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How to recover the Clash Royale account so as not to lose your progress? step by step guide

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Since the beginning of 2016, Clash Royale has been a free video game with integrated purchases that has given much to talk about. Which, was produced at the end of 2015 and in January 2016, was presented for the iOS platform in its Beta phase available only in some countries.

For its part, in March of the same year, it was officially launched worldwide and since then, it managed to obtain a large number of users who enjoyed, day after day, the experience in this game that they could download directly from the Google Play Store and the App Store. Taking into account that, currently, this strategy and action game in real time is still a good alternative for entertainment.

But, unfortunately, many users have lost their Clash Royale account and for that reason, they want to specify the steps to follow to recover it quickly and without any complications. so that they do not lose their progress in the video game that exhibits great difficulty. Thus, below, we detail what can be done in such cases.

When is it possible to recover a Clash Royale account?

Before letting you know each and every one of the steps to carry out in order to restore your account clash royale and with this, recover all the progress; it is extremely opportune to indicate when it is possible to rescue said account in a simple way.

In this sense, you can perform the restoration of your account if it is affiliated with a Google Play Store, Game Center or Facebook account. In other words, if you have previously linked the game with one of these accounts, it will be much easier to restore it.

Otherwise you will have to do this contacting SuperCell support which is the developer of the game. Being that, a much more tedious procedure to carry out and of course, it will require more time to recover your video game account, since you will have to provide various data and confidential informationlike wait for SuperCell to give you an answer.

Steps to recover your old Clash Royale account easily and quickly

In order for you to be able to restore your account quickly and easily, we want to tell you what the procedure is to do it. via the Google Play Store, Game Center (or the App Store), or Facebookinstead of contacting the SuperCell help center.

That said, let’s start with the steps to carry out:

Access Clash Royale and select the Options menu

Access Clash Royale and select the Options menu

To start, you will have to enter the video game using a new account. Thus, after creating and opening said account, proceed to click on the gear icon located at the top of the screen on the right hand side, in order to access all the options found within the video game.

Proceed to choose the appropriate selection for your situation

Proceed to choose the appropriate selection for your situation

Once the above is done, they will show you a box on the screen and from this, you will have to visualize each and every one of the available options through which you will be able to connect the data of an old Clash Royale accountin order to restore it.

As you will see, the options you find in this box are: “Connect with Game Center”, “Connect with Game ID”, “Connect with Google Play” either “Connect with Facebook”. If you are an iOS customer, you need to choose the first selection indicated and if you are an Android user, choose to connect to the Google Play Store. However, you can also choose to do it with your Facebook account associated with the video game or through the SuperCell ID.

Next, once you select the option indicated for your situation, the system will proceed to open and connect with your old account created in the game and in this way, you will have managed to recover all the progress and in this way, continue advancing in this entertainment experience.

On the other hand, if by selecting the option in this step the system does not recognize your old account and the procedure does not work, it is most likely that you are using the wrong account to reset the game. Even in some circumstances, your account progress may have been removed by mistake and because of this, you will enter a Clash Royale experience from scratch.

Can I lose my Clash Royale account due to inactivity?

Now, whenever there are errors to log in to an old account during the reset process, many users wonder if it may have been closed due to inactivity.

Well, when in doubt, it should be noted that it is impossible for you to be prevented from accessing the Clash Royale experience due to inactionsince that account will always be linked to the associated account that you entered during the creation process.

In this sense, the reasons why you can lose your account They are different and, next, we present the most important of them so that you know what to do in case this problem occurs when you try to restore your old account:

Can I lose my Clash Royale account due to inactivity?

  • Once the game is installed and you start playing the tutorial, the same system indicates that you have another account and thus, many people decide to press on “Continue with current account” and for this, the video game will decide to store the data of the new account and replace old account information. So, you will be losing your account in this way. To try to figure it out, you will have to contact SuperCell support.
  • When you change your mobile device, be it Android or iPhone, game data is completely lost, since these were saved in the Play Store or Game Center and for this reason, there will be no way to recover the account with the new device. So the only solution would be reuse the mobile in which the Clash Royale account was created.
  • By mistake, you yourself could have decided remove the progress in the game and so it seems that you have lost your account by having to start from scratch, again. Taking into account that, if this is the case, there will be no way to reset the progress you had in Clash Royale.

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