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How to play online videos from any browser easily and quickly? step by step guide

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If we are one of those people who enjoy watching videos and other audiovisual content, and we emphasize the simplicity and ease that exists to obtain each one of them, we can find through different technological methods, an ideal alternative to access the different programs through the Internet.

Currently there are many websites that offer free or paid movies or television series, but the problem arises when we do not know what tool we can use to get the most out of it.

To have more information about the different methods that currently existas well as all the necessary elements to fully enjoy the videos, you will need to read this article without missing any paragraph of it.

What do I need to play online videos from my favorite Internet browser?

To be able to enjoy videos online, we will need to have a suitable Internet connection speeda video card in our computer with good capacity and also, if we want to add a multimedia center, we can have an audio system that will allow us to achieve great sound fidelity.

In addition to all this, we will need to download programs, access different platforms or hire paid television services for the best multimedia content.

What methods to watch videos on the Internet currently exist?

With the alternatives that we will show below, we can watch videos on the Internet with very simple steps, depending on the different technologies that we choose.

The methods are:



It’s called VOD (Video On Demand)to the alternative of being able to view multimedia content according to a payment system. That is to say, we will have to contract with an operator the different methods that exist, to be able to see a programming according to the choice that we need.

There are different alternatives to contract one of these services, for example, we can pay for a certain program such as a sporting event. Once said program ends, we will not have access to other content.

Another widely used method is when we acquire packages that are premium and we can access the list of programs or broadcasts that these private channels have.


IPTV is a technology with which we can see, through the Internet, different multimedia content in an easy and simple way. It is not necessary to have additional antennas and cables, simply have a WiFi or Ethernet cable connection.

We will be able to have a configuration and enjoy programming with which we will be able to access different parts of the world. These services are generally contracted to telecommunications operators that have specialized services for this issue, such as Movistar and Orange.


when we need view, play or download content available on the Internetin that way also transmit a video by fragments in a continuous way without interruptions (which will be stored in the device buffer), we are using a tool called streaming.

In this way we manage not to store large files on our computer to be able to see content, since it will be on the server of the company that provides the video.

Steps to play video files online in any browser and for free

Next, we will name the necessary steps that we have to do to be able to play videos online without paying more.

by VOD

by VOD

There are different VOD platforms with which we can play a video. Let’s take Netflix as an example.which is a characteristic platform for these videos on demand.

The steps are:

  • Once we have contracted our membership we will have to access it through our television, computer, Xbox, PlayStation or any mobile device.
  • A list of the most outstanding movies and series that Netflix offers us through its algorithm will appear on the main screen. We can choose one of them directly by clicking on it.
  • If we do not find the content referred to in the previous step, we also have the alternative to search for it directly with the magnifying glass and enter its name, or by the names of the actors who work in the program of our interest.

When we do not need any of the previous steps, we have the option to choose by categories, Thus, we got enter from the left panel and choose “Categories”, following these instructions:

  • The different alternatives we have will appear in the central panel, classified by their content, being able to scroll to the right or to the bottom of the screen.
  • In the case of series, we have the option of pause the multimedia content when we need and resume it in the same place, we will only have to go to the category “Continue watching”.

let’s not forget that Netflix is ​​a very complete platform with which we can choose the configuration that best suits each of our tastes, for example, we have the alternative of entering the language and the audio in which we can see the multimedia content.

To do this we will follow these steps:

  • Once we are in the program that we are going to watch, we click on the upper left part of the screen on our television and we choose “Options”.
  • A menu will appear in which we can change the subtitle and audio.
  • Next, we select “To accept”.



As we have discussed internet tv It is a very good alternative that we currently have so that we can access different programs.

Next we will show you a guide with the process that we have to do to be able to watch videos with this tool.

For this we have used the KODI media center:

  • We download the program.
  • We select allow access.

To view multimedia content, we can do it directly by entering the application and finding options such as “Watch TV” either “Listen to the radio”.

we want to show you how to install different plugins that will help us to deepen much more in the contents that exist for this tool.

Download Kodi Windows

Download Kodi macOS

The steps are:

  • We open the program.
  • We select “Settings”.
  • We look for the option “System settings”.
  • We choose the plugins that we can add via “Add-ons”.
  • Next, we activate “Unknown Sources”.
  • We click on “And it is”.
  • Right now we have to enter a page where we will find all the accessories we need, for this case we will use “Kodi World”.
  • We look for the plugin we need and download it in “.zip” format.
  • Again we enter KODI.
  • We select “Add-ons”.
  • We are looking for the icon of the open box “Recently updated”it’s located in the left panel at the top.
  • We select “Install from zip file”.
  • We choose the downloads folder.
  • We are looking for the file.
  • We click on “Okay”.

Some accessories and we can find on the page are:

  • Sport Devil: To access TV content.
  • Palanti: If we need to watch series.

By Streaming

To be able to watch videos on the Internet through streaming we can use the platform Youtube.

The steps for this guide are very simple:

  • We go to YouTube.
  • We have the option of searching the bar directly for the video we want to see, writing a few words and clicking on search. In this way, a list will appear with all the possible videos that contain the information that we have requested.
  • Another way is through the recommendations offered by the platform.
  • Well, we can search through our history or the subscriptions we have in the different channels.

When we have chosen the video we simply have to click on “Play”.

By third party applications

We can download, from different app stores, applications that will help us play the best videos on our computer or mobile device.

We will use as an example one of the most popular that exist for devices with an operating system “Android VLC MediaPlayer”.

VLC for Android
VLC for Android
video labs

Once we do not have it installed, we will do these steps:

  • We download the content on our mobile, if we do not want to access it online.
  • We choose the file in the location, clicking on it.
  • It will ask us how we want to open it and we choose VLC Media Player.

Another way is to directly open the application and choose the destination location of the file in the folders.

It also offers us the possibility of sharing our connection through a display and it can be our television. To do this, we will follow this small guide:

  • We open the application.
  • We select the corresponding icon in the upper right margin.
  • We click on the TV.

In addition, we have the possibility of configuring this application as default, therefore, every time we browse the Internet and we need to play a video, it will automatically open it.

List of the best online video players to watch series and movies online

We highlight below the best players:

Also available for mobile devices. It offers us unlimited space with very little advertising, it is stable in the reproduction of series and movies, so users are fascinated by this.

It has a search bar so that we enter the URL address and be able to download the multimedia content directly. It gives us the possibility to classify the content by categories, which is very useful when it comes to quickly finding what we need.

It is a very easy tool to usewhich provides us with different functions that are necessary to be able to watch videos and also share them.

It has two options, one paid and the other free. The first gives us unlimited storage, while in the free account we will have advertising, which will be distributed in different parts of the films and series. To obtain the free membership we will have to register and send our data to the platform. It is a server recommended by many people who like to watch movies and series where advertising is not abundant and the server is fast.

It is a player that has a very elegant interface from which it gives us the option to download the video from the player itself. It is very fast and offers unlimited space, multiple file uploads, copy files, as well as remote URL uploads. There are more than 54,000 users worldwide, with more than 71,000,000 downloads. It is a place to recommend quietly.

It is very well accepted by users even though this tool has recently been on the market as an online player. In it we will be able to see content with a style similar to KODI.

Thanks to this platform, we can share files and download them with very little advertising in between. In addition, it is completely free, so many users turn to this type of tool. On the left margin of its panel are the different genres, very well classified so that we can quickly choose and find the movie or series that we want to see in its entirety.

This platform is very good in terms of its speed, its interface allows us to realize that we are dealing with a very simple tool, but at the same time versatile. In addition to its simple and at the same time retro design, it allows us to upload files with very few steps.

What is the ideal Internet speed to watch movies and series on the Internet without interruptions?

The ideal speed to watch videos will depend on their quality, but generally we will need between 6Mbps to 25Mbpsthe latter is for those videos in 4k.

To know what the speed of your connection is, you can perform the following speed test.