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How to record a podcast from your Android and iOS smartphone without a PC? Step by step guide 2022

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Although it’s true that a podcast must be well recorded to arouse interest you don’t necessarily have to do it using a high-quality computer and microphone. The boom that these programs have had has led to developer companies presenting applications to do the job from the palm of your hand.

Your smartphone is the secret weapon to transmit your knowledge to others through a podcast, regardless of whether you have the Android or iOS operating system. This is one good alternative especially if you are starting or if you want to simplify the production process of your programs.

In this grade You will see in detail how to record a podcast using the iVoox, Speaker and Anchor applicationsBesides, we will show you ten other tools that also help you in the process, most of them available in the Android and iOS stores for free.

Learn how to record your first podcast in the iVoox app

Directly from the iVoox application it is not possible to record a podcast. What you can do is record it previously with another tool and upload it to this platform that serves as hosting and share it with your community.

The steps you must take are described below:

Sign up

ivoox website

In iVoox you’ll find a paid version and a free version. You may find it convenient to start with the latter in which you can upload episodes of up to 120 minutes.

To register you must do this:

  • Sign in to
  • On the main page click on “Create your podcast.
  • look where it says “Create free podcast”.
  • sends you to a form in which you must create an account.
  • There are two optionsthe first is with an email and password.
  • The second with a Facebook, Google or Apple account.
  • Now you must search your email account verification.
  • Check the notifications and note if there is any interest with which you want to identify yourself in iVoox.
  • With this you already have the account ready to use.

Upload the first podcast

Upload podcast on Ivoox

Once the account profile settings are ready, it’s time to load the first episode you have recorded on your phone:

  • At the top of your account, look for the option “Go up”.
  • When loading the tab, press on “Upload your episode.”
  • At the bottom, in an orange box, it tells you “Select File”.
  • Remember that the file must be in MP3 format.
  • Find the file in your location and select it.
  • So the upload process will startwhich will take according to the speed of your internet connection.

Identify your podcast

Verify podcasts on Ivoox

After finish uploading the file and that it is already saved in iVooxyou should fill in some information so that the platform segments it and gives it visibility.

Do the following:

  • place a title, a description, category and tags in the form that appears at the bottom where you have uploaded the file.
  • Accept the terms of use and check the option “Send audio”.
  • Complete the respective captcha and select “Verify”.
  • To the Finalize, the platform will notify you that the audio has been published in a satisfying way.
  • It will appear as private, but that will change in a few minutes and people who visit iVoox will be able to find it on one of the pages or search for it directly by name.

Discover how to record your podcast from the Speaker app

Now you will have an application that allows you to record your programs directly on your mobile phone. When downloading and installing your device, it will become a recording studiowith the option to stream live or create a podcast to post later.

Here is how to perform the process easily and simply:

Download and install the app

Spreaker's website

The first step to start using a tool is to go to the Android and iOS app store and follow the steps described below:

  • In the app store search box, type “SpreakerStudio”.
  • When you locate it, click “Install”.
  • Wait for the process to start and indicate that it is ready to use.

Podcast Studio by Spreaker
Podcast Studio by Spreaker

Make the first recording

Record in Spreaker

Once the installation is complete, you’re almost ready to start recording your podcast. The way to do it is as indicated in the following steps:

  • When you open the app, it invites you to log in. The easiest way is using the Google account that you have linked to the device.
  • A new window will appear and at the bottom you will see the option “rec”.
  • When you click on it, you will see an empty list.
  • Now it asks you if you want broadcast live or make a recording.
  • When selecting the option “Engrave” you will start to make the audio for your program.

organize a list

Plailist in Spreaker

One of the wonders of this application is that you can configure it so that the list you have saved can be played during your program.

Here is how to do this process:

  • Enter the section “Playlist” and below you will see the option “Import file”.
  • Check explore and it will show you several options where you can search for the files, one of them is with drive.
  • Choose the ones you want to enter and mark “Open” for them to appear in the list.
  • you can them assign the order that seems best to you.
  • Yes brands the box “Self DJ”, the program will automatically mix the sounds.
  • In the bottom of the application you can see the bars that indicate the volume what you’re talking about.

We show you how to record a podcast from the Anchor app

With Anchor you can record the audios anywhere with your tablet or phone, by taking advantage of all the advantages that this application has. One of the notable features is the possibility to see the behavior of your audiencethanks to the detailed statistics it offers regardless of the distribution platform you are using.

Next, you will find in a simple way the steps you must take if you decide to use Anchor as the application to record your podcast from mobile:

Find the app

Anchor's website

To get started, the first step is find the app in your mobile store.

Type Anchor and mark the official tool:

Anchor - App to create
Anchor - App to create
Spotify AB

‎Anchor – Create Podcast
‎Anchor – Create Podcast

  • click in “Discharge” and expect it to be installed on the device.
  • Now it’s time to check in Y create a useryou can use your Facebook account if you wish.
  • The second option It is with an email.
  • The registration is identical to that of any applicationplacing the data and password.
  • To the complete the previous step, A window appears with several functions and you are going to select the first one “I want to do a new podcast.”

Pre-recording steps

Import into Anchor

Before beginning the actual recording of the first program, Anchor asks you to meet some requirements, such as those detailed below:

  • Record a short presentation of your program, where you indicate what it is. This way your visitors will know what they are going to get.
  • Or if you already have it, at the top is the option “To import”.
  • In case of burn it, At the bottom you see a Red button that you should press and start talking.
  • When finished, you can choose a background music theme or leave it without music.
  • Next, you have to give the podcast a name and marks “Continue”.
  • Write a description, add an image that will serve as the cover, font, category, language and at the end mark “Post my podcast.”

Record your first show

Record your podcast in Anchor

Once you complete the steps above, you’re almost ready to record your first episode. Only you will need to confirm the email.

Once you do, take into account the procedure described below:

  • In the anchor main screenyou will see a symbol “+” on which you should click.
  • In the bottom You will see several options, including “Engrave”.
  • You should press there Y start recording content that you have already prepared in advance.
  • When you press stop, you have the possibility to “Add background music”, there are several songs you can choose from.
  • At the end, click on “Save”.
  • gives you the option to publish the episode at once or if you are going to wait dial in “Not yet”.

Set up your program

Publish episode to Anchor

Having the recording ready, you have a large part of the work done, only to give it better aesthetics and good visibility, it is convenient to configure these additional aspects:

  • Give the chapter a title that you are going to upload and a description where you explain exactly what it is about.
  • Indicate if it is a season and the number of episodesin case you have several thoughts.
  • You have the possibility personalize each with a photograph.
  • You can schedule the publication date or mark “Publish now”.
  • Before, you must select some labels and click on “Done”.

Best apps to record your podcast on Android and iOS

It is not necessary to have large equipment to start recording your podcast. With a smartphone and the indicated application it is enough to produce quality programs. You read about three tools that are super popular and how they work.

But now, you will have 10 more that are available in your operating system:


Download pod bean

The app has a free plan and a paid plan., already for professionals. In the first you will have limitations in terms of bandwidth and storage space. Logically, by canceling the service you will get many additional functions. It is available on both Android and iOS app stores.

In the free version, you have the possibility to record the program and put a background song, that’s where everything ends. Paying shows you stats, a media player, and the ability to upload files to the cloud. The price is $99 per month.

Mobile Podcaster

Download Mobile Podcaster

This application works for iOS with a price of 3.49 euros. Its operation and structure is very similar to the rest of the applications available for this purpose. Just press the record button and start talking. In settings, you can change the quality of the audio that will be recorded, apart from editing or importing it to other tools.

An interesting point is that you can share the contents to WordPress, since it has several compatible plugins that allow you to create a post next to the audio file. Another feature is to distribute by email, especially if you want to send it to your family or friends so they can see and know about your work.

garage band

Download GarageBand

This tool is exclusive to iOS, with a version for iPad and another for iPhone. At the end of the recording there is the possibility of make minor edits to material and export it in a variety of formats before placing it on your preferred platform for distribution. The app was designed primarily for musicians, so it has a vast bank of effects and sounds that can spice up your show. The disadvantage is that you can’t have it on an android device.


Podomatic Podcast Recorder

Download Podomatic Podcast Recorder

This is another app available for both mobile operating systems. It is simple and easy to use, so in a few minutes you will have the podcast ready. At the end, you have the advantage of sharing it directly on social networkssuch as Twitter or Facebook and publish them on a distribution platform.

But it is not only the recording of the programs that this application does, it is also possible track their performancesuch as watch time, likes, views and number of followers, among other things.

Podomatic Podcast Recorder
Podomatic Podcast Recorder


Download Stereo Let's Talk

This app is mainly to make live programs and interact with your audience. But it’s not a problem if you want to record, well the content is saved and can be reviewed at any time. It also makes it possible to carry out live interviews, since the talks are one of its strengths.

If you listen on time shift, you can change the playback speed and move the program forward or backward, depending on your needs. In addition, the compensation system allows creators monetize podcasts or receive gifts from your listeners.

Stereo: Let's Talk
Stereo: Let's Talk
Stereo App Ltd

Alitu's website

This application intends to facilitate the work of novice creators who do not want to have problems with the production processes of the programs. The creator uploads the content using Skype, directly on the tool or using the phone, from then on all responsibility lies with Alitu. When everything is ready, you can give the final touches according to your tastes, using the tools that are available. The last step is to publish or download it to have it as a file on your device.

Opinion Podcast

Here it is another excellent tool for newbies, with a simple interface, but with very well-kept details. In its main menu it allows you to organize the elements in the way you decide and in edition you can enlarge the segments to make the cuts in the most precise waygiving them a very professional touch.

Once you have the program ready, you can share it directly on a social network or in an application that distributes the podcast. From Opinion, a simple website is created that facilitates the work of sending to contacts.

Bossjock Jr.

Download Bossjock Jr.

If you want to save time making your podcast, don’t miss out on this application that is mainly available on iOS. Post-production is not done later, it happens at the moment, so all the segments and adjustments you need to make are designed while you record. Also, the sound quality is of high level, which combined with mastering and mixing leave a very professional content. For your followers to listen to the material, you can share it directly on Facebook, SoundCloud or Dropbox.

‎bossjock jr
‎bossjock jr
the boss jocks


Download Ferrite

The production of any voice note is possible with this applicationincluding podcasts. The simplicity of a recorder is combined with a multitrack system, in an interface that will make your job easier. Once you download and install it, a single touch is all it takes to start recording your content.

Has visual monitors to see audio level, although you can also use your headphones. Zooming in on recorded tracks helps make editing quick and easy. Finally, we must highlight the elimination of annoying noises and the automatic leveling of the sound.

Wooji Juice Ltd

FL Studio Mobile

Download FL Studio Mobile

This is a last alternative to Android, which is not free, so you must pay to use it $16.29. With the application you can record, edit or mix entire projects from your phone or tablet, saving them in a variety of formats and then sharing them in the cloud or with other sites.

UI adapts to screen size, so setting it up is very easy from any device. It also includes a large number of effects and instrument sounds to complement your recording. With these recommendations, recording your next show with your phone will be easy and hassle-free. Check your budget and adjust to the needs to choose the one that suits you best.