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How to remove a WhatsApp group from my chat list? Step by step guide

WhatsApp is the most used communication platform nowadays. With the passage of time, different functionalities have been incorporated, to adjust to the needs of the users.

An example of this is the incorporation of stickers, video calls or the possibility of create groups. Through groups, users have contact with several people at the same time and information, images can be shared, videos and much more.

In this post, we will teach you step by step how to remove a WhatsApp group from your chat list, and some reasons that may lead you to want to get out of this type of group chat.

For what reasons should I leave a WhatsApp group?

exist different types of Whatsapp groups to which you can belong. For example, there are some where users are allowed to write, while there are others where they are set to only administrators have the ability to write messages. Whatever the case may be at some point you consider get out of any of them.

Thus, Here are some valid reasons to decide to leave a group chat:

They send a lot of messages

Something that is a little annoying, especially for users who are keeping busy, is when they talk too much for a group. A large number of unread messages can collapse anyone, so you have two options: mute the group and read nothing, or just fold.

You don't understand the purpose of the group

It is totally valid that you make the decision to leave a group in which you don't understand the purpose of it. Many times they are created solely to share information that is not of interest to you or that you don't fully understand. If that is your case, you can abandon it.

They share inappropriate content

It usually happens that in peer group chats, share sensitive or inappropriate files. If you want to avoid encountering those videos, images, GIFs or any other resource of this type, the best thing is that remove the group or disable the automatic download option.

They send a lot of chains

Something very common that usually occurs in groups is the chain broadcasting in groups. It's a bit of an annoying practice, especially when the content really doesn't do anything for you. This all it does is fill your WhatsApp with unnecessary messages, so if sending chains causes discomfort, it is best to withdraw from that group.

You don't know who the members are

If you are included in a group in which you only know a few membersIt can be a little awkward. Even though the groups are one window for socialization, if you don't feel completely comfortable with the idea of Talk to strangers, better retire.

They just want to sell you products

WhatsApp It is a platform to socialize and share information, however, many users use it only to sell. For this, they usually create group chats in which they share product offers and promotions. If you are not interested, it may be a good reason to decide delete group.

Your mobile's storage is full

There are groups where a large number of people live, which lends itself to share many media files. If you have the automatic download option, your mobile memory may fill up because save everything they send by chat. In this sense, you can delete the group or disable this option.

You are not interested in the topics they talk about

Finally, one reason that makes your stay in a group is maintained is your interest in what is being talked about there. If instead you are in a chat where you have no interest in conversations, jump from there and avoid future inconvenience.

Learn step by step how to leave a WhatsApp group easy and fast

Learn step by step how to leave a WhatsApp group easy and fast

Exit from a Whatsapp group it's a really simple procedure and you can do it both from the version for mobilelike version Web. Keep in mind that when you leave, it will automatically be removed from it, but you can still see it in the CHATS.

So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to get out and remove it correctly.

From the phone

  • Open group chat Whatsapp you want to leave.
  • Click on the group issue. You can also do it by pressing the group from the Chats and then press More options.
  • Choose Exit group and then in Leave.

Once you leave a group, you can remove it. In this way, you will no longer see it in the Chats tab and the message history will also be removed.

To carry out this procedure you must:

  • Enter the chat group.
  • Touch the group subject. Similarly, you can press and hold the group from the CHATS.
  • Choose Delete group and later Remove.

If you don't want to lose the multimedia files, make sure to uncheck the box corresponding to Delete media files from my phone.

From Whatsapp Web

If you are working with the Web version of Whatsapp, the only thing you have to do to leave a group is:

  • Click chat of the group.
  • Click on the arrow facing down, located on the right side of the chat.
  • Select in Exit group.
  • Press the arrow again and choose Delete group.

Can I rejoin a group that I deleted on Whatsapp?

Can I rejoin a group that I deleted on Whatsapp?

If you decided to leave a groupFor whatever reason, you should know that the only way to re-enter a group of WhatsApp that you eliminated, is that administrator add you again. In case you have been the only administrator and have also left, from another administrator is randomly assigned to replace you. Ask that person to add you and voila.