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How to print the notes pages of my presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint? Step by step guide

If you have students and you need share with them slides, you can use the tool Powerpoint in which you will have the option to print the notes you have added on each of the slides.

This helps to reinforce ideas and to know exactly what it is you want to convey. For this reason, it is convenient that you know how to use this tool so that you do not make mistakes and can do it in a few steps.

This information can be found in the following paragraphs of this article. So you can get the most out of PowerPoint, do not miss anything.

What are PowerPoint Presentation Notes Pages?

The note page is a tool that you can use in PowerPoint in which you can see what the presentation of your slides will look like when printing the notes. For this reason Each sheet you print will contain the slide and the speaker notes below it.

Learn step by step how to print PowerPoint note pages

When you need to print the PowerPoint note pages you will have to do this process:

  • Select the slide in which you want to include a note.
  • Then go to the tab View and look for the group Presentation views.
  • Click on the function Notes page.
  • A new view will open in which you will have to click at the bottom to add your annotations.