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How to schedule a Facebook Live broadcast to notify your audience of the start of the video? Step by step guide

Facebook Live is a powerful tool that connects millions of people every day. According to statistics from the technology company, the viewing time in the lives is higher than the average of conventional videosis that they are published in the section of News.

This figure is a basis for seriously consider being present on stream and cover the need of a niche of users that has been growing since 2016.

One of the most interesting tools you have Facebook is the possibility to schedule events, so we will show you everything you need to know about this topic.

What are the benefits of scheduling your live broadcasts on Facebook Live?

There are moments in which you want to share your life story, your service or product, for that you can make a live video, a technique that continues to grow and by which better customers are captured, followers and resources.

These are some of the benefits that are obtained with the use of Facebook Live as a live tool that reaches all types of people:

  • Organize your content: Ideally, if you are going to schedule an event it is because you are already clear about what you are going to talk about. However, there are immediate events that need to be broadcast and the programming will give time to better organize the content.
  • You arrive at a better time: It depends on the public, you should select the best time in which you are sure that people have enough time. When you broadcast at the wrong time, you likely have fewer followers.
  • You take advantage of the Facebook algorithm: This social network values ​​a lot when users use their native tools, never rule out scheduling a video, publishing them on all channels and trying to interact from the moment of the announcement.
  • Transmission is not lost: Once the live broadcast is over, if desired, Facebook saves the footage so that more people can see it later. So all that effort you make so that the fans see your content is not lost at the end of the live.
  • Previous probing: People can comment on the schedule and give likes, so you can see the importance that followers give to your schedule from the moment it is sent, this gives you an idea of ​​the expectation that people have about the event.
  • Advance the link: When you schedule an event, Facebook offers you a permanent link that allows people to access the live once it starts. You can share this link on any platform or social network and attract more people.
  • Facebook sends up to three messages: The social network has a system of publications that favors you, as it sends its followers up to three alerts about the same event, everything is without you as the organizer having to lift a finger.
  • Monetize your effort: a great way to take advantage of this tool is through courses and webinars, in which you can earn income from the quality of the content you offer to people.

Learn step by step how to schedule an FB Live broadcast to alert your audience

If being a streamer catches your eye, it will be important for you to schedule a live broadcast so that you can take advantage of all the benefits that we have explained to you in the previous section.

Go for it:

About setup

Actually, your account is not required to be specially configured so that you do a free transmission, without promoting the event or obtaining any monetary benefit from it. If you want to do some kind of charity fundraising, a minimum of account adjustments are required before you can successfully fundraise via live stream.

Schedule your live

  • Log in to Facebook Live and go to the section “Creator Studio”.
  • Choose the option “To create” and later “Broadcast live”.

  • You will enter the section “Live Producer”

Schedule live video event on facebook

  • Later, Facebook it will ask you to fill in fields like “Name of the event”, “Start date” Y “Start time”.
  • You must also fill in the field of “Description”.

Fill fields to schedule lives on Facebook

  • Remember, if you are an account administrator you can change the privacy.
  • Choose “Next”.
  • Place a “Cover photo” that everyone can see.

Cover photo schedule live video

  • Finish with the option “Create an event”.

End of live programming on Facebook

Details of interest

Facebook suggests to people that start the transmission 10 minutes before the scheduled timeThis will allow you to become familiar with the user interface and better manage the type of internet connection you may have. This eliminates the possibility of the video being canceled if there is any fault on your part during the transmission.

About 20 minutes before the event, a preview of the event can be sent to followers, thus increasing the expectation in them and better capture their attention. This you can do in “Edit publication” inside the tab “Upcoming Live Videos”.

Find out how to promote a session on Facebook Live to boost your reach on the platform

At the moment, Facebook does not have a payment option to reach more people when you schedule a live video event, but it does offer a couple of options:

Share on more pages

It is a cross promotion in which you can publish your event on other Fan Pages where you have access as “Administrator” or “Editor”:

  • This step you must do it before creating the event.
  • After modify the date and time of the event, you will see the option “Post on more pages”.

Post on more Facebook Live pages

  • You will see a pop-up window in which you will mark one or more Fan Pages additional to publish the same event.

Fan Pages to publish a live event

  • Select option “Keep”.
  • Then you can continue with the live programming.

Leverage URLs

This is a freer way to take advantage of the scheduled event because sIt only consists of looking for the URL of the event or the Fan Page so that more people can access it from other web pages or social media platforms. If you like marketing, You will know how to plan a correct publication strategy in different parts such as Instagram and WhatsApp, which are part of the applications and solutions of its owner Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook Live page URL

Pay per post

And although you cannot promote using paid advertising on Facebook for a scheduled event, if you can do it in a conventional publication in the News or Stories sectionYou just have to create attractive text and designs and take advantage of the link that the programming offers you to do so.