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How to see a private profile on Facebook without being discovered? Step by step guide

The privacy of our social networks is a crucial question at this time. Keeping ourselves protected from attacks and leaks by viruses and intruders has become a constant concern.

But taking care of them not only includes a passive action of update antivirus and passwords. It is also necessary to know what are the tools used by a person who wants access our digital privacy without permission.

That is why we will show you in this post, what are the ways that a person has to access our Facebook profile, look at private photos and even steal passwords. And thanks to this information, being able forewarned against future attacks or identity theft.

Steps to look at photos and private profiles on Facebook without them being among our friends

As we mentioned before, there are different gadgets that can be used to access the private content of certain accounts. These tools may also arise out of a parent's need to monitor their child's activity.

Whatever the case, we will show you four ways to access a profile:

With Spyzie

This is an application that works from spywere. And it can show locations, calls, photos, messages, social media activity etc. To use it, the perpetrator must complete these steps:

  • Login to and create or access an account. This platform offers a paid version with more features.
  • Provide the requested information about the victim's device (currently available only on Android).

  • This is the most complicated step, since you must have access (even for an instant) to the destination phone. In it, enter Settings, Security and allow the download from a third-party source.

With Spyzie

  • Use the phone's browser to spy, enter the Spyzie website and download the file .apk.
  • At the end of the download, press "Install".
  • Run the software downloaded and log in with the data of the perpetrator's account.

With Spyzie

  • When you have finished granting program access, the button is pressed. "Start Monitoring", the application provides the option of not creating an application icon and running in stealth mode.
  • To access the information collected, the offender you must enter the Spyzie website with your data.
  • In the case of Facebook, the option must be activated "Characteristics of States".

From a fake account

Do you really know all your Facebook friends? A question that we must to be sure of not having any stowaway in our contact list. Thus it is important to properly configure the advertising of our profile. As well as the information we share in our publications.

A false profile does not necessarily imply that a natural person wants to have access to our photos and others. Globally, there are accounts that are responsible for obtaining profile data when accepting requests.

Stealing your password

It is accomplished through spyware and other sophisticated methods. The spyware and keylogger are the order of the day to obtain data from users of different platforms, how can we be victims of them? They inhabit illegal download sites, adult portals, illegal applications, etc.

You can enter our device from advertising banners, misleading windows or simply by entering a site:

  • To prevent these attacks, it is advisable to keep the antivirus updated.
  • That these are also linked with the browser.
  • Unsafe sites should also be avoided (http).
  • Do not download pirated programs.
  • Do not share personal data by messages, such as passwords, credit card numbers or bank accounts, or any other that serves as an answer to the security questions requested by the sites.

Through Facebook ID

If the person has not configured their privacy to the maximum level, it is possible to see who they like, comments, photos in which they have been tagged, among others. It should be clarified that this method doesn't work for 100% private profilesbut if it works it won't even notify the victim.

In order to do this, these steps must be performed:

  • Enter the profile of the person in question.
  • Copy the username. It is found at the URL"User name".
  • On an empty space of the site, press the secondary button and choose "View source of the page".
  • A new tab will open with a very extensive code.
  • Press the keys "Ctrl + F", from this mode the search option will be opened.
  • Enter the following term without quotes "Profile_id". Then press Enter.
  • The results of the same will be highlighted. You must copy the following numbers from "Profile_id =".
  • The number mentioned is the profile ID. That we must copy in a notepad so as not to lose sight of it.
  • Open a new tab or web browser window.
  • Job "Https://" in the address bar.
  • Replace the zeros with the ID you just got.
  • To finish, add the code of what you are trying to observe at the end of the sequence. These are the references:
  • "/ Photos-tagged". Photos in which the person was tagged
  • "/ Photos-of". Photos uploaded
  • "/ Photos-liked". Photos that you like
  • "/ Photos-commented". Comments on other people's photos
  • "/ Pages-liked". Pages you like
  • "/ Groups". Groups to which it belongs.

We recommend that you do these steps with your own profile, to know how much information is visible to users who follow this method.

List of the best applications and tools to "spy" private profiles on Facebook alternatives to Spyzie

There are other applications that jeopardize the privacy and security of social network profiles. We will mention the five most used:

Picture Mate

Matte Picture Home Page

It is an extension for Google Chrome. It is available for free. It allows you to enter people's images and Facebook photos without necessarily being friends. It allows observing, among other options, see the photos in which the person has been tagged objective.

Youpi home page

With functions similar to Spyzie, this application only works on Android phones and tablets. It has a single version and is paid monthly or annually. In addition to viewing the victim's profile, you can access contacts, view battery charge, GPS location, etc.

Mspy home page

With added value, it also works in iPhone. It allows access to Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and others.


Catwatchful homepage

It is best characterized as a Parental control that as a spy. But ultimately it can do the same job. It allows access to Facebook, but it can also record calls and locate the mobile on the map in real time.

Spyera home page

It allows you to view different applications such as Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. You have access to the camera as well as to the gallery of the same. It is capable of displaying saved passwords and usernames.