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How to remove iCloud activation lock to unlock my iPhone or iPad? Step by step guide

How to remove iCloud activation lock to unlock my iPhone or iPad? Step by step guide

As technology advances we seek to increase the security measures of people and their devices. That’s why technology companies, including Apple, have devised many ways to protect their users while they operate.

One of these methods designed to safeguard people’s digital information and privacy is the iCloud activation lock that belongs to iOS, which prevents any another person use the device without your consent. However, this can be inconvenient for many for different reasons.

Therefore, we will show you the way that will allow you to use your smartphone quietly eliminating this function. But, keep in mind that everything from now on may be vulnerable.

What is the iCloud activation lock and for what is it for?

It is true that most people prefer iPhone devices, either by status or because it is fashionable. But beyond that it is because these devices offer multiple services and guarantees. Not to mention that new improvements and updates are constantly being implemented.

It should be noted that one of the reasons for its high demand is its high security, that can be evidenced in the iCloud update lock.

It is a property of iOS , the mobile operating system of the multinational Apple Inc ., known for being one of the safest in all the world. It is primarily designed to keep the device and the information it contains safe in the event of a loss or theft. Well, this not only protects the mobile if it falls into the wrong hands, but also increases the chances of getting it back.

When you activate Search “My device” on your iPhone or iPad, your Apple ID is stored on the company’s activation servers securely and simultaneously links your equipment. From that moment on, this security measure will be available for use if needed. This lock requests the access data of the original user’s account by practically disabling the device if they are not entered.

Bloqueo de activacion iCloud

Apple was forced to implement this functionality to try to improve user safety and reduce the theft of these devices, that had increased in recent years due to the high price they had and what so desired that they were in the market.

Since then, the “Search my iPhone or iPad” service has become a pillar of security that other manufacturers want to implement in their products. Although it has been many years now, with the output of iOS 7, the fact that it cannot be deactivated in any way without the Apple ID and password makes it quite acceptable and safe for the rest of the operators.


This application is simple to use and understand, since even from the official website of iCloud you can access multiple functions of the mobile. Well you can be located, display a message on the screen , considering that if a good person found it, return it, it can be blocked, made to emit a sound, or erase all its content remotely preventing anyone from accessing it.

Steps to remove the activation lock from «Search My iPhone »in iCloud

The functionality of iCloud “Search my iPhone” includes the activation lock, that is automatically enabled when this icon is activated.

If you want to release your device, either because you have plans to sell it or simply because you will not use it any longer, you should know that the removal process can take place by different means, either by your own device or through a computer. It is important to mention that it does not have to be precisely a team of this company.

From the iPhone or iPad

The first thing you should do is go to the “Settings” of your iPhone or iPad and click on the “iCloud” icon.

Once you do this you must follow these steps:

iCloud en los iPhone y iPad

  • Click “Search for my iPhone” to deactivate it. This will ask you to enter your data, so you must remember them.

Buscar mi iPhone

  • Then enter the password for your Apple ID and touch “Disable”.

Desactivar buscar mi iphone

  • Finally click on “Remove account”.

eliminar cuenta


In this case you must log in with your Apple ID from any computer.

pagina iCloud

  • Once inside click on the “Search” icon, and immediately the page will locate all the devices in your name and place them on a map.

icono Buscar

  • Press “All devices” at the top of the screen and select the device you want to remove.
  • Press “Delete device ». Then select « Next » until it has been deleted.
  • If it is not connected, the content will start to be deleted automatically the next time it is .

Borrar dispositivo

If I forgot the password

The first thing will be to open the iCloud from any computer, once here if you have logged in with your Apple ID before, you will see your account name and email address. If you don’t have the option to go to the Apple ID account page and click on have you forgotten your password?

olvide la contraseña

  • Enter your Apple ID. If you forgot it, click on Forgot your Apple ID? and follow the instructions until you receive the confirmation email. But, first try to enter your email address, since usually the Apple ID is usually this. So, try all the old ones you could have used.

correo de recuperacion

  • Follow the steps indicated to reset your password by entering the required data.