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How to record the screen on video in Windows 10 easy and fast? Step by step guide

How to record the screen on video in Windows 10 easy and fast? Step by step guide

Until recently, capturing video on your PC screen was difficult. However it is useful while doing various tasks , play or do some activity that you want to store for later or to share and so maybe show others how to use a specific app that you handle very well. Basically that is what many youtubers do, whether they are dedicated to games, graphic design, illustration or whatever, using a recording is ideal for others to learn how to do it.

If you are about to venture into the world of YouTube and you have no idea how to capture your screen for a certain time, you may have been surfing the internet and you have run into several apps that can be malicious and bring consequences for your team.

The best thing to record the screen is to use the default program included in Windows 10, or in the cases that you want a more specific job you can use third-party software, as long as they are safe and reliable. To avoid having to try several apps, we will explain the default method of Windows 10 and the best third-party applications to record your computer without taking risks .

Steps to record and capture the screen in Windows 10 without using external programs

The main way g screen rations are used on the internet is to record the games, so Windows developers in the latest version of the operating system have included a Screen recording system within the interface called Game Bar ‘.

To use this function, all you need is a PC with Windows 10 installed and updated , no matter what you want to record is not a game. The steps to activate it are simple. Below you will see how to do it

  • Open the recording system. On Start or Desktop, press « Windows + G «. By pressing these buttons Windows will try to detect if you are in Game and a notification bar will appear where you must click on the option of Yes, this is a game «, then the bar will open Xbox game (Game DVR) in which are the options.


  • In the game bar you can choose whether to record audio or just video by clicking on the sound icon, after you decide whether to narrate during the video or not, you can start. You will find a symbol that has a circle in the middle, if you touch it immediately it will start recording and a small bar will appear on the sides of the screen that will tell you the recording time, you will have the opportunity to deactivate and reactivate the audio as you capture and if you press the square icon you will stop it.

como grabar pantalla de windows 10

  • After you stop recording using the square icon, the Xbox screen will appear where you can see the result and save it if you wish, or you can also edit it a bit, cut the time , change the name and if you decide to delete it.

grabar pantalla windows contador

List of best programs to capture and record videos directly from the screen PC in W10

The game bar may be useful for some cases, but on occasions that require more complete results, this function may fall short and you need to use a program that offers you better results and have useful features to edit or customize the video .

Some programs used may be harmful to your device if you download them safely. To avoid the above, we have tried several and then we will show you only the best to make your videos something unique .

VLC Media Player

It may seem weird because we know VLC as a video player, but this program has a hidden tool to capture in detail scenes or parts of what is being played . To enable this function you just have to open the app, go to « Menu «; click on « See «; Choose « Advanced Controls» and you’re done. An advanced settings bar will appear on the screen with a button to start recording a part of what you are watching.



This is a very practical software for the tasks of capturing moving or common images. You can use it if you have Windows . Among the advantages that distinguishes TinyTake is its ability to capture the full screen, a specific area, a part, a program or an external device such as the webcam. Once installed, in the program settings there are options to configure the recording , among which you will find adjusting the quality of the image and activating or deactivating the audio capture.

Tiny Take

Although it has several ways to access and modify the values, for for those who do not look for a very professional or specific result it is better to leave the default settings that has the ideal to record a common monitor so adequate. In this system to start recording you must press the “ Alt + V ” keys or click on “ Capture video ”, then you must select the area you want to capture and in the upper left will keep some options to handle the start of recording with buttons such as Pause, Stop, Activate / deactivate microphone and Start recording.


It is available from Windows 7 and is ideal for various uses . ApowerREC can record anything on the screen. On the official website it is possible to find basic information, download and view complete guides to learn how to use the program.


Features include capturing activities on the desktop, making live streaming videos , conducting web meetings and more. You can capture the tasks on the full screen or in a user-defined section, it also allows you to use the webcam alone or in conjunction with the screen and save the chats or create tutorials.

You can record with audio and keep the videos in sync , as you wish. Finally, in addition to being a powerful screen recorder for Mac and Windows, it allows to record the screen of your devices phones , capturing screen activities from iOS or Android, by doing this users can transmit the mobile screen directly on the PC.

FlashBack Express

If you access the official site of this program you can find demonstration videos and tutorials , although it is really very easy to use because the interface is intuitive and no knowledge of technology is required to take advantage of its functions. It has a complete set of tools to create professional quality videos.

FlashBack Express

Among its advantages are the render content in different formats, stream , add text, shapes and editions, add zoom effect and widescreen. With all this, it is possible to create professional tutorials and presentations in the easiest way.

It is available for Windows and other operating systems with recording technologies, it is capable of capturing online events and recording external devices such as the webcam.

OBS Broadcaster Software

An excellent option is to use a program that is capable of separating the stage of screen recording , audio recording and video editing. Thus it is possible to make a radical and more specific change using dedicated software for each stage. You can do this with OBS or Open Broadcaster Software, an application available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is excellent for recording the computer screen and despite being free it has many powerful and flexible advantages.


The important thing is that you download and install the software from the official site to ensure it is not a copy. After having the app, you can open it and make various settings, among which is the possibility of adding scenes and sources.


Despite not being a program as such, we include it in the list because is useful for those looking for good results quickly . Screencastify is an extension for Google Chrome that can be installed from the store, doing so will place an icon in the upper right corner. With it we can configure the recording to begin to capture in detail the screen or a part of it. It should be noted that in its free version it only allows you to record 10 minutes, if you need more time you must pay.


When finished you can play the video, download, share by various means, crop the screen, or delete the result.

ActivePresenter ATOMI

ActivePresenter is a very complete screen recording program and is also free . With it you can take virtual courses and tutorials to learn record videos quality. It is available for Windows and allows the recording of any area of ​​the interface, the opportunity to edit and create markers with arrows, rectangles or circles, film the movement of the mouse and save the keys that are pressed.

It also has basic editing tools , such as changing audio levels, incorporating subtitles, deleting, cutting, copying or joining different parts of the recording, scaling the image and finally saving the file in various formats.

ActivePresenter ATOMI

To use ActivePresenter just download, install, open and select “ Create project ”, give it a name and configure some aspects, then give OK and the recording will start. A controller will remain on the screen to perform stop, stop and discard actions.

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