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How to remove access permissions to third-party applications in my Gmail account to gain privacy? Step by step guide

Among the most useful attributes of Gmail, there is the fact that the Google account can be linked to almost any page. It can be used as a subscription method to create accounts of all kinds.

However, this generates a consequence, and is that many pages request permissions to perform actions within the Google account and, in the case of unreliable sites, they may contain hidden actions or harmful to the integrity of our account.

To help you with the security of your information and data, in this article We will teach you the risks of linked accounts and the methods to manage these accesses, so that your google account is safe.

What are the most serious privacy risks of having third-party apps linked to my Gmail?

List of applications with access to Gmail

Yes OK have a Gmail email gives us the ability to manage an account on almost any page or application, in most cases these pages make requests for access to certain aspects of your Gmail account. In certain cases, a page or application could request access to your emails, contacts, notes and documents. It could even request permissions, not only to view data, but to perform actions within the account.

Many websites, such as well-known social networks, can request permissions to access the contacts stored in the Gmail account, with the aim of personalizing contact suggestions. Although most websites are perfectly clear about what permissions are granted when linking the Gmail account, there are web pages that include hidden permissions to view personal information that has not been made public in Gmail

The latter type of sites are the most dangerous, since We will not know what information you have access to until the permissions have been granted. This represents a great risk to the privacy of our data. This is because, being unreliable websites, there is a possibility that it contains spyware and other malicious software They take advantage of the permissions granted to steal vital information from the Google account.

To protect the data in your Gmail account, you need to know which websites to link your Google account to, especially if it contains sensitive information stored in Gmail, or important passwords stored in the manager. So the best course of action to safeguard your account is always investigate the permissions requested by any page before creating an account in this with your email.

Learn step by step how to remove the permissions of third-party applications from your Gmail account from any device

The permissions of third-party applications are not accessible from the Gmail settings itself, but from the Google account management screen, that allows the user to manage said permissions and other accesses of all services linked to Google. This function is easily accessible from any device, since most Google applications have access to the account settings screen.

Now, we will teach you how to carry out this management of permissions from your computer or your mobile phone, regardless of the version of the operating system you have:

On Android

The Advantage of Devices Android when managing your account Google, is the easy and fluid access to the settings screen, which works in conjunction with the access button to the account settings screen Google. This button to access settings is integrated into almost all Google applications, including the Gmail app.

To make this adjustment, you just need to follow this procedure:

  • Go to Gmail from your Android.
  • Press on profile picture.

Manage Google account from Gmail

  • Press the button “Manage your Google account.”
  • Scroll through the horizontal menu to the section of “Security”.

Google security from Android

  • Slide down to option “Third-party apps that can access your account.”
  • Press upon “Manage third party access.”

Manage third-party applications in Gmail from Android

  • On the next screen you’ll see a list of all linked pages and apps to your Gmail account.
  • Click on the application you want to remove from the list and press the button “Remove access.”

One time made this configuration, the access permissions of third-party apps that you have selected will be removed from your Google account, so that only trusted pages and services will have access.

On ios

Yes OK ios is not so linked with Google What Android, has access to all Google applications in the same way that they are available in this, so that it is possible to download the application from Gmail and access your account settings Google in the same way.

Gmail accounts natively with the access button to manage the Google account, so that it is possible to access the menu of third-party applications linked to Gmail, as follows:

  • Opens the application of Gmail in you iPhone or iPad.
  • Press upon profile picture.
  • Press the button “Manage your Google account.”

Manage Google account from Android

  • Move between the menu items until I find the one of “Security”.
  • Scroll down to the card marked as “Third-party apps that can access your account.”

Select application to remove in Gmail

  • Choose “Manage third party access.”
  • Select the app or website you want to remove from the list.

Remove access to applications in Gmail from Android

  • Click on “Remove access.”

From the desktop browser

As it is the only Gmail access method for desktop computers, It is only possible to remove the access of third-party applications through the browser, which provides us with a better visualization of the settings. In addition to this, the desktop version gives us the option to view the permissions that have been given to each linked page or application.

To manage permissions from your computer, just follow these steps:

  • Enter to
  • Log in with your email and password.
  • Click on the profile photo located in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Tap on “Manage your Google account.”

Manage accounts in Gmail

  • A new tab in which we will have access to the settings from the Google account.
  • In the side menu, click on the option “Security”.

Manage account security in Gmail

  • Scroll down to the option labeled “Third-party apps that can access your account.”
  • Click on “Manage third party access.”

Third-party apps that can access your account

  • Select the website or app you want to remove from your access list.
  • By doing click on each element, you will be able to see the permissions that it has.

Remove access to applications in Google

  • For remove access permanently, click the button “Remove access.”