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How to search for people by RUT? Step by step guide

How to search for people by RUT? Step by step guide

If you are looking for a person in Chile , be it a family member, friend or just for a work issue and want to know a little more about your prospect you can get all this information through the Civil Registration and Identification Service . However, it is not always very simple to be able to consult some type of data in that institution, since, in general, delivering data from another person may be illegal.

On the other hand, certain methods have been used to be able to carry out this type of consultation, one of them is to know or have the RUT of that person , as well as as much information as possible of the same. And the Civil Registry is responsible for keeping as much information as possible of each of the inhabitants of the country, and they have the mission to provide the data to the Government to promote transparency and the identification of each of the citizens .

That is why this has become a great alternative to be able to find different people that are of our interest, be it family or work. Where you will receive information such as name, signature, address, age, , among others.

What is the RUT and what is it for?

¿Qué es el RUT y para qué sirve?

Single Tax Role or also known as the RUT, is a mechanism that is responsible for identifying, locating and finding people and entities that have a role of taxpayers and that is also applied to foreign people in Chile and that are required at the time of wanting to perform some type of procedure or contract.

In general, foreigners in Chile apply the “RUT of foreign investor”, which consists of an institution other than the permit visas and nationalities. This is available to all foreigners who want to invest in the country , so they must perform some procedures or contracts that require the Enrollment in some public record.

Another of its functions is that it allows citizens to endorse and identify their economic activity before third parties when they want to establish a commercial or labor relationship, thus carrying different entities of control and supervision. In addition, it is a great tool that allows entrepreneurs and merchants to know a little more about which people they want to hire, which provides greater security labor.

For a Chilean citizen who wants to apply for the first time, the RUT must meet the following requirements for their application:

  • Be a resident of the country.
  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Head of any type of visa or permanent stay.

Once these documents have been delivered, the RUT must be processed within 30 days. But, it should be noted that this can also begin to be processed from the moment when the passport is stamped on the passport. permanent permanence visa.

Steps to search and find the data of a person with the RUT

In the case that you already have the RUT of the person and want to find some information about it, you can do it through the following website in This site can enter the RUT code of the person and obtain information such as his full name, address, date of birth, sex, age, religion, profession, marital status, among others. In other words, you will find all the information that has been published by that person.

The aforementioned website is available for several Latin American countries. However, is currently not for Chile . Due to the policies of the Personal data protection Law, it is therefore recommended to hire a VPN or use a free one to access from Chile and consult the required data.

How to know the RUT by name of a person?

If you want to find the RUT of a family member or friend, you can do it through the official RUT site where you will get a lot of data, as well as as the address , date of birth, among other data. In addition, this is a system that is already applied by many companies to know some extra information about their employees.

To be able to search and find the data of a person and the RUT you must follow these steps:

  • The first thing is to access the RUT website in Chile , you do this through
  • In the RUT home page you see a notice that says “More information about Rutifier.” There you must enter the first and last name.

¿Cómo saber el RUT por nombre de una persona?

  • Once you enter both data you must select “Search RUT” or “Obtain data”.
  • In a few seconds you a new window will appear with the person’s data and RUT number .

Note that only some of the most basic data will appear here, in case you want to know more personal information such as the phone number you should go to an office of the Civil Registry of Chile. There you must deliver the RUT along with the person’s name so they can provide that information. You can see how to update the RUT from here.