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How to search for people by their DNI on the Internet? Step by step guide

How to search for people by their DNI on the Internet? Step by step guide

On many occasions, people want to find people using some personal information that they certainly know . But, unfortunately, they do not know what they can do to achieve this task easily and even better, without the other person finding out about it. Either, to have information about the life of said subject, to find out his background, to communicate again, etc.

Well, one of the most common ways to search and find people is through the tools offered by the Internet . These tools work using the personal data you know of someone and in this post, we will focus on the tricks that exist to locate people by their ID number . That is, by the National Identity Document; as identified in many countries.

In this way, we want to indicate the steps to follow so that you find the person you want, simply by using your identity document. Either from an inhabitant of Spain, Mexico or Argentina . Knowing, in addition, if it is possible or not to find out the ID number by the name of the person you know .

Steps to search and find a person by their ID number

If you want to find a person who lives in Spain, Mexico or Argentina, just use your ID number; Here we will show you the step by step you must follow on the Internet, in order to achieve it quickly .

Then each of the procedures:

Find a person by DNI in Spain

In order to get a person by ID in Spain, it is usually recommended to do the following:

  • Go to the Electoral Census to consult the extensive list they contain and where all the people who have registered in the National Electoral Board are located.
  • Go to the Local Registry or Municipal Registry and look for the person in question with your ID. In case you live in a small population, you can go to the City Council where they keep the census records.
  • It is also recommended to go to the Civil Registry , since this public administrative body saves the data of the civil status of each person. That is, your date of birth, names, surnames, marriage, death, etc.

Now, the alternatives you have to use on the Internet and to be able to get a person without so much complication, are several. However, many of them do not work perfectly and for this, we will only focus on one option . Thus, it is a website known as “ ”, which gives you access to documents, records and public information from free or paid content and service >.

It should be noted that the website shows excellent performance in countries such as Spain, as well as in Argentina, France, Venezuela and other entities. But, you must take into account that, for each specific case and for each record, the platform may work differently .

Similarly, we indicate the steps you must follow on this independent website not affiliated with official entities, below:

Encontrar a una persona por DNI en España

  • First of all, from any web browser, you have to access the following address: to enter directly into Dateas.
  • Once located there, be sure to select the section “ Search People in Spain ”.
  • Later, they will show you a new window where they ask for some personal information, along with the Subject ID .
  • After providing this information, you must click on the lower button “ Search ” for the platform to undertake the procedure and show you all the relevant data of the person in question .

Find a person by DNI in Mexico

As in the previous case, in Mexico it is also advisable to look for a person through the information that reveals the different organisms that the same state makes available to the population .

These organizations, are the ones that we indicate right away:

  • The Electoral Register of Mexico , where you have full right to consult the information of interest of more than 75 million people , through a base of data contained in this federal registry.
  • Renapo or “ National Population Registry ”. Being an institute that identifies and registers the entire population of Mexico and even resident foreigners.
  • The Mexican Federal Electoral Institute that is similar to the Electoral Register and for this reason, the database is available to all who want to find people transparently.

Therefore, it is good that you go to any of these organizations and consult the information of interest of a person residing in Mexico, through their ID .

But, if what you want is to have a solution that you manage easily through the Internet, the ideal is that you use an online tool called “” that is considered one of the most powerful search engines on the net.

But, for that, you need to have additional information about the person, such as their first and last name . That way, the website provides you with information related to your geographical location, photos and even the comments on the main social networks .

Encontrar a una persona por DNI en México

Find a person by DNI in Argentina

First, if you prefer a face-to-face solution in any locality of this country, you can go to the following organizations: RENAPER, CUIT, CUIL, ANSES, CODEM and AFIP . In them, they provide you with first-hand information, about any inhabitant of Argentina, with just provide your ID .

However, there are also alternatives to carry it out through the network. Being much more practical, since you can manage them from anywhere and whenever you want.

These websites are :

Government of Argentina

Encontrar a una persona por DNI en Argentina

This is a tool that only people who live in the capital of Argentina can use, that is, in Buenos Aires, to access click here .

One of the biggest advantages of using this platform is that it provides absolutely reliable information at any time you want. In view of the fact that it is a service offered by the Government of this country .

In reference to its operation, simply access the official website and on the main page, click on the “ ID / Passport ” button to proceed to place said identification and click on “ Search . ” In this way, you get the information they contain in this body.

Encontrar a una persona por DNI en Argentina

This is a website that is responsible for providing information of interest to any inhabitant of Argentina, with just use your ID . In other words, its operation is based on the search for people by Argentine ID, easily and free of charge .

When you access this platform, all you have to do is place the National Identity Document of the subject in the bar located at the bottom of “ Enter the number of document, without putting points ”.

After that, proceed to click on “ Search in the Argentina register ” and voila, in a matter of seconds the service will show you all the results obtained.

How to find out the DNI number by the person’s name? Is it possible?

¿Cómo averiguar el número de DNI por el nombre de la persona? ¿Es posible?

Sometimes, people want to know the ID number of a subject in order to manage certain information about their life. For example, to specify the latest activities you have done, verify if you have obtained a fine, know your admission or rejection in professional areas, etc. But, this, with just knowing the name of that person .

That way, you’ll wonder if it’s possible and of course it is . Since, the Internet facilitates all processes today. However, this action consists of a trial and error procedure , given the similarities that may arise around the name of a certain person.

In the case of obtaining the ID of a Spanish person , you must have certain considerations. Since, the main search engines used, in most cases, provide a long list with the same name and therefore, it can be a bit complicated to obtain the person’s ID.

This basically means that in addition to offering the subject’s first and last name, it is also necessary to indicate additional information during the search process. Because, many web pages that promise to find people’s ID by simply specifying their name, simply perform search processes using programming with codes that only provide approximations . Since, the data is transformed with ASCII code and thus, they make a random approximation about the DNI.

In short, it is possible that the process does not yield full accuracy , but similarly, we advise you to offer other data such as the places where the individual has worked or the faculties where he studied. Since, in this way, the search engines work in a more specific way and can discard the ID of another person who has the same name, but it is not the one you are looking for .

In summary, you must be very patient during the process and also take into account that, by providing additional data, the process is simplified because it is possible that the person has belonged to organizations that he manages the web browser platform and intranet services and thus appear quickly in the database of Spanish inhabitants .