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How to recover secret Telegram chats after they have disappeared? Step by step guide

For some time, Telegram has managed to be weighed as one of the best instant messaging applications available on the market. Since, compared to other services, it provides much more productivity, personalization, security and privacy.

So, unlike WhatsApp, Telegram stands out for allowing its users make use of conventional chats and secret chats. The latter have been designed to guarantee much more confidentiality, since they are end-to-end encrypted.

However, many times people use them, then decide to remove them from their account and sometimes they need to get them back again. Hence, the big question as to whether there is a possibility of restoring them or not and that, we will let you know here.

Is it possible to recover secret chats from Telegram Messenger?

While it is true, in Telegram, the famous secret chats are used to have greater security in which only you and your receiver can read the messages sent through it. Since, by default, they are end-to-end encrypted and thanks to this, they leave no trace on the platform’s servers. In addition to that, the app’s secret chats are characterized by add a number of additional protections with the aim of reducing the possibility of these conversations being shot down or spied on by third parties.

As a consequence, they present notable differences in terms of common chats and, below, we detail what they are:

Now, beyond this, many users wonder if they can recover secret chats once they have been deleted from Telegram, just like how it happens with conventional chats. In that sense, we limit that, it is impossible to reestablish them, due to the type of encryption that they handle.

Therefore, how encryption of secret chats it’s point to point and they are only visible on the devices that have sent and received these messages, as they are not stored on the application servers; these cannot be recovered in any way. Unlike normal chats that use a client-server and server-client encryption that, by default, saves each message on the servers and therefore, following some methods, the platform allows them to be reestablished.

Learn step by step how to recover other chats from your Telegram account quickly and easily

As we mentioned in the previous part, the normal chats of Telegram can be recovered without making a strenuous effort, in view of the type of encryption they use.

Therefore, if you have deleted a chat and want to restore it in your Telegram account, you can follow one of the following methods to do so:

With a backup

Starting from backup concept handled by Telegram, this service guarantees that all the common conversations of the app will remain intact on any computer on which the user logs in, due to its multi-device support. Which, of course, facilitates the recovery of these chats by making use of backup copies.

However, in order to use this technique, it is important that previously you have created a backup in your account. In general, it is ideal to prepare it through the desktop version of Telegram and when the information is made and exported, you can find it in the download folder as “Telegram Desktop”.

Next, you have to do the following:

  • Start by create Telegram backup. This, you must do by accessing Settings, selecting the option “Advanced” and clicking on “Export data from Telegram” from the Data and storage section. To do so, confirm the action by clicking on “Export” (Before that, make sure the chats box is checked in Export Settings).
  • Once the process of export, you have to enter the folder that has the name “Telegram Desktop”. This, you get it in the section of downloads from your computer.
  • After that, you will be able to view several subfolders and among these, you should look for the one that says “Chats” to enter it by double clicking.
  • Then, although you cannot see the name of the user with whom you had the conversation, it will be possible observe each of the chats listed and in HTML format. Therefore, manually search for the chat you want to restore.
  • Later, when you enter the chat in question, keep in mind that, you can only see the text of the conversation. Well, media files are hiding in the root directory of the conversation and finding this is much more confusing.

Recover deleted photos and videos from chats

Recover deleted photos and videos from chats

In the previous part, we highlighted that, it is useful to recover deleted chats from Telegram through backups when you need to see the messages that these conversations contain. But, in reality, it is not effective for restore photos and videos that were shared through those chats. As a consequence, for recover photos and videos you want from the normal chats that you have deleted in your account Telegram Messenger, you have to resort to a different method.

In this case, we recommend that you carry out the following procedure (based on your computer’s SD card) from the mobile device with which you manage your account in the app:

  • First of all, on your mobile phone, start with find the “My Files” folder. For example, on devices Samsung, you can locate it from the folder Samsung.
  • Next, proceed to look for the option “SD Card” In order to enter the Cache of your terminal and once you find the option, enter it.
  • After this, when you are inside the files of the SD card, it is time to look for the folder that says “Telegram” throughout the list. When you locate it, click on it.
  • Then, if you want to recover images or photos, you have to tap on “Telegram Images” and there you will see all the multimedia elements of this type that have been deleted. To view them in detail, simply select them one by one and decide with which application you want to open them.
  • While, if you want to restore deleted chat videos from Telegram, you must choose the folder that says “Telegram Video”. From there, you can select and open them as you prefer.

Finally, it should be noted that, to recover the audio notes and documents that have been deleted in the instant messaging app, you can proceed in the same way. In this case, you will need to select the folder for “Telegram Audio” or “Telegram Documents”, respectively.