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How to program the computer on and off on iPhone?

Currently, practically all technological equipment includes the function of schedule on and off the same just by carrying out simple configurations. In this way, you can program your computer and decide when it will turn on and when it should turn off.

It is certainly a function of interesting energy saving and you can take advantage of it in Windows and Mac. However, as additional data you should know that it is possible to configure the on and off times of your PC with the help of your smartphone.

Therefore, in this post we will talk about how to turn your computer on and off on your iPhone. In this way, you can make more efficient use of your equipment.

Steps to schedule turning the computer on and off from the iPhone

As we indicated earlier, a large number of computers include a function called Wake On LAN. Through it, computers can be remotely turned on. Just send a series of parameters to the network card and that's it.

It is important to note that this function can only be carried out correctly when you have a computer with a network card and connected by cable to the Internet. Taking into account that infrastructure, and with the help of some apps, you can turn on your pc from iPhone No problem.

In case you want to do the procedure via WiFi it is necessary to carry out the procedure with a special network card.

Once this is clear, you have to know that the function of Wake on LAN it is generally activated from the computer's own Bios. Here we show you how to do the configuration in Windows and Mac.


Activating the Wake On LAN function in Windows is not as complicated as it seems, however, you should pay close attention to two aspects: activating the Magic Packet on the network card and configuring the energy saving options.

To do it from Windows 10, you have to:

  • Go to the Device administrator (by right-clicking on "This team" and choosing the "Manage" option).
  • Locate the Network adapter and later right click to display the properties panel.
  • Select on Advanced Options and then look for the option Activate in Magic Packet.
  • Make sure it is enabled and if not, enable it.
  • Go to the tab Power management and make sure that the equipment reactivation options are enabled, these are: Allow this device to reactivate the equipment, Allow only a Magic Packet to reactivate the equipment.
  • In this way, you ensure that the computer is configured correctly. After that, download an app Wake on LAN compatible on your iPhone and you're done.

Finally, we recommend disable quick launch function Windows 10 to make Wake on LAN work smoothly.


This function is really useful if you need to turn your computer on or off but you are not nearby to do so. It is very practical and just follow a few simple steps to achieve it. But before you start, you must have information such as system IP or Mac address on hand.

To find her, you have to go to System preferences and then enter Network. Save the data corresponding to the IP adress and MAC that you will have via WiFi or Ethernet in the section of Advanced, heading to the boxes TCP / IP and hardware.

After making sure you have it, you have to do the following:

  • Go to System preferences and then enter Economizer.
  • Once inside, activate the function of Wake up the computer to allow network access.
  • Download the App you want to control your computer and enter the data requested (usually you will only need the IP or Mac address).

List of the best programs and apps to turn the computer on and off from my iPhone

In order to program the turning on and off of a computer from your iPhone, you need to install an app that takes care of it. Below, we compile the 3 most reliable and popular programs and apps:


WakeUp App

This is an application available for Apple devices with which you can turn on your computer remotely. Keep in mind that to be able to do it, it is necessary that the PC is in a domestic or internal network, or through the Internet, specifying the IP of your computer.

Remember that in order to synchronize this function through the Internet connection between your mobile and the computer, you need a series of extra settings and the procedure may be a little more complicated.

iNet WOL

iNet WOL App

iNet WOL It is the perfect app to control the power on and off of your computer using iOS devices. Added to the ignition, too you can activate sleep mode and even restart it. But keep in mind that these functions need MacOS x to work (at least for the moments).


Finally, there is Wol, an app to remotely control the power on and off of your PC. It is one of the most complete but is compatible with Android. You will have a series of extra functions to be able to control your PC more deeply. In addition, it has a Widget with which you can turn on the equipment with a single touch.