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How to see your subscribers on Twitch and control the analysis and statistics of your channel’s followers? Step by step guide

For control the analytics and statistics of your channel’s followers on Twitch It will be necessary for you to learn the step by step you must do to access the statistics of your followers. You will find this information in the following paragraphs.

But this is not all you can read, We will also explain in detail which are the most important metrics that you should take into account and how to interpret the statistics of your Twitch followers.

All of this will help you create better growth strategies. Don’t miss out on anything and become a true influencer on Twitch.

Learn step by step how to access the statistics of your Twitch subscribers

The first thing you should know is what are your subscribers statistics for on Twitch. You’re metrics will help you understand the behavior of your followers every time you make a video from your channel.

Thus, when you recognize each measurement variable you will be able to consolidate the things that you do well and that you provoke empathy with your followers and also correct those deviations that did not generate a positive result on your channel. Remember that the better you do things and the more likely you are to grow your channel and earn money with your live shows.

We will show you below the step by step that you must carry out to access the statistics of Twitch subscribers, let’s get started:

Login to Twitch

Access the Twitch application from your computer or mobile. Then you must log in by typing your username and password. Once you are inside the platform you will have to go to the control panel located on the left side of the screen.

Access Channel Analysis

Once you have entered the control panel you will have to go to the option Data. Then you must click on Channel analysis so that a new menu is displayed in which you can access the different tools that will indicate the movement of viewers, participation in the channel and income statistics.

Select the subscription option

Inside of the Channel analysis you will find a series of graphs with different reports of your last 30 days of activityIn this case, you are going to focus on subscriptions. You must bear in mind that if you want to modify the analysis interval you will have to customize this parameter.

Select analysis dates

Now you must select the dates you want to show your subscriber statistics. For this you can click on the right (or left) arrow next to the current date. With this you can customize the analysis period and obtain uniform with a start and end of the statistics different from the default.

Go to the general graphic

In this visual report you will find a summary of all your statistics. But, at the same time, you will be able to observe the behavior of your subscribers during the period you selected in the previous step. This way you will know if the number of followers increased, remained or decreased.

Analyze the followers graph

If you click on the Subscribers section, or you move the mouse to that section, all kinds of information related to your channel followers will appear.

Study the most important statistical variables

Study the most important statistical variables

Among the most important statistical metrics that reflect the behavior of your viewers, you will be able to see the following reports:

  • Average viewers, With this analysis you will be able to know what is the number of followers that there are at a certain moment of the transmission. You should not confuse with the average, so this variable is the total amount divided by the minutes that the video lasted.
  • Live views, This tool is useful when you want to know the total number of people who saw your live broadcasts.
  • Follow, This is a very important variable that you should always analyze, since it measures the progress of users who have followed your channel during the predetermined analysis time.
  • Subscriptions, As in the Follow-up variable, this metric measures the number of people who subscribed to your channel.
  • Minutes displayed, you can use this variant when you want to know the total time that your transmission was seen.
  • Time elapsed, It is useful to compare this variable with the Minutes Viewed metric, since the latter measures the total time of the transmission that was seen, while the elapsed time factor will show you the total minutes that you transmitted. In this way you will be able to perform an important ratio to analyze the effectiveness. That is, you will have to divide Minutes displayed into Elapsed time, so to obtain greater efficiency you will have to try to increase the variable Minutes displayed.
  • Peak viewers, With this function you can find the maximum number of followers you have reached in all your live broadcasts. You should keep in mind at this point that you should also see the metric Unique viewers, whether it is will show you the maximum number of accounts. If a person saw your video four times, with the Maximum viewers function you will have a report of 4 followers, while with the Unique viewers variable that number will be reduced to 1.
  • Spectators of accommodation / raids, This metric measures the percentage of followers that were originated by sending users from another live channel.
  • Unique chat participants, If what you are looking for is to know the number of users who chatted in the live broadcast, you will have to look at this metric.
  • Chat messages, You will be able to know the amount of chat that was sent during its transmission if you use this statistical function.
  • Clips created, The clips are a short 30 second video that any user can take from your content at the moment they are watching me. Therefore, this metric will help you understand the level of interest that your followers have in your live broadcasts.
  • Clip displays, This metric will measure the number of views the clips created from your live broadcasts had.
  • Interactions with notifications, Every time users received a notification of your live broadcast and reacted to it, it will be reflected in this statistical variable that you can analyze according to the chosen time interval.

Find out how to interpret your Twitch follower stats to create better growth strategies

Find out how to interpret your Twitch follower stats to create better growth strategies

While We have already shown you some statistical variables, it is important that you know in depth the most important ones to improve your growth strategies within the platform Twitch.

Check out:

Minutes viewed

With the metric of minutes seen you can check if your retention time is good. That is to say, if you entertain the people who enter your channel and stay to interact. If that period of minutes watched is very short, you can implement strategies to play games or talk about current topics.

You should not forget that the secret of this is in the empathy you have with your viewers. Also, the image quality, the sound and even revealing some tricks is a good idea that you can put into practice. Also keep in mind that you must generate interest in the content that you will reveal during the live and to mention some viewers.

Time issued

Having a longer aired time will build trust in your audience. But you must be careful at this point because quantity is not synonymous with quality. and you can get to bore your viewers.

To avoid this error you can look at other streamers who are references and know what is the real time they are on the air. An overall average that is good is exceed 6 and 7 hours. If you still do not have a great schedule to dedicate yourself fully, you can opt for a strategy of broadcast when most of your audience is active. This will help you gain fame and be recognized, which will make your streams very efficient.


A large number of income is a motivation for keep improving your Twitch channel and take it to a higher level. Thus, If you receive many donations, it means that your content is liking your audience. The best thing you can do in this case is to continue on the same path increasing topics of interest that generate lasting interactions.

Average viewers

Average viewers

Average viewers are only simultaneous on your show. Twitch To calculate it, check the viewers at every moment in your live. Although it may not seem like it, it is a very interesting statistic that can help you a lot to create new strategies based on the average time of your subscribers to create new direct ones.

Clips created

We already mentioned in previous paragraphs what clips are, so we will now analyze the importance of them. These features are becoming more and more relevant on Twitch because they are short films of your live shows that generate a positive reaction in your audience and help the platform’s algorithm to work better.

Therefore, it is very important to take several clips from a live show because they will help you promote the channel faster. With this statistic you can see if you are on the right track. Have many views on the clips It is very good because they will allow you to appear on other social networks and promote you for free. For this you can take into account the metric Clip views.

Commercial breaks

Commercial breaks is the number of times the stream is interrupted to display advertising. This can be somewhat annoying for the people who are watching your live, so you can reduce it if you see in the metric that it seems a lot to you. This alternative is a great strategy that will allow you to grow, since today many streamers have advertising and if you choose the best for your viewers you can differentiate yourself from the rest.

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