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How to schedule the sending of an email in Outlook? Step by step guide

In a globalized world, and where the daily routine takes over our agenda every time, it is common for we have little space left for things that, although they may seem very small, are very important. Such is the case of sending emails that are scheduled, a fact that, however simple it may seem, many times it gets out of hand.

However, if your job is to send emails to different recipients, but time is not your main ally, Outlook gives you the option to schedule the sending of emails, and thus be able to fulfill your tasks during the determined period.

In this article, you will know how to program the mailing in its different forms, as well as how many emails you can have scheduled on the Outlook platform.

Learn how to schedule one or more emails to be sent in Outlook

This is a very important tool, since it allows to have the sending of emails for the date and time that you think is convenient, and better manage the information you handle. It is a fairly simple process, you just have to follow the steps correctly and so you can execute this option. On the other hand, this function represents an advantage, since you can anticipate all the work you have pending, thus having your time to carry out other tasks, since the platform will take care of the shipment.

To carry out this programming, you have two ways to do it, which you will learn about below:


This is the way that the platform offers to schedule mailings, you just have to be clear about the date you want to use for this purpose and so you can execute the action without problems:

  • Access your Outlook account with the key and password correspondent.
  • Already in the inbox, go to “New message”In the upper right.

Compose new message from Outlook web

  • In the pop-up window, enter the recipient’s address, the information, and then go to the button “Send”At the bottom left, and click on the arrow that you will see next to it.

Send an email later in Outlook

  • Automatically, two options will appear, selecting “Send later”.
  • A small box will be displayed with a calendar and next to it a clock, here you must choose the day and time where you want to send the mail.

Set date and time when scheduling an email

  • Once this data is configured, press “Send later“, It will remain in the drafts folder and that’s it, so you will have scheduled the sending of the email.

With an external tool

For carry out this option, Outlook offers you a very effective complement for this type of function called “Boomerang“, It will allow you to schedule the mailing for the date you think is convenient, regardless of whether they are hours, days, weeks, or months, as the corresponding period to execute this action.

To schedule these shipments through this tool, you must follow these steps:

  • Search “Boomerang“In the plugins menu and click on”Add”.
  • Next, go to the section of the “Three horizontal dots”At the bottom of the sent messages pop-up window.

Install new add-in in Outlook

  • Locate on the plugin “Boomerang”And a menu with various options will be displayed.
  • Choose “Send later“, A new menu will appear, in this click on the tab”Custom”.
  • Now the configuration table will appear to schedule the mailing.

Install Boomerang as an add-in in Outlook

  • Scroll towards the blank from the bottom of the configuration table, in it you will observe a calendar, click on it.
  • Choose the day and the month, as well as the respective time in which you want the mail to be sent.
  • Press “Confirm”And voila, in this way you will have programmed the mail using this add-on.

How many emails can I have scheduled in Outlook?

This is a very recurring question among Outlook users, since many shipments are usually scheduled, especially in specific periods such as Christmas or summer holidays, allowing people to broadcast these messages until after any of these mentioned dates.

They can be programmed up to 100 shipments, but if you expand your storage capacity this can go up to the 300, approximatelyIt will also depend on the type of email that it is and the capacity of the attached files that they have at the time of programming.

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