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How to record the screen on your Apple Mac computer? Step by step guide

How to record the screen on your Apple Mac computer? Step by step guide

It is very likely that at some point you have wondered How can I record the screen of my Apple Mac? And especially today when on the Internet most things are transmitted through of an image or a video. Currently the visual has become much more attractive than everything else, especially for those people who prefer to see a series of images or videos that place themselves to read a long and tedious text.

This type of screen recordings has become a very useful tool for users, since it allows them to record a video, images, commercials or anything else to later enjoy it with family or friends. In other cases, is an ideal tool for all those people who are dedicated to explaining programs and applications online , since it allows them to record each of their movements in a very simple way.


Because of this we will explain how you can record the screen of your Mac through different methods, some simpler than others, but all of them are really effective when you want to take this tool out.

Steps to record the screen and voice on an Apple Mac computer

Currently there are different methods or ways to carry out this process, whatever the reason you want to make a recording of your screen you can do it by applying different ways, you just have to choose that that you like and that suits your needs.

This can be done through very simple procedures so you don’t have to worry much. In order to record the screen of your Apple computer you will only follow the steps that we will explain below:

With the use of keyboard commands

If you want to take a screenshot of your Mac you can do it using the keyboard commands, If you decide to choose this method to perform the action you must keep in mind that there are three different ways to do them , each one is really easy and quick to achieve . To do this through the keyboard commands you will only follow the steps that we will mention below:

The first one tries to take a full screen capture:

  • To do this you must press the “Shift” + “Command” + “3” key.

Con el uso de comandos del teclado

  • This image will be automatically saved as a .png file on your desktop.

** Other ways that you can use is as follows, but you have to take into account that it is a bit longer than the previous one.

  • You’re going to press “Shift” + “Command” + “4”.

Con el uso de comandos del teclado

  • Now the pointer will change and it will become a crosshairs on your computer.
  • Then you will have to form a rectangle on your screen over the area you want to capture.
  • You have the option to press “Shift” , “Option” or the “Space bar” so that the form you are going to capture is only one specific way.
  • If you want to cancel the figure and select you have to press the “Escape” key without having released the mouse button.

Con el uso de comandos del teclado

  • Once you have selected the figure you want to capture, you will release the mouse button and your capture will be saved on the desktop as a .png file.

** Finally we have this other option which you will also be able to perform with your keyboard commands, it is especially used when you want to capture a window.

  • You will press the “Shift” + “Command” + “4” keys.

Con el uso de comandos del teclado

  • The pointer will change shape again and become a sight.
  • Now you must press the “Space bar” this will cause the sight to become a camera.

Con el uso de comandos del teclado

  • Once this is done, you will move the camera to the window to select it.
  • Finally you will click with the mouse and the capture will be saved automatically with the extension of .png.

With ScreenFlow

Con ScreenFlow

This program is one of the most complete to record the screen of your computer . It is mainly used by all those who do tutorials from a Mac computer and then be mounted on YouTube or any other video platform on the Internet.

ScreenFlow will allow you to record everything that happens in front of you, as well as make a voice recording that allows you to explain everything you are doing. In addition, at the end of the recording, this program has a tool where you can edit it , as well as improve your voice.

To do it with this program you just have to follow these steps:

Con ScreenFlow

  • To start you will open the ScreenFlow application.
  • Now you will go to the “NewDocument” menu, there you go To configure the resolution of the output, you must choose the one you like best for your video. Once this is done, select “Presets” you can also tell yourself what the width and height of the capture will be.
  • Then you will go to the menu “NewRecording” there you will choose the source of the recording. That is, you will choose where it is made, whether it is a laptop or a computer, if it is from a laptop you will only be shown the option of “Color LCD”. Now if you have other possible origins This list of options will be greater.
  • If you want to record the webcam and the microphone you must select them.
  • Once all the above is completed, it is time to click on “Record button.” A 5-second countdown will appear automatically.
  • If you think you have already recorded enough or necessary and want to stop it, you will press the “Command” + “Shift” + «2» , then the windowEditor•.
  • will appear in this new window you can add a background music, choose a fast or slow camera, zoom, enter a text , among other things.
  • Finally you just have to export the video and share it p or social networks if you wish.

With QuickTime

This application is well known to all Mac users, since it is included in the Apple system and to which it is designed so you can take this process finished. As for its use it is really simple.

In order to do this with QuickTime you just have to perform these steps:

  • To start you will open the QuickTime program. There you will locate the App and then you will press the “Command” + “Space”. Then you will type the name of the application in the “Search bar”.
  • Now you are going to select the option “New screen recording” The easiest way to do this is by right clicking with the mouse on the program icon, several options will appear where you will choose “Show all windows”.

Con QuickTime

  • Once you have clicked on the option, a window will appear with the recording buttons .
  • Then you will click on the arrow at the side of the red circular icon which will show you the rest of the options. There you will choose if you want to use the microphone of the monitor or an external one.

Con QuickTime

  • You also have the option to your mouse clicks disappear at the time of this action.
  • Once you’ve chosen all the options you think necessary, You can start recording, but, you have the possibility to choose if you record only part of the screen or whole . Once you have decided all this you just have to click on the red button of “Record”> “Start recording”
  • When you think the recording has already finished and it is not necessary to continue it you just have to right click on the program icon and choose the “End recording” option.

In macOS Mojave

You should keep in mind that using this tool will help you make this process much easier and faster. This is because macOs Mojave is already in the toolbar of your Mac. In order to perform this process using this method you will have to do these steps that we will explain below:

  • To start you will open the image and video capture tool, for this you must press the following keys: “Command” + “Shift” + “5”.

En macOS Mojave

  • Now you are going to click on the “Record entire screen” or “Record selected part” button. This will depend on what you are looking for.
  • If we select the first option “Record the whole screen” the recording will start immediately. But, if we select “Record selected part” this may take between 5 and 10 seconds before starting the recording.
  • If you think the recording is already complete and you want to stop it you must click on the permittedStopleigh.
  • option The recording will appear in the lower right corner of your monitor. To be able to edit it, you will have to press the following keys: “Control” + “Click” Another way to do it is also by right clicking on the recording icon to open the tools. That way you can “Edit” the video as you see fit.

En macOS Mojave

With Camtasia

This application has been considered in recent years as one of the best to carry out this type of process, it is one of the most complete in the market and is only available for Apple .

As for its operation, it will allow you to be able to add animations and other content to your video , as well as edit it in many ways. If you are a Mac user and want to make a screen recording with the help of this program, you will surely get the desired results.

To record what you are viewing on your monitor with Camtasia just follow these steps:

  • To start you will open the application once you have it installed on your Mac.

Con Camtasia

  • Now you must select which zone you want to record .
  • You can choose if you want to record at the same time the audio of your micro, system and the webcam. For this you will only have to select the appropriate options.
  • Once this is configured, you will click on the “Recording button”.
  • If you want to stop the video or end it, you just have to click on the “Pause” or clearlyStopstad
  • Con Camtasia

    • Now, a new window will open with the “Editor” with which you will be able to modify the video as you think necessary. You can add text or effects.
    • Once you think it is completely edited you will only have to click on “Produce & Share” and your video will automatically be saved.
    • List of the best programs and apps to record the Mac computer screen with audio

      There are currently many Mac users who want to record their computer screen. However, for some reason they don’t know how to do it, but luckily there is a wide variety of programs and applications that will help you to carry out this process.

      There are many reasons why a person may want to start the process with audio , which is why here is a list of the best applications and programs you can use to take this action out.

      Capture Me

      Capture Me

      This program has its advantages and disadvantages, and it offers a lot of options that you can apply to your video, in addition, the program appears as a floating window. However, it will only allow you to be able to make recordings of a maximum of one minute , this may be something that is not very useful for most users. But, it is still a viable option to do so on your Mac computer.



      This screen capture has an advantage over many other programs and is that allows you to save your screenshots in image format either from the desktop or in any window or document. You can capture only part or all of it.

      In addition, this software allows you to make monitor recordings with audio which is very ideal for those who need to create long-lasting tutorials.



      This is an application which was specially designed for this need. It is considered as one of the most complete applications, it has a set of tools that will help you create a totally professional video, allows you to generate any kind of thing, be they YouTube videos, Skype, video games among many others.



      This is another application that is designed to carry out this type of procedure. However, it is not one of the most used currently, this is because has a slightly high cost , but its price is consistent with its operation.

      Snapz Pro X

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