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How to reply to messages from other users in Slack fast and easy? Step by step guide

Slack has become one of the most important messaging platforms today especially for all those people who have work groups or organizations.

However, when using an application of this type for the first time it is very common not to know how to perform certain activities in it, perhaps one of the most important is how send messages to other users.

Power send or reply to messages in Slack It is a key factor for its use, this is how here we are going to show you how you can carry out this activity in an easy and fast way.

Conversation threads in Slack What are they and why should you use them?

If you are starting to take your first steps in this application, then it is very much that you know what they are conversation threads in Slack, which can be defined as a reference message by which a series of responses will be generated or else leads to a new conversation. In this way, it can be said that the threads have been designed to segment conversations when dealing with a specific topic within a work space.

Thus, it can be said that threads allow to organize in a better way direct messages and chats in channels, as well as when talking about specific topics without cluttering the current conversation. One of their main features is that they allow you to track conversations in a much easier way.

It should also be mentioned that by default, Slack threads are always connected to the original message, so you will always keep a connection with that message. This allows you to reply directly to a message on the channel and still keep the replies in the same order.

But in this case it must be mentioned that they will not appear in the main view of the conversation and notifications of new replies, this will only be available to users who have commented on that thread. It should be mentioned that there are several reasons why these should be used conversation threads, especially since your goal is improve communication between users.

That is why here we show you some of the reasons why you should start using this tool in Slack:

  • It allows users to optimize what is the organization within the workspaces In all its entirety, all this is quite comfortable for all users who manage each of their tasks from there.
  • They are considered a fundamental resource To avoid the channels they stop or focus on the less important of an issue.
  • One of its main advantages is that they help improve the experience of conversations without affecting the normal operating mode of the messages issued in the different channels.
  • Using the threads avoids inconvenience to the other members of the workspace that have nothing to do with the subject being discussed, since these notifications will only reach those who have commented on said thread.
  • It is considered a great assistance to coordinate and structure a better way communication, this is because they can be delegated as child messages.

Learn step by step how to reply to a message from a user in Slack and create a conversational thread

If you are just taking your first steps in Slack you may not yet know how to answer a message in the application or how to create a conversational thread. The truth of all this is that both procedures are very simple to perform, that is why here we are going to explain how to carry out each of them.

For this, follow each of the steps in detail that we are going to explain below:

Learn how to reply to a message from a user in Slack

  • To be able to reply to a message from another user In the application the first thing you should do is access it from the computer or mobile.
  • The next thing will be to find the message that you have received to respond, keep in mind that these messages will be found in the section of “Direct messages”. In the case that you are from the computer, this category will appear on the left side of your screen and if you are from the mobile app at the bottom of the screen.
  • There you will see the name of the person that has written to you, once you have identified it, you just have to click on that name or click on it to access the conversation.

Learn how to reply to a message from a user in Slack

  • In the next window you will be shown the conversation with that person, to be able to respond you simply have to click on the send message to user bar, which is at the bottom of the screen.
  • There you must write the message you want to reach to your colleague from your work team.
  • When you have finished writing the message you want to send, you just have to hit the enter key so that this is sent if you are from the computer or press the blue icon to send it in case you use the mobile app.

Learn how to reply to a message from a user in Slack

  • In this simple and fast way, you can start responding to each of the messages sent to you by the different users that are part of your workspace. This will allow you to have conversations with each of them.

Create a conversational thread

The procedure for start a conversation thread or to answer it is very simple, in this case we are going to teach you how to do it from different devices, for this follow each of these methods.

From the computer

  • Once you have entered the desktop Slack app, the following will be to place the mouse cursor over the message you want to reply to.
  • There you must select the option “Reply thread”.

From the computer

  • The next step will be write your answer.
  • And lastly, you must send your message to start the conversational thread. In this way, the notifications corresponding to that thread will begin to arrive.

From your Android mobile

  • When you have already accessed the Slack app from your Android mobile, you must select the message you want to reply to.
  • There you must select the icon “Start a thread” or in that case, click on the option “Add an answer” so you can add the reply to an existing thread.
  • The following will be write your answer.
  • Then you must press the paper icon so that it i sent your message just like when replying to a message.

From your iOS mobile

  • When you are already inside the conversation in Slack, you must press the message you want to reply to.
  • The next thing will be to press the icon “Start a thread” either “Add an answer” this will allow you to leave your comment in the existing thread.
  • There the field will open to you so you can add your message.
  • Finally you must press the paper icon to send your message. From that moment on, you will receive all the notifications related to this thread.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of Slack and be more productive working as a team

Slack It is characterized by being a specialized application for what will be your work space, In other words, it will offer you all the necessary tools so that both you and your team can get the most out of it. However, being able to know all its functions can be somewhat complicated, this is how here we are going to teach you some tricks so you can get the most out of this app.

To do this, follow in detail each of the tricks that we explain below:

Set reminders for messages you need to reply to

Set reminders for messages you need to reply to

On many occasions, due to time issues, you can read a message in a few seconds, but you don’t have the time to answer at once, since for certain reasons you cannot answer what they are asking you there or you are just in a meeting where you don’t have the time to write the answer that the other person is waiting for.

One of the biggest drawbacks of these events is that most people forget to respond to the messages they have already seen. One way to solve this problem is by placing a reminder for messages that are read but cannot be replied at once. To do this, you need to hover over the message and select the three-dot icon that appears there.

Now you must scroll to the bottom of the menu that will appear there and select the option when you want to be reminded. In this case Sackbot, known as the assistant Slack will be in charge of returning the message to your attention at the desired time. This will help you remember that you have that message pending to respond.

Let your colleagues know

Let your colleagues know

You may not yet know some of Slack’s special commandsThe truth is that some of them allow you to send a notice to the people of a channel, this in case you need to inform them of something important. For this there are three special words such as the following: @channel, @all and @ here.

However, not only is it enough to know them, but you must also know how each of them is different to know when to use them:

  • @channel allows you to notify everyone on the channel regardless of whether they are online or not.
  • @everyone in this case it notifies all the members of a space and it can only be used within the #General channel.
  • @here allows you to notify all the people who are on a channel and are currently online.

Start adding your own emojis

Start adding your own emojis

If you have already explored this application you have surely realized that it includes many emojis, so on many occasions it can be difficult to get one in particular, so a solution is to add it yourself. Therefore, you can add your own emojis to Slack, for this you must click on the arrow that appears next to the name of your space and then choose the option of “Customize Slack.”

When you are in said options section, different elements of the app can be configured, such as the welcome messages. In this case the first options tab is called “Emoji” that’s where you can add your own emojis to the app, which will be able to be used by all users of your workspace.

In this case the first thing you should do is select the name of your emoji and then select the file so that you can find and upload the emoji image. It is important to mention that the app has certain conditions for emojis, in this case the images must have a width or height of a maximum of 128 pixels and occupy a lot 64 kilobytes. It is not mandatory but it is recommended to use square images.

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