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How to see my WhatsApp contact list quickly and easily? Step by step guide

WhatsApp It is one of the most popular softwares for mobile phones. Is present on most smartphones and everyone communicates through it. Recently, it added new features like group video calls directly from the group.

It is also one of those apps that does not require great knowledge to be employed. One of the characteristics that give it this quality are the contacts. These are linked directly to the list that you already have stored on your mobile.

But this is also a disadvantage. Since we often wonder how to add or delete a WhatsApp contact. In this post, we will answer this and other questions about it.

Learn step by step how to view your WhatsApp contact list on Android and iOS

If you've wondered where you can see all your contacts from WhatsApp, we tell you that they are not in configuration or in any other place other than in the chat window.

These are a few simple steps, let's see which ones:

On Android

  • Opens the application.
  • It will show the main tab "Chats". That is, where all your conversations are.
  • In the lower right corner is a green button. It stays in the same position, even if you slide down.
  • Press it.
  • That's it!

It is likely that the list you have in this section does not match in its entirety with your mobile contact book. This may be due to Two reasons. The first is that some of your contacts do not have WhatsApp installed or enabled on their own devices. The second reason is that you do not have updated your contact list of WhatsApp.

Luckily this is easily fixed:

  • Without leaving the last step above, press the three points listed at the top of the screen, on the left.
  • Within this displayed menu, choose "To update".
  • Wait a moment for a message to appear "Your contact list has been updated."

On iOS

To be able to review your active contacts in WhatsApp, it is important that you first make sure that you have properly configured the application.

We show you below:

  • Inside the menu "Settings" from your phone, choose the option "Privacy".
  • Once inside this section, click on "Contacts". In doing so, the system will show you all the installed applications that need permission to access your contact book.
  • Activate the button corresponding to "WhatsApp".

Yes now, you can access your list of contacts in WhatsApp in the same way as in Android.

Find out how to remove a contact from your WhatsApp list

Tired of seeing on your list someone unwanted? Or maybe, a contact changed number and now someone else uses it? Whatever the reason, the logical way to deal with it is to eliminate it.

Let's see how to do it:

On Android

Oddly enough, deleting a contact is noticeably more difficult than adding it, since requires more steps.

Let's see:

  • Within the chat menu, we press the green button that we named before.
  • Find the contact you want to delete.
  • Opens the conversation.

Find out how to remove a contact from your WhatsApp list - see contact

  • Press the three dots in the upper right corner and choose "View contact".

Discover how to delete a contact from your WhatsApp list - see in notebook

  • Once on the contact card, press the three dots again. But this time choose "See in the contact book".

Find out how to remove a contact from your WhatsApp list - delete

  • One more time (we promise the last one) hit the ellipsis and select "Delete".
  • Press "To accept" to confirm.

On iOS

As you may have noticed, the only way to delete a WhatsApp contact it is also doing it from the notebook of our mobile. With iPhone the same thing happens.

Let's see how to do it:

  • Once within the app, select the chats tab.
  • Press the button "New chat".
  • Choose which one you want remove.
  • Press the Name contact at the top.
  • Tap on "Edit".
  • At the end of the list you will find the option "Delete contact".
  • Choose and confirm.

It is important that you know that this and the previous method, will not delete the chat content, if there is one.