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How to restore Windows 8 system without losing programs and applications in the process? Step by step guide

If you want restore Windows 8 without losing programs in this process it will be necessary for you to have information about the differences that exist between restore and format The operating system.

For it We have prepared this article in which you will find all the information related to whether or not to restore the computer. If you want to know how to do it, we will also show you the step by step so you do not miss any program.

We invite you to read this post until the end, because we will explain each concept in detail. Don't miss out on anything if you want to be an expert in W8.

What are the differences between restoring and formatting Windows 8?

When you perform a restore of your computer in Windows 8 what you are doing is returning to a previous point or state. That is to say, you will not lose the programs you have installed or modify the settings that you have done up to the moment of the action. Instead, when you format the equipment you are returning the settings to factory defaults. This will imply that you have to re-install programs and updates that you already had on your computer, as well as you will have to reconfigure different options.

When is it more convenient to restore the system than to reinstall it?

It is convenient restore a Windows 8 computer when you have installed a program and it does not work at all well or causes crashes in the operating system. This can also be done when you have updated an application or the same OS. Another way you have to decide on a computer restoration is if you know exactly that the system is not unstable and that they don't exist malware that may impair the correct operation of Windows 8.

If your computer from time to time issues a type of error that affects the operating system, it is advisable to restore it, since these failures are not frequent. Finally, when your computer has an incompatibility it is always advisable to restore it first. And if the errors persist, it will only be necessary to format Windows 8.

Learn step by step how to restore Windows 8 without losing programs

For what do not lose programs or any type of configuration on your W8 computer, we will show you below the steps you will have to do to carry out a restoration.

The steps are:

Create a restore point

Create a restore point

The first thing you will have to do is create a state to restore your computer to a certain point. In this way you can keep your photos, videos and any file that you have saved so far. You must bear in mind that You will have to carry out this task before executing any action in which you consider that it may generate failures in the operating system.

For example, if you are going to install a printer or some other program, it is convenient create a restore point so that you take a step back if you have made a mistake in including new software.

The process is the following:

  • Go to the button Start and then find the tool Setting.
  • Then select System properties.
  • Click on the tab System protection.
  • Search the field Setting protection and click on Create. You will find this button next to Create a restore point now for drives that have system protection turned on.
  • Then enter a description to help you remember and identify the restore point.
  • Click on Create.

Enter the Settings panel

If you can enter Windows and want to restore the operating system, you will have to access Setting via the start menu. Then you will have to go to the option System properties and click on System protection. When you are in this window you will have to click on Recovery.

In case you can't get into Windows you will have to do it by starting advanced options. For this you will have to turn on the computer without the operating system loading, then you will have to start the computer from memory USB that you have previously connected (or from a CD on which you have the Windows 8 ISO image saved). Next, you must choose repair and troubleshoot equipment in the advanced options menu.

Choose the restore point

The previous steps will take you to a menu in which you will have to choose Open restore Sistem. Then you will have to click on Following and then Choose another restore point. Select the state in which you are sure that the OS will work without failures.

Detect affected programs

Once you choose the restore point, you will have to click on Following. This will take you to a window in which you must choose the option Detect affected programs so that you can find out which drivers or programs will be uninstalled after the restoration. When you are sure of the process you will do, you will have to click on Finalize.