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How to run Android applications on a Windows computer fast and easy? Step by step guide


Use Android apps it’s really funThey can help us in our daily life, even in our professional world. These have very useful features for any case, or need we have, for this reason they are very important for many of us.

These applications are really quite interesting on our mobiles, but you can imagine how much more, when we run it on our computers. Today there are many ways that allow us launch Android app on PC, with Windows or Linux.

Today, we will show you those ways and the appropriate platforms to run all those applications that we like so much on our Android, on our PC. Just as we also leave you a small list of cross-platform apps and the best alternatives to bluestack.

What are the benefits of running Android applications on a computer?

When we like a mobile application, we will also want to install it on our computers and as everything has a solution thanks to innovations and in this case emulators, we can install them without any problem. By doing so we get a great list of benefits, but they vary depending on the type of application we want to have on our computer. For example, if we are going to install a game, we will have a better screen, to better appreciate the graphics.

Sometimes running an application from an emulator has better efficiency and speed than when running on a device. In itself, this is one of the main advantages, which makes the people acquire the emulators of Android PC or cross-platform software.

Another feature is that it allows better data transmission, with larger packets and faster. When we talk about data transmission, we not only refer to those sent through a network, we also talk about those who pass via USB.

What are the main ways to run Android apps on Windows?

There are currently different methods that allow us to run applications on our computer, each with slightly different mechanisms, but with the same objective.

Then, We will show you what are the main ways to enjoy an App on Android and PC:

Dual start

Dual boot is also known as multi-boot, and has a mechanism, which allows the computer to work together with the mobile operating system, within the same hard disk, allowing both OS to run at the same time.

When we start our team with both operating systems, this will ask us which system to use, in some cases (rare) both systems can be run at the same time.

In the most common cases we can only start one system at a time. Who gives the ability for the PC to start one system or another, is the Startup Manager, also known as Boot Loader.

Cross-platform apps

Multiplatform applications are those that we can run on different operating systems (mobile or PC), because they can be developed in different languages, through a schedule so that they can be exported.

This system makes it possible to reduce costs, since applications can be compiled so that they can be run, not only on PC but also any other operating system, such as iOS, Android, Windows.


Android emulators are the most used when you want to use an application on our PC that is designed in APK format.

Although it can occupy a large space on our PC and slow down our computer a littleWhen running, it is an excellent option. One of the most used emulators is Bluestacks, where we only need to download and run it, all without the need for any payment.

This emulator runs a version of Android, on our PC, in turn allowing us to use Google Mobile applications, such as Google Play, and others.

Steps to configure a dual boot with Windows and Android on a computer

Setting up a dual boot with Windows and Android may seem easy, but in reality it is a difficult task, because if we move, or manipulate a code incorrectly, we can damage even the BIOS from our computer.

To save you a bad time, It is highly recommended to follow the steps that we will show you below:

Backup before everything

One of the main risks of this, is the complete loss of data, for this reason, it is better to make a backup before continuing, and so we are sure, that none of our data will be lost during setup.

What do we need to do the configuration?

To make the configuration of the operating systems, it is necessary that we comply with the following characteristics:

  • Two units SSD or HDDbecause that’s where the operating systems will be installed
  • A partitioning program, like the Partition Wizard.
  • We must also install EasyUEFI Professional, even if it’s free mode.

Download Partition Wizard Windows

Download EasyUEFI Professional Windows

Let’s install Android and Windows on the same PC

First we must format the disk, and for this we will use to the Minitool Partition Wizard, because the format must be in FAT32, and Windows naturally will not allow it. With the newly formatted disk, we enter the pendrive, or boot device and install, the Android OS.

When the installation is complete, we go into Windows and create a UEFI entry with the help of EasyUEFI, and we enter Android. We finish with the configuration, entering mail and data.

How do we enter Android?

To enter Android, we can use two methods:

  • The first method is using our PC, through the Boot Menu
  • As a second method, we can enter from Windows through from the advanced start menu, then we look for all the configurations, we are going to updates and securitywe select Recovery and finally complex boot.

Let’s enjoy the system

Finally, we enjoy all the benefits provided by the Android operating system. As we know the Android, offers us totally different characteristics from Windows.

How to install Bluestack emulator step by step to run Android apps on Windows 10

Bluestack, is one of the software that allows us enjoy all the Android features from our PC; And the best thing is that we do not need a complex installation, because with just the package or installer, we can enjoy applications like WhatsApp, Tik Tok, Instagram or any other.

First we must download the installation package, we can find this After the download is complete, we search our PC for the download folder, or where the package is located.

When we find it we double click on the package, and a box will be executed, asking us for the permissions, since Windows does not consider it to be trusted software. Then the installation wizard will run, guiding us to complete the process, and thus be able to use the emulator without any problem.

  • The wizard will ask us for a path to install the program. Pressing on examine we will be able to select the place.

select route

  • Then we will have to choose the different shortcuts that we want to activate. We have the possibility to enable the Access to the store, and the Notifications.
  • Upon completing the above, the copying process will begin, which should normally not take more than 15 minutes.
  • Once the entire installation process is complete, the emulator will open, and a download process will start, where applications and games are installed from it, which by default come in the Android version of the emulator.

emulator installed

When the whole process is finished, we can now quietly use the Android emulator. Like a phone, at the first time of use we will have to configure it according to our Google mail, to be able to make any download from the Play Store.

If we talk about the interface, it is certainly a little different from what we can find on a phone or tablet, but despite this they are practically the same functions.

The best cross-platform applications that you can install on Android and Windows

There are many cross-platform applications, although from our own experience we can tell you that they are very easy to find. To help you in this search We leave you a small list of five applications that can really help you in your daily tasks:


This is one of the most widely used tools today to manage domestic and professional activities, widely known for being compatible in many operating systems, including Android, Apple and Windows.

It can be used on any tablet or even downloaded as an extension in browsers. Due to its great fame, Microsoft bought all its shares, and although it is currently online, it already has an ad informing its community They must move to Microsoft To Do, also known as Windows 101.

microsoft to do

This is an application is from Microsoft, and is considered as the successor of Wunderlist, being quite competitive with this, thanks to its simplicity and great efficiency in managing files and domestic and professional activities.

Although the only difference with Wunderlist, is that does not allow registration using data obtained from Facebook or Google, something that can be somewhat disadvantageous, since many annoy to follow a tedious step by step, until achieving a successful registration.

How todoist Works

How todoist can be our agenda, or calendar if we want. Currently considered like strong competition with Windows 101, since it implements more than a simple management of personal activities.

With Evernote, we can adjust our day to day, through planning, since it can serve us as a secretary, helping us to manage basic and complicated tasks. Your system is compatible on almost any device, as well as many operating systems, including, Android, Apple, Windows and Linux.

Google Task

google task

Who does not know the great google task, because in reality we personally consider it to be one of the most used Google tools. Allowing to manage activities and tasks in a very practical and simple way, achieving even a connection with our Google calendar, and email, to so better control and monitor all our activities.

It is a truly useful assistant, so much so that when using it we will feel that we are facing a real assistant. One of the most striking features is that we can use a microphone and ask what are the pending activities, and this can answer us indicating us until the delay of each one.

List of the best Android emulators for Windows alternative to Bluestack

Android emulators are widely used to open and run mobile applications on PC, and are widely used today. There are many alternatives to Bluestack today, And here we bring you the best five, which will help you enjoy a lot:

The main objective of Nox App is to allow its users to be able to run Android applications, on their PCs. If you wonder what they are, we will tell you, that they are simply all those found on Google Play.

This application is created by BigNox, being a high competition for Bluestacks, due to its efficiency, optimization and easy use and installation.

Androi-X86 it’s an open source project that allows us to launch applications with an APK extension on your platform, being a good alternative to Bluestacks. Although his start in the world was simply to implement some patches, taking a great turn, thanks to his fame and great utility.

This application has a code based on a license from Apache Public 2.0, and some of its components are licensed under GNU.

memu play

Memu is an emulator, which despite being new to the market, has been quickly recognized in the market, becoming the favorite of many people. Currently it can be considered as An excellent alternative to Bluestacks, not only for its objective which is to allow the execution of mobile apps, but for its efficiency and simplicity.

Genymotion is a pretty useful emulator developed by Geny Mobile, which allows us to run any Android application on a PC. Its architecture is quite simple to understand, and easy to use, although for its use it is necessary to pay a minimum of 5 cents per minute.

It is a very simple application and takes less space than bluestacks, offering the same features. This great app allows us to see, Enjoy and play with all the existing mobile apps on Google Play.