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How to record YouTube videos from any device with and without programs? Step by step guide

How to record YouTube videos from any device with and without programs? Step by step guide

Youtube is a social network that like Facebook and WhatsApp have arrived to revolutionize society. In particular, this platform does not work in the same way as the others do, since its main attraction is the ability to upload videos at no cost and without any programming system. This allows you to enjoy various topics of information such as news, music, movies, youtubers and much more unlimitedly.

You can use it without having an account in it or with just enter your Gmail mail to perform some functions, such as commenting or giving like. The best of all is that it is completely free and you can enter as many times as you want to reproduce everything you want. One of its disadvantages is that you have to maintain a stable internet connection, but since it is not always counted With this, it is necessary to look for other ways to be able to view them whenever you want from any device, even without connectivity.

If you want to know how, in this section you can discover it, so you can enjoy them whenever you want. Next we will show you how to do it online and download the best applications.

Steps to record and download YouTube videos with and without programs

The main drawback of this social network, is that unlike Vimeo or Netflix services, YouTube does not allow you to download videos to watch them offline. However, we always look for different alternatives in order to continue enjoying these contents without having an internet link. That is why in this tutorial we will indicate some methods for you to download your favorites on the computer of your choice.

On the Windows PC

Now you can see one of the easiest ways to download music or videos to your Windows computer alone, you will have to follow the steps below.

Remember that the downloads you make should always be in a legal way , since if we were not committing a crime and therefore we could have legal and intellectual property problems.

YTD Vvideo Downloader

This program allows you to download videos from YouTube and other platforms for free and very easy . It has a very simple interface to manage and Understand, all you have to do is copy the link and press the “Downloaden” button. You can download them with the quality you like, either 1080 HD or lower.

  • Download the application at the following link .

descagar ytddownloader

  • Once you have it installed, find the video you want to record and copy its “URL or IP address”.
  • Go to the platform YTD and you will see that a box opens with a box that says “URL” , there you will paste it.


  • Below you can select the format with which you want to download the video, and even choose the destination folder.
  • After choosing the settings, just choose click on “Download”. The progress of this will be displayed in the activity window.
  • At the end it will open automatically and you will already have it saved in your computer.

On the Android mobile phone

Although mobile devices are already prepared so that a lot of things can be done on them, there are still certain functions that require the use of an application. It usually happens that some at the time of download show a restriction message, This is because some countries do not have the permission in this case, officially download low multimedia content from YouTube.

However, there are tools from external developers that facilitate this fact. In this part you can see one of the most used programs when doing it.


This is perhaps one of the applications that has more time in the market and the most used by Internet users. When it comes to having videos and audio it is very practical, you just have to choose the format you want and that’s it.

The disadvantage is that is not available in Play Store , so to install it must be done directly from the browser. It should be noted that it is necessary to activate the option to install applications from “Unknown sources” for greater security.

  • The first thing you are going to do is go to the official TubeMate page from your mobile device’s browser and download the application.
  • To activate the “Unknown origin” go to the “Main menu” of your device, search and enter “Phone settings” , select the “Security” option and activate “Unknown sources” . This way you can install the application without problems.

activar origenes desconocidos iphone

  • Now you only have to run it to start the process.
  • Once you have it, you’ll notice that a appears at the top ” Search engine ” Enter it and search for the content you want to download on your mobile.
  • Once the content is located, click on the circle with the download symbol located at the bottom of the screen.

descargar video TubeMate

  • Choose the resolution you want the video to have and press “Download”.

From an iPhone cellphone

Sure you have been looking for an application that suits your needs and your device, but you can’t find one that works for you. If this is your case, in this section we will show you one to learn how to copy YouTube videos.

Once you know how to do it from your iPhone or iPad you will discover that it is a simple task to do, it will be very useful for you to enjoy without having to be connected to the internet.


This app is very good to perform this action, is a bit complex when using and downloading it , but once the trick is caught it is super simple. It is a tool of “Workflows” , which means that it allows you to do practically everything. To use it just do the following.

workflow iphone

  • Go to the Safari browser and search for the application or download it from the link above.
  • Once installed, you need to add a card that facilitates the use of it. You can find it by clicking on this shortcut .
  • In the tab that will open, press the “Get workflow” button or “Get shortcut.” Then touch “Add this card”.

Get workflow

  • Locate the video you want and click “Share.” To do this, go to the end of everything and click on permittedMásrd.
  • If it doesn’t appear in the “Share” section Go to the bottom of the app and click on “More”. This will show a menu, there choose “Workflow” and activate it (Run Workflow). strong>
  • Enter YouTube and select the video you want to copy .
  • Once you chose the video you will search where it says “Share ”, in the options you will see you will look for the option where it says “ More ”. A pop-up window will open in which you will press where it says “ Run Workflow ”.
  • This to appear on the menu.

run Workflow

  • Then, you will do the same. You will notice that before the “More” button one appears with the name of “Run Workflow”, click on it to find the card that was previously added.
  • Click on it to begin the download process. Wait a moment until you see a menu in which you have to choose if you want to save the video or only the audio.
  • At the end of the process tap on the iOS share button to be saved on the reel.

On Mac computers

If you want to get all the videos and watch them even without an internet connection , you can use a simple program like Airy to download them. Many people who use this type of computers perform various searches to know how to save them on MacBook , but in this part we will give you all the details.


Airy is considered one of the best apps to install, as it is very easy to use and offers you a great variety of features when recording, whether it’s just the audio or the full video. It also allows you to do it with HD quality or even 4K 2160p. Use it this way.

  • Download the program from your Safari browser or through this link . You can use the free or paid version to enjoy more services.

airy bookmark

  • Copy the link of the YouTube video you want to have. You can also do it with playlists and channels, then paste it into the program.
  • Choose the file type to save the video or audio.
  • You only have to click on “ Download ” to download the video and wait for it to end.

descargar videos de youtube con airy

Download online

The fastest way to do this is the web pages , although these do not bring you the wide variety of configurations such as the applications mentioned above. However, for those who do not want to install it on their equipment, it is a very good and immediate option.

Here is a very good tool to store them on any computer and operating system:

This page is very simple to use when downloading videos, it is useful for Windows, Android, iPhone and Mac. It is a very versatile and very efficient program with which you can download all those who you want and enjoy all the content you want, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

  • You can download the videos by directly accessing their official website: and enter the URL you wish to download in the input field. Press the “Enter” key to specify.

descargar vídeo de youtube con

  • In the same way you can do it by clicking on the “Install” button to the right of that input field.


  • Another way is by adding “” or “” in front of the URL of the video to record. Example: and pressing ultimatelyIntro•.

descargar vídeos de youtube online

List of the best applications and programs to record free YouTube videos span>

We have compiled a series of tools so you can record videos for free on your devices . These will not only help you perform that function, but also that, will allow you to edit and capture the screen in case you want to do something more personalized or do some demonstration.

Video Grabber for Windows

video grabber

This program not only allows you to obtain videos from YouTube but also from Vimeo, Youku, Metacafe, Veoh, among other audiovisual archives portals. It lets you download all you want with format MP3, MP4, FLV, WMV and more without any limitations and without losing quality.

Even if you want you can record the screen of your computer, to capture images, ideal for tutorials or to indicate something specific to someone. It is a very easy to use tool that you can find for your Windows.

DU Recorder for Android and iPhone DU Recorder

It is one of the best app for Android and iPhone regarding the recording of videos and screenshots. You can add this last function from the control center, to execute it you just have to press the “Record” button and choose the name of this tool. You can apply it for anything you want to capture, such as games, video calls, tutorials and much more.

Similarly, it allows you to do other things, including editing. You can set different frames per second, adjust the resolution, choose the clips and customize them, rotate them and apply effects. Best of all, it’s free and puts at your disposal everything you need to avoid having to resort to a third program.



This is a very complete option, in addition to having numerous tools for video editing. It makes it easy for you to record your computer screen, and even merge the cameras. That is, it allows you to record yourself and the screen simultaneously. It brings with it a work area and a series of tools to customize them to your liking.

One of its disadvantages is that the interface is not so simple because to access some functions you have to look a lot in the menus. But without a doubt it could be an excellent app, since with each update it offers even more.

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