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How to play MP3 music from any device easy and fast? Step by step guide

What are the best music players with built-in equalizer for Android and iOS? 2020 list

Being able to select the best player for MP3 music has always been a great dilemma for users, and is that it must have a series of essential features that ensure a smooth operation, as well as a great sound quality .

Mp3 music has become one of the most used elements in both computers, tablets or mobile devices . Given this importance, many developers have created different players capable of reproducing this type of format in an easy and fast way.

According to all this, here we will explain how you can play these sound files in a simple and fast way, as well as what are best MP3 players that currently exist in the market.

What do I need to play audios in MP3 format on any device?

If you have a MP3 file on your smartphone or computer and want to play it so you can enjoy your favorite music from your team , then you will need to have a MP3 music player , which will be able to read and execute that file.

Keep in mind that it should have a series of features that help you get the best sound quality, this will help you play your favorite tunes from the better way.

There is currently a large number of players available on the network , some of them are completely free and others paid, in case you want to get a unique and professional experience > The most advisable thing will be to use a paid one.

Steps to play and listen to MP3 music from any of your devices

If you have a Mp3 file and you don’t know how to play it on your PC or smartphone , Here we are going to explain what are the steps you have to take to be able to execute them and enjoy your melodies at all times. Keep in mind that you must make use of safe and reliable software so you can get a completely professional experience.

On the computer

If you have a Windows computer and want to play one of these files, you can do it in the following way:

  • The first thing will be to download the MP3 file to your computer.
  • You can do this through YouTube using the online converter accoun
  • In this case you must go to the YouTube platform and look for the video of the song you want to download. Once you have found it, the following will be copied to URL link of it.

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  • Now go to Y2mate and there you will find a box where you must insert the URL link copied previously.

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  • Then you will see on screen the image of the video that you have entered and next to a window where you will have to select the MP3 tab.
  • There you have to click on the green “Download” button. Automatically will start downloading the file to your computer.

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  • When you have the song already downloaded to your computer, the next thing will be to play it, keep in mind that these files are usually saved in the “Download” folder of your Windows.
  • >

  • Usually, the Windows operating system has included the Windows Media Player , in case you don’t have it you can download it.

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  • Now open the folder where the song is located and double click on it, there select to open with “Windows Media Player” and in a few seconds the audio will be playing on your PC .

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On mobile

In the case of mobile devices this process is very simple and quick to achieve, it is important to mention that this procedure is very similar for both Android and iOS smartphones. Therefore, here you are We will explain how you can download a song and play it directly from your terminal.

On Android

If you have an Android device and want to download music to your terminal or tablet , you can do it through the YouTube platform .

To do this, perform each of these steps:

  • The first thing will be to enter the browser of your mobile or YouTube application and there to find the video of the song you want to download to the device.
  • Now we copy the link of the video and access again from the browser to the official site of
  • Within this platform a bar will appear addresses where we will paste the link copied previously .
  • Then click on the option “Download Mp3”.
  • It will automatically start downloading the file to the memory of your smartphone. When this file is finished, it will appear in the permittedDescargasdan.

folderEn Android

  • Once downloaded in the memory of your terminal, simply click on it to play it, keep in mind that you must previously have some music player installed , they can be download directly from Google Play.
  • This way you can start play any MP3 from your smartphone in a simple and fast way.

On iOS

In the iOS operating system the process is quite similar to Android . However, in this case it is necessary to use a computer where iTunes is installed.

To do this, perform these steps:

  • Enter your preferred browser and go to the official site.
  • There you have to paste the video link whose audio you want to download for your terminal.
  • Automatically will start downloading the file to your PC , it will be stored in the “Download” folder of the computer.
  • The following is connect the smartphone to the computer using the cable USB and open iTunes .
  • Now click on the iPhone icon and then on the option of “File”, located in the top bar of the window .

En iOS

  • When you have clicked on file you will see several options where you must select “Add to the library”, there will open the file explorer.

En iOS

  • In this case we search the MP3 and click on open to add it to the library.

En iOS

  • Once all this is done, we enter the music application installed on your smartphone and the file you added recently will appear in the library. In this way , the song will be ready to be played from your terminal, simply by performing these simple steps.

List of the best MP3 players for Windows or MacOS computers

Usually, Windows or MacOS computers usually bring a player from factory preinstalled music. However, in most These cases are not usually the most advanced or the best of all for their users, so they decide to look for other alternatives on the web where they can get a greater number of functions and tools .

In this case, here we will show you the best MP3 players for both the Windows and MacOS operating systems:



If we are looking for a quality player and that is capable of playing MP3 formats in an easy and fast way, the best option is without a doubt VLC . Currently considered as the best MP3 music player for Windows computers , being a very professional program that has a large number of tools capable of helping you get Very interesting results.

In addition, it is compatible with almost all available formats today, this will prevent you from having to use codecs in order to play your favorite music. It also gives you the ability to play with high sound quality , as well as use the streaming mode Best of all, VLC is completely free .

Download VLC Windows

Download VLC MacOS



Another of the most important players for the Windows operating system is AIMP, known by all for its great excellence when play an mp3 format . Like VLC is a completely free program that offers a lot of tools so that its users can get the best sound quality possible.

It is also capable of playing a large number of formats and offers a sound mixer with an equalizer of 18 benches . As well as with a large amount of sound effects so you can customize and give a unique touch to each of your favorite melodies.

Download AIMP Windows

Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player

Known as one of the best music players for the MacOS operating system, it is characterized by offering a large number of elements with which you can play any type of audio with the best possible sound quality . In addition, it supports content stored in iTunes .

It also acts as an audio receiver , where you can pass melodies from one Mac to another, in this case both computers must have Elmedia Player installed . It also gives you the opportunity to g save playlists, as well as create them yourself. One of its most important features is that it has become a very useful tool for making DJ mixes, audiobooks and podcasts .

Download Elmedia Player MacOS



A software capable of reproducing any type of format, thus offering an excellent experience to each of its users. To do this, JustPlay offers a lot of functions of all kinds that will help you achieve results of very professional sound , thus obtaining an excellent sound quality .

It also gives you the possibility of tuning the sound of any track thus offering you a 10-band equalizer , or simply using some of the preset settings of the system so you can get a more pleasant sound. Finally, you can also add external audios to an already created video and get incredible results in an easy and fast way.

List of the best MP3 players for Android and iOS mobiles

If you are one of the users who usually use their mobile device to listen to music on a daily basis and want to have the best player in order to get the best sound quality and interesting tools that help you achieve very good results.

In this case, we are going to show you which are the best MP3 players for both Android and iOS:



PowerAmp has become one of the most interesting music players for Android devices , you can download it completely free from Google Play. It has a very well designed interface where you will find a lot of tools and functions to carry out.

It also offers a comprehensive adaptive capability, as well as the opportunity to improve sound quality to each of your audios . It is important to mention that it also offers a paid version , it has a price of 3.99 euros and which will offer you a greater number of tools.

Samsung Music

Samsung Music