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How to recover lost or forgotten password in Outlook? Step by step guide

Passwords have become a very important piece of information for everyday life, and it is that between the bank keys, to access social networks, the security pin of the mobile and enter the email, among others, they make you get confused at some point, and they even forget the data that goes in each of these.

In the case of the password Outlook, it is very common for this to happen, which is why, The platform has several mechanisms that will help you recover it and thus prevent you from falling into a panic, with easy and simple procedures to execute.

In the following article, you will be able to recover your Outlook password using the three main methods available such as the cell phone, security questions, and an alternate email, as well as some tips to avoid losing this valuable data.

Learn how to recover your Outlook account password

If in some moment you try to access Outlook with your data, and after doing so, the ad appears with the words “Invalid password“, You automatically think” this can’t be. “

Well, the world does not end here, you can solve this problem as long as you follow the steps below:

With your phone number

When you sign in to Outlook for the first time, it is important that you enter your details correctly, since at any time you may need them. In this sense, the telephone number is always important, since by this means keys will arrive with announcements and notifications that they will make the password recovery task much easier.

To recover the password using this option, follow these steps:

  • For Start, you must enter your email and press “Following”.
  • After, will ask you to enter the respective passwordIn this case, go to the section below this space called “¿¿Forgot your password?” and you click there.

Sign in to Outlook

  • Next, you will see the three options available in the password recovery menu, choose “Send a code to my phone ”, and then press the button “Send code”.
  • A space will be displayed and you will receive a text message to your mobile within a few seconds with the requested code.
  • You just have to enter the code received in the space mentioned and press “Send”.

Recover password in Outlook

  • Subsequently, it will take you to another page where you will have to write the new code that you want to use with its respective repetition in the spaces indicated.
  • Press “Following“And that’s it, so you will have recovered your password thanks to the message received on your mobile.

With the security questions

Other ways to access Outlook

Nowadays, this option is not enabled to recover password, since at the time of registration in Outlook, it only takes into account other data such as telephone number or alternative emails.

There is the option “I don’t have any of these tests ”, in which you must register an email where Outlook technical support will contact you, and thus start the recovery process.

With the recovery email

It is the main alternative offered Outlook to recover the email password, it is the most used and common way among all users of this platform, It is important to be clear about this alternative email, since the supplied code will arrive in the mailbox of the same and so the procedure will begin.

To recover the password using the recovery email, you must do the following:

  • Go to the official Outlook website, and in the section “Log in“Write the email to retrieve by pressing”Following”.
  • As you have forgotten or lost the password, go to “¿¿Forgot your password? “ on the bottom.

Enter Outlook using recovery email

  • Automatically, will take you to the next page, where several options will appear, selecting “Send to mail”, Which is the same alternative address you entered when registering your account, click on the right side of it.
  • Then you will see the alternative email message written incompletely, so that Outlook It will ask you to correctly register it in the space indicated, then press the key “Get code”.

Get Outlook access code

  • Later, access the alternative email inbox, Look for the code sent and copy it.
  • Paste it in identity verification and press the key “Following”.
  • Now alone create a new password with the required requirements, if you want obtain a really secure password we advise you to use our Password Generator, then repeat the same where it indicates and press “Following”.
  • Done, this way you can now access your email with your new password without any problems.

How can I avoid losing my Outlook password?

For avoid bad times and prevent the loss of this important information, You can use several elements and use them safely, as they will help you keep your email password always available in case of something new.

Here are some options to avoid losing your Outlook password:

Use password manager

LatPass site is a key manager

Is about an application in which you can safely store a large number of passwords in one placeAll this using a unique password that will give you access to all the data registered there, without having to memorize each password you have. Its use is quite simple, you just have to choose the manager of your preference, enter the email, the master password, and voila, there you will be able to observe all the stored data of passwords and users in an easy and simple way.

Have it written in a safe place

Maybe it’s the most common option, since just by writing it down in your personal diary you will have that information available at the time you want, you can also use the notes in your mobile application, as long as only you have access to it. Other alternatives are to make a list in Word with all your keys, to use the notepad of the PC or an address book. Any way is valid, always maintaining the discretion in the handling of this information.

Store them in the cloud

Outlook notes section

Platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive are at the top thanks to the benefits they offer, For this reason, safeguarding your Outlook password in any of these services is a guarantee of security.For this reason you can create a file with all your email information and store them whenever you want. In this sense, you will have access to information anywhere regardless of whether you use multiple devices to connect.

Keep logged in

When accessing Outloo mailk, it offers the option of keep the mail open so we close the program, this in order to avoid entering the data every time you need to enter the platform. At first glance it is the simplest way, but on the other hand it brings its risks since another person can have access to your information just by entering the mail service, so it is recommended that only you be the one who can handle the device, if you want to apply this alternative.