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How to schedule a webinar on Zoom from any device? step by step guide

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Most people are used to using the Zoom meetingsnevertheless some are unaware of the option of organizing seminarsin which one or more speakers participate to provide information of interest related to a particular topic to those who register.

In these types of events, administrators want and need to have more control of the activity that is carried out. This option is not available in the free account, so you must hire a Premium plan to moderate the presence of between 100 and 10,000 users at most.

If you are interested in hold a seminar on Zoom or to know how is your functioning, In this guide you have all the necessary information. You will learn to program them on any devicehow to promote webinars and five additional alternatives that are used to organize these events online.

Utility to schedule meetings in Zoom

Advantages of doing a seminar by Zoom

Organize a seminar or any other meeting using the platform zoom It has its advantages, considering that It is one of the most used video call applications and that has gained space compared to others that have been on the market for many years.

Some of the utilities you will find when scheduling your activities with Zoom are the following:

  • Supports a large number of people: still the audio and video quality is not lost.
  • Guests do not need to download the app: with a link is enough to join via the web, even without being registered.
  • You can record the content: it is helpful to have a backup of classes or seminars.
  • Virtual backgrounds can be used: this is intended to give a different image to your profile.
  • Adapts to your internet connection: This includes low speeds.
  • Increase productivity: you can perform more by having time from any place and time.
  • The free version is very complete– If you don’t have a paid license, you can schedule meetings with most features.
  • Works perfectly on mobile: important when you want to connect outside of a living room or office.

Learn how to schedule a webinar on Zoom

In the webinars it is necessary that those registered fill out a small form before receiving the access invitation. This can be done in the form Handbook either automatic, with the intention of completing a database and keeping track of the participants.

From here on, you will see in detail how to schedule a seminar either on a mobile device or from a computer:

On Android and iOS

The main step in programming on a mobile device is have the application downloaded from the official store.

Zoom - One Platform to Connect
Zoom - One Platform to Connect

Then you will make the adjustments, as shown in these points:

  • Open the Zoom app on your mobile device.
  • Search “My webinars”.
  • click where does it appear “Schedule my webinar.”

Premium Zoom Interface

  • In the line of “Affair”, Give your event a name.
  • Next, in “Description”, write down relevant details such as the name of the company and the name of the panelists.
  • Point the date, time and duration of the seminar.
  • There are two optionswhat is to do pre-registering or leave it free and that whoever wishes can participate.

Premium Zoom Monitor

  • Then you have the freedom to choose some options, among them if you want to record the informationthe format of the invitation and the promotion to be carried out.
  • During the eventyou will have various functions available as administrator with the ability to mute everyone present, remove participants, or lock the meeting.

On Windows 11 and macOS

The steps for scheduling a webinar from the computer are very similar to those of a mobile device. Apart from the basic configuration, In this part of the course you will learn how to approve records of those who are interested in participating.

To do this, take note of the following aspects:

  • Sign in to the Zoom app or in the zoom web portal from your preferred browser.
  • In the navigation baryou will see the function “webinars”.

How to upgrade to Zoom Premium

  • look for the box “Schedule a seminar”.
  • For Activate participants to register, click on “Record” which is in the box “Webinar setup”.
  • Besides, you can select if the participants will comply with a single registration or must do it before each session.

If you want the registrations to be approved automatically, you have to do the following once you have the programming done:

  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on the option “Invite attendees”.

Users allowed in a Zoom seminar

  • Next to approval there are two options: “Approve manually” either “Auto Approve”.
  • Choose the one you prefer and at the end click on “Save all”.
  • Prior to finish, copy the link address that you will send to the participants of your seminar.

Tips and tools to boost your Zoom seminars

So that workshop or webinar is successful, it is advisable to choose the best tools available. But there are also some tricks that you must apply to capture the attention of the public and increase the interest in what you want to promote.

Go for it:

Design a good promotional campaign

Promote your personal or company brand

Those interested in your webinar will not arrive automatically or without any effort. For this reason it is convenient establish a good promotion strategy on your personal website or blog, as well as on social networks where you include graphic content and posts related to the theme that the panelists will develop.

The idea that the experts contribute is start an advertising campaign at least four weeks before the date that you have designated for the online workshop, increasing the presence of the banners when there are a few days left. Maybe you can use paid ads on social networks to increase visibility.

Choose a suitable format

Seminars take a level up when they have multiple guests or panelists who contribute their knowledge of the topic. This generates more expectations in those registered. Of course there is also the possibility that you will be the only speaker. Nevertheless, it is convenient to evaluate all the possibilities and at the end point choose the time that each person will expose.

Besides, you have the possibility of open a panel discussion with the audience or other special guests. If there are specialists in your audience, you can allocate a space within the duration to talk and analyze important details.

Have a clear outline of what you will talk about

Plan the content of your seminar

It’s key organize ideas ahead of time and establish an outline through which the course will rotate. Improvising on the fly is a bad idea, you have to demonstrate security and tranquility when developing the subject of which you are an expert. Design a brief outline that includes the main points and the space you will dedicate to each one.

It is also not that you are going to have everything written verbatim and you are going to read your speech from a device, word for word. You must do it with a conversational tone, with a fresh and natural style so that there is a thread throughout the session that keeps attendees pending on the next point.

Make good use of visual elements

Well-used images add more to an online workshop than thousands of words. However, it is important that they are not too busy, the simpler and more to the point their structure is, the better they will fulfill their mission. If you decide to make a slide, one of the elements that you must include is a summary of all the points or at least the main ones that will be covered.

Secondly, shows some of the tools and web pages that will serve as support material. You can use this as you touch the key point. And in the same field of the visual, it is convenient that the webcam is of good quality, much higher than the one that computers bring.

Create a content library

How to create better content

One of the tools that Zoom makes available is the record the content generated during a course or seminar. With this material at hand, you can make it available at any time to those who participated in your workshop, according to the requests or requests you receive.

Have the recording at hand it allows you to continue capturing attention for days or weeks after the seminar ends. You can also share some fractions on the website or on social media, which will help get new people interested in future lectures.

Alternatives to Zoom to do online seminars

You know what Zoom is one of the tools that is fashionable, however it is not the only one available to do webinars. Perhaps there is an aspect that worries you or you want to know other alternatives available to reach your audience the next time you organize a workshop.

Here in this course you have five that you can add to your list of applications:

GoToWebinar website

This system allows transmit between one and twelve hours continuously without risk of interference or disconnections. Likewise, about 3,000 participants can join simultaneously, live and from the comfort of their home or office. It has applications for different devices, be it computers or mobiles.

Other aspects to note is that participants do not need to download any software or applications, HD quality can be used and there is a direct chat message with those who are connected. The free trial has a maximum of nine connections, and the paid version costs around $10 per month.

easyWebinar website

A very nice and intuitive interface has this application, which also has several predesigned templates that are easily adapted to WordPress, if you had a page there. The transmission of the workshop also can be made visible on Youtube or Vimeo, still live. It offers the possibility during the conference to show suggestions and links to keep the audience active.

Another aspect that stands out is the ability to connect with other social networks and mail systems. They don’t give a free trial but they promise refund in case the tool doesn’t meet your needs. It does not have a limit of participants and you can simultaneously use up to 10 panelists.

Webinar Jam Studio website

One of the main features of this application is Upload up to 10 videos and share them as part of your webinar. When the option to play is given, the webcam is automatically turned off and now those present only see the movie. There are many templates to choose from to give your meeting a different look.

Some properties that Jam Studio has are screen sharing, chat with participants, recording on YouTube and that no app to download and no limit on number of guests. The cost of use per year is 497 dollars without the possibility of trying before contracting the service.

Google Hangouts website

The transmission of all the seminars of this platform is done only through YouTube, in HD quality and creating an automatic backup of the workshop, which can be reviewed later. Appointment scheduling is set up with Google Calendar and then activated in Hangouts. The service is free and there is no limit to the number of people who can join.

Communications are secure this mode is activated with screen sharing and works for all devices, including those with a large monitor. It is completely free and the requirement is that the moderator or presenter has a Google account.

Download Skype

Although it has its limitations, it is one of the platforms that is also available for conducting webinars. Only 10 participants can join and there is no possibility to change the wallpaper. Invitations should be made on the spot, so they are best used for very specific meetings within a company or where you have to give instructions to small groups.

what yes it has is screen sharing functionis available for any device, whether desktop or mobile, and it is worth organizing a seminar even if you have a free account.