or owning a domain hosted in Google Apps, you have the possibility to use it as your email or also for searches, maps and more, at the same time with a large series of security and privacy alternatives that you can easily configure .

In this way, they find an excellent set of tools that allow them to verify and adjust their settings in general, thanks to the new Google settings that make it easier for us to improve the account of its users. In other words, for Gmail and for the rest of its services, this is admissible. That is why, through this post you will know in detail, the steps to enter and go to the settings and manage your account , thus adjusting it to your preferences. Be it review privacy settings , secure your account , be able to customize it and other information of interest to finally use fully attached browser services to your tastes.

Steps to enter and go to Google settings and manage my account

Pasos para entrar e ir a los ajustes de Google y administrar mi cuenta

To start, you must go to which is where you can manage the different settings provided by your Google account , and by Of course, you must have your email open. There, you will see various sections that you must select to adjust them to your preferences .

Here are some of them:

Review privacy settings

Revisar configuración de privacidad

The privacy settings certainly offers a privacy check where you can check the different settings available. To access it, you must do it from the account page and then click on “ Start ” in the box identified as “Check your privacy settings ”.

Thus, as indicated, you have to follow the detailed steps in this guide to choose your account privacy settings . It is important to note that most of these settings are referred to and apply to Google+, YouTube and the different types of data it stores , as well as who can see them. So it is possible to adjust anything you don’t like.

In this sense, after entering, you will see a window like the one shown below and of course, you must press the button “ Start now ”:

Revisar configuración de privacidad

Once you sign in, you will find several options to:

  • Customize your Google experience : Web and Apps activity, Location history, Device information, Voice and Audio activity, YouTube search history and History of YouTube views. After setting them to your liking, click on “ Next ”.
  • Help others connect with you : Where you can let people that have your phone number find you and connect with you in the Google services , such as video chats. There you can also edit your phone numbers. When you have this ready, click on “ Next ” to proceed to the next section.
  • Choose what Google+ profile information you share with others : That is, it is the option where you can decide who sees your information or what you want to keep as private information. So you can edit the settings of your shared recommendations. Then, click on “ Next ”.
  • Make the ads more relevant to you : It’s about managing your ad settings, to to show you certain types of ads adjusted to your preferences, your age and your gender. In addition to disabling some ads based on your interests.

Revisar configuración de privacidadDespués de modificar cada una de estas opciones, te aparecerá la ventana de la siguiente manera; indicando que ya has revisado cada uno de los apartados y en donde debes hacer clic en “Ir a la cuenta de Google” para poder entrar a las otras opciones disponibles.

Protect my account

Proteger mi cuenta

To start, click on “ Protect account ”. This section is in charge of solving the security problems that have been detected and in this way, it gives you the necessary tools to solve these failures.

In this case, 4 security problems were detected:

Proteger mi cuentaA continuación te mostramos la ventana perteneciente a este apartado y para finalizar con la protección de tu cuenta, solo debes oprimir en “Ir a la cuenta de Google”.

Customize Google

Personalizar Google

At this point, you access the “ Data and personalization ” section, which is based on data, activity and preferences so that the services are much more comfortable and useful . Below we explain in detail the options that constitute customization:

  • Check your privacy settings : Regarding the first part that we indicate in the steps to enter and go to Google settings and manage your account.
  • Controls the activity of your account : It is based on the storage of your activity, so that you can enjoy a more personalized experience. The best part is that you can activate or pause these settings whenever you want, with just “ Manage your account activity controls ”.
  • Activity and timeline : Where you can check the activity saved in your account and the places where you have been. As well as eliminating all or part of the activity (as you wish).
  • Data on what you create and do : It is supported by the Google Control Panel , where you can see the summary of the services you use and the data you have saved in your account.
  • Customization of Ads : To adjust them to your requirements and preferences.
  • Download, delete or create a plan for the data : There you can make a copy of your data and use it in another account, you can also decide what can happen with that data , if you stop using the account. In addition to deleting a service or account.
  • General preferences for the Web : Whether it’s language, writing, accessibility and search settings.
  • Reservations : This option refers to the next reservations for flights, hotels and events, collected through services such as the “ Assistant ” or the email “ Gmail «. With just « Manage reservations «.

Users and shared information

Usuarios e información compartida

When accessing this section, you will find several alternatives to adjust the controls related to the people with whom you interact and the information you make visible in the services .

In this sense, let’s know what “ Users and shared information ” offers to improve the experience with your account:

  • Contacts : It allows you to organize your Google contacts to connect with people in the different services and of course, in Gmail. You can see information about each contact that has been saved from the interactions and also those that have been blocked.
  • Share location : It is possible to activate and share the location of where you are at a certain moment.
  • Choose what other users see : Whether personal information or on Google+.
  • Share recommendations on Ads : Keep in mind that you can show your name, your profile picture and your activity in the shared recommendations that appear in the ads so that others know your interests.

Payments and subscriptions

Pagos y suscripciones

This tool gives you the ease of managing payments, transactions, reservations , etc. To your liking In it, you find the following options:

  • Payment methods : From Google Pay , it is possible to save payment data in order to enjoy much safer online transactions, using the Assistant and also when shopping in the different stores in stock.
  • Purchases : To configure your transactions and deliveries, also including online orders; all through services such as the Assistant and Gmail.
  • Subscriptions : It allows you to make periodic payments of news subscription services or those streaming platforms.
  • >

  • Reservations : It gives you the same service of this option when you customize it.

Account storage

Almacenamiento de la cuenta

To execute this option, first of all, you must click on “ Manage storage ”. Where, if you wish, you can get more storage space using the following alternatives:

  • Freeing up space in Drive, Gmail and Google Photos so that other new items fit. There are several ways to do it and they are:
    • Deleting large files from Drive that you don’t need.
    • In Gmail , deleting emails from Large size and all emails in the Spam folder.
    • In Photos you can free up space by changing your photos from “ Original Size ” to “ High quality ”. Like deleting unwanted photos and videos.
  • Buying more space through a storage plan.
  • Upgrade to Google One for more storage . Where you acquire more space and many extra advantages, starting with a monthly fee in dollars.
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