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How to select everything in a Microsoft Word document? step by step guide

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It is no secret to anyone that Word is the most widely used word processor around the world. both on a personal level, as well as on a professional and academic level.. Mainly, because it is a reliable, efficient and your resulting files are compatible with most existing word processorsregardless of the computer’s operating system.

However, despite the fact that Microsoft Word is extremely intuitive and easy to use, there are many people who they do not know certain options, functions or keyboard shortcuts of the program, so they cannot get an optimal user experience. Reason why, it is valuable to specify some processes to be carried out in this application.

In this sense, very often, different users investigate about how can select all elements in a word document, since they are not sure about that yet. So then we explain the correct ways to do it easily.

Steps to select each and every item in a Word document

Of course, before proceeding to make use of any of the available methods to carry out this selection, it is essential that have Microsoft’s word processor installed on your computer. Taking into account that, by default, it is within the office package of said company and you can also get it online from Office 365 for free.

Now, although there are several ways to select each and every one of the elements present in a Word document, here we present the easiest and fastest of all:

with the pointer

with the pointer

Although, at first, it may seem like a very tedious action to perform through the mouse pointer, it’s actually very simple to do. Since, in summary, the method consists of driving the cursor to select the required words and/or elements.

In this sense, the process to carry out this task in Word directly from the mouse cursor, requires the following steps:

  • First of all, you have to find and open the document you want to select.
  • Next, you must click the beginning of the text you want to select.
  • Once you have done the above, you will have to start dragging the pointer to the end of the writing to select the entire document. With which, now said text should be displayed with a gray shadow.

On the other hand, in case you need select a specific textwhether to choose a certain word, a line of text or several particular paragraphs, you can also do it from the mouse cursor. Thus, the step by step to complete is as follows:

  • Within the document in question, finds and places the pointer in front of the first letter of the word, phrase or paragraph to select.
  • Followed by it, left-click and simultaneously hold it down while dragging the cursor to choose the specific text you need.

With Ctrl+E

With Ctrl+E

Although the above trick is very easy to perform, for many people it can be a bit tedious and at the same time they consider it as a method susceptible to many errors. Therefore, they choose to resort to other ways such as the keyboard shortcuts that this word processor supports.

So, because it’s a keyboard shortcut-based tactic, it’s considered a much easier way to select everything in a Microsoft Word document. Next, we point out the steps to execute to use this method correctly:

  • First of all, search and enter the word writing in which you need to choose all the elements.
  • Second, click anywhere in the document and press the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + E” simultaneously. In this way, the text will be selected in its entirety automatically.

On the other hand, if you want select only one line of text through a keyboard shortcut, what you have to do is place the pointer at the beginning of the line in question and press “SHIFT + DOWN ARROW”.

In case you need select an entire paragraph from the document using a keyboard shortcut, simply proceed to overlay the cursor at the beginning of that paragraph and there, press the “CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN ARROW” keys.

What can I do with the elements I have selected?

Now when you decide to select all the words and elements present in a Word document, of course it is to perform some action with that writing. But, surely you will wonder how many things you can do with these selected elements and then We quote you that information of great interest.

Thus, first of all, we highlight that you can eliminate them just by using the keyboard. Well, once you have selected the text, it will be possible to press the Delete or Delete key and, immediately, the. Added to it, if you right click on the chosen writing within Microsoft Wordyou have more options available to manage it.

Next, we name what they are:

  • Cut the text. You can also do this action with the keyboard shortcut: “CTRL + X”.
  • Copy the text. This action can also be performed by pressing “CTRL + C”.
  • Paste text, with three extra options: Keep source formatting, combine formatting, and keep text only. In addition, this action can be performed with the keys “CTRL + V”.
  • Adjust list indents.
  • Independent list.
  • Join the list above.
  • Choose font.
  • Paragraph: Adjust indentation, space, lines and page breaks.
  • Perform smart text search.
  • Discover synonyms for a word.
  • Translate words.
  • Add hyperlink.
  • Include a new comment in the selected text.


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